Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Covid Journal

I thought I'd document this in case anyone wondered what it was like.

Locations of monoclonal Infusion Centers: https://covid.infusioncenter.org/ 

 Tuesday 12/14

Sitting at my desk, my boss calls and says to call HR immediately. It's an emergency.
Of course, I called Scherie instead. She was fine, so I called HR who was working from home.
She said that I had come into contact with someone on Monday who had tested positive for covid.

I had to go home for 5 days, test and come back if negative.
I told my boss, who was unaware. 
He asked if I had told her that I had been in close contact with him.
I said, no. He acted disappointed.

That evening I had an irritated throat so I went to a clinic and got tested for covid and strep.
Both negative.

Wednesday 12/15

Did some drawing and programming for some upcoming projects, from home.
Felt OK.
Went to bed with a slightly irritated throat, all along, no congestion.
Took a dose of Horse Paste Ivermectin. 4 clicks, 50 pounds per click.
Woke up in the middle of the night in a slight sweat.
Changed bedclothes and fell asleep.

 Thursday 12/16

Felt generally OK all day.
Prerecorded Saturday's radio show.
Was a little hoarse and a little slow mentally. More so than usual. :)
Went to bed with a slightly irritated throat, all along, no congestion.
Woke up in the middle of the night with a a raw throat.
Nyquil, and back to bed.
Woke up in the middle of the night in a puddle..
Changed bedclothes and fell asleep.

Friday 12/17

Woke up at 10 am and felt great!

Saturday 12/18

Felt generally ok, went to get new covid test to go back to work and was told positive.

Sunday 12/19

Slight irritation again. Called my friend Thayrone who owns the radio station and is very up on treatments, etc. He insisted that I get Monoclonal Antibody Infusion.
I called U of M ER and they said I needed a prescription.
I called the doctor I had recently selected as Primary Physician. Turns out, he wasn't.
Called U of M ER again and they said they don't do it and gave me a phone number.
Closed for the weekend.
Thayrone suggested I swallow my pride and call my old doctor, the one who when I approached him about my busted knee gave me a 45 minute lecture on getting the jab and how bad Trump was.

I found a website that lists treatment centers, https://covid.infusioncenter.org/ and I found an urgent care that I could schedule a televisit with for Tuesday at 2pm. I signed up.

Then I called the old doctor who was very friendly and he suggested the same website.

Monday 12/20

Woke up 99.5°, slight throat irritation,
Occasional headache.
Called U of M Infusion Center and they said a pharmacist would call.
I checked back this afternoon and they said I'd hear something in a couple days!

This afternoon, I heard from the Urgent care that I had a televisit scheduled for tomorrow with.
They said they could talk now. We did.

They scheduled the treatment for tomorrow at 1pm.

Tuesday 12/21

Woke up 99.5°, slight throat irritation, no sweats.

Got the monoclonal infusion treatment.

Throat got more irritated through the day and lethargy. Went to bed early.

Wednesday 12/22

Woke up at six, woke up again at nine. 
Temperature of 98.06 (as opposed to 98.6) that is normal for me. 

This could be it!
Of course we already canceled our Christmas travel plans which would have commenced today.

Thursday 12/23

Well, I woke up at 4am in wet sheets again, yet when I got out of bed at 9am, my temp was still normal.
And I still feel sub par.
And Scherie just sits around falling asleep.
So I called the doc and he said taker her to ER. And I did.

Scherie has had a CAT scan, xrays, blood work and after 4 hours of my sitting next to her while she was on a gurney in the hallway, they swabbed her for covid, she tested positive and they kicked me out to the car to wait while they moved her into a room in ER.

Scherie has a minor fracture at the base of her spine. And Covid.
She is scheduled for monoclonal antibody treatment. Scheduled to see a spine doctor.
We are at home now..

From what I've heard from others, this is the new ChiVi, about two weeks of lethargy.
Could be worse.

Wednesday 12/29

Scherie has been extremely week and sore from coughing.
She doesn't have that deep lung congestion. She's running a course similar to mine, only with more soreness and sleep.

Monoclonal treatment for her in an hour.


She had the treatment.

I asked the tech where the tip jar was, she was so sweet.

She asked for prayer.

Juanita will get that and she and Scherie hugged and another couple joined in prayer.

I had forgotten to mention the lucid dreams.

Scherie mentioned them, which reminded me that I had them, and my friend Pastor Rick then said that he and his wife had had them.

I still have a slightly irritated throat at times and a small cough, with some lethargy.
The lethargy might be just getting old.

Tonight we enjoyed some chicken noodle soup and some spinach pie, then some coconut cream pie some friends had left on our door.

I went to bed tonight concerned about my throat. No cough. I found it difficult to sleep.

I alternated reading psalms and Facebook

                                                                    Thursday 12/30

I just awoke at 5am in a sweat after a series of dreams that reminded me of A Christmas Carol but with a theme of electricity. Like a silent movies with placards.

I am concerned. Scherie is snoring gently next me.

After having gotten out of bed, I just signed up with a doctor's clinic that will do a telemed visit with Scherie and I over Skype at $100 each, initial visit, and $50 each after.

This doctor, a well respected neurosurgeon in Michigan is willing to prescribe Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, contrary to the wishes of the Health Care Mafia (a division of the Democratic National Committee).

A friend suggested that the Horse Paste Ivermectin is effective. (It's a lot less money, too.)
I believe that, but Scherie wants the pharma version, not the farm version.

And the online med visit is today! At 12:30!

They sent me this, and you may benefit:

Vitamin/Mineral Supplement Protocol:
-Vitamin C 5,000mg daily
-Zinc 50mg daily
-Vitamin D3 5,000u (125mcg) daily
- Take full aspirin daily (325mg)

Other helpful supplements:
-Elderberry syrup 15ml (1tbsp) 3-4x daily or 100mg gummies
-N-acetylcysteine supplement 1,200mg daily
-Quercetin 250mg daily
-If you can't get Ivermectin:
Black Cumin Seed (Nigella Sativa) – dosing is weight dependent (40mg/kg or 18mg/pound daily)

Prevention Tips:
-Buy bottle of 10 % povidone/iodine solution from pharmacy (over the counter)
-Pour small amount of water into the bottle cap and add a few drops of the iodine
solution into it. Dip Q-tip into the solution and swab into each nostril
-With remainder left in the cap, swish in mouth and then spit (do NOT swallow).
*Note: can also use hydrogen peroxide as substitute for swish and spit solution

If symptoms progressing (fatigue, body aches) and difficulty breathing ensue on day 8:
Prednisone 1mg/kg daily (80mg)
Promethazine (Phenergan) 25mg 3x daily
Montelukast (Singulair) 10mg daily
Cimetidine (Tagamet) 800mg at bedtime IF GI symptoms occur

Thursday 12/30 late afternoon

Well, we had a pleasant Skype visit with a Physician's Assistant. It cost us $100 each out of pocket. We got a lot of information and a prescription for Ivermectin to be filled locally from a compounding pharmacy. She said she prefers that to HCQL, but that they perform a similar function. We also got a prescription for a nebulizer from a medical supply company. 
My expectation is that the out of pocket expenses will go against our Health Savings Account.

Friday 12/31

We had gone to bed last night about midnight. I had a throat that was very threatening to my ability to sleep. Scherie seemed OK.
We both had taken our Ivermectin, hers at half the dose as mine due to her weighing a little more than half as much as I do. We also took the first of three Z paks.
I had gone to the pharmacy to pick up the medicine to put in the bebulizer.
At $400 each, I left it there. The pharma tech herself was surprised at the cost.
I woke up with my throat feeling so much better, but it's later today and I can tell I'm not 100%.

Scherie is far more energetic than a couple days ago, able to take over the laundry and dishes from me at her insistence.

Happy New Year to us all!


  1. Dang, that's a lot of hoops to get such a simple treatment. I just go to my doctor and he takes care of it. Prayers for a speedy recovery. Please keep us posted. xx

  2. What Sparky said. By the time I found out that Anchorage had (has?) a couple of Monoclonal Antibody Infusion sites, I was past the window where it would have done any good. My bout with the 'Rona only lasted three days or so, but I lost 10 pounds from dehydration from all the coughing. I hope your experience goes better.

  3. Yes, prayers indeed. You'll probably be lucky and it's the new moronic variant which is rumored less harsh. It's probably the one most of us will get since it seems to be so catchy.

    Btw, this TIP is several days too late, but maybe Scherie could use it now: Covid germinates in nose and mouth about 3 days before symptoms. Gargle with a betadine iodine solution (5%), CVS antiseptic mouthwash or Listerine Antiseptic or Ultra. Nose rinse with johnson's baby shampoo. Those were specifically studied by brand. You can read the whole study in the Journal of Medical Virology by searching for "Lowering the transmission and spread of human coronavirus." Dr. Mobeen Sayed did one of his trademark easy to understand graphic presentations on it.

    I don't believe in 'killing' all the bacteria/virus all the time, but these are suggested after exposure in a group. I do the gargle and either iodine (Lugol's) in saline water nose drops or Xylitol X-Clear with grapefruit seed extract (both studied elsewhere) before I go to my bible study - and after.

    Dr. Peter McCullough says they have stopped recommending prophylactic Ivermectin (still definitely used in treatment) if the person will do this gargle, and he recommends everyone working in contact with a lot of people do it when they get home from work to zap nasties before they get a foothold.

    Dentists are on to it. Mine has patients gargle first, and at least 2 others I know. One actually times you for the 30 seconds used in the study.

    I didn't think you'd mind the detail. :) Want Scherie to stay well. Best to you both my friend!

    1. I forgot to mention that I took Ivermectin horse paste on Wednesday.
      I'm curious as to how beneficial it was.
      Scherie is a listerine freak and I've been doing it, too.

  4. So sorry to hear Ed...thinking of you and what a story.

  5. I see the medical profession by you has gotten right on your case. Pre-Covid they'd see you right away, prescribe much needed therapeutics, and get you better as quickly as feasible. This current lack of actual doctoring seems purposeful, agenda driven. Despicable doesn't describe what I feel about them.

    Prayers for a full and quick recovery.

  6. I hope you are feeling better

  7. Thanks for the update. Glad you are better. :)

    For anyone else, or heaven forbid Scherie, Drs. Kory, McCullough and Marik, 2 of whom work with this population once they are sick enuf to be in hospital ALL say take Ivermectin immediately. My doctor gave me a prescription for it which I filled at a compounding pharmacy. He said "don't wait. Take at the first symptom." The reason they say once a week prophylactically is it works for 3 days, then symptoms take 3 days to appear, so they figure you're catching most of it.

    Sorry you can't travel for Christmas. Later.

    1. Thank you my sister. Christmas blessings to you and your husband.

  8. Glad you're better. I work from home but I do travel places frequently. Not sure if I've ever had this bug as I've never been tested. I am hopeful that I will be able to get the right stuff if needed from my doctor just like you did. My brother and his wife who live in Grand Rapids take Ivermectin as a defense that was prescribed by their doctor. He was recently refused his prescription by pharmacy. Had the police called on him. Now has to drive to Indiana to get his prescription filled. I know one thing. I will never go to a hospital for this no matter how sick I may get.

    1. Scherie has been very lethargic, but would not countenance any doctor visit until today.
      I took her to ER because she's been sore since she fell in the bathroom a week ago, and lethargic since.
      Scherie has a minor fracture at the base of her spine. And Covid. She is scheduled for monoclonal antibody treatment.
      Scheduled to see a spine doctor. I just got her home after a long afternoon in ER.
      In talking to a number of people whom I've only found today had Covid, including my son, there's been no lung filling coughing, etc. Just a long two weeks of lethargy.

  9. Boy, are you lucky they will do monoclonal treatment. If you need to double check with the protocols of the pros: https://covid19criticalcare.com/covid-19-protocols/

    So sorry about Scherie's fall. Surprisingly, I've learned we don't feel 1/3 of spinal fractures. When she's well, stop by Sarah Meeks' videos and website. Good info on this from a super PT who's been there. Sample to save for later: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=bob+and+brad+interview+osteoporosis&docid=608022126401317248&mid=B81C7795A25A1660F013B81C7795A25A1660F013&view=detail&FORM=VIRE

  10. I am sorry this happened to you and your wife. I realize you both may not feeling yourselves but thank God for the fact this was as worse as it would get and for the antibodies you received. I pray you are both feeling better as of today. Thanks for posting this, I found it insightful and informative.

  11. Best wishes for you both ! Thank you for the information. It may be true that this will get around to all of us sooner or later.

  12. Also my doc who said he's been involved with 90 cases of Covid at the point I talked to him in November said Monoclonal Antibody Infusion was the only thing that would do me any good if I got this.
    If the other stuff won't hurt you why not try it too.

    1. Between what Baysider suggests above and the recommendations the doctor sent me today that I posted above, you might be able to beat the reaper :)

    2. Good so far.

      I'm looking forward to your "We're Ok Now" post.

  13. Thanks for the updates, and I repeat my link of the 23rd so it's clear for others:

    Dr. McCullough, who has a lot of experience treating this - and every other doc - says EARLY, start EARLY. I have pharmacy Ivermectin on hand, and I use the provodine-iodine solution since I first learned of it 10-2020. Dr. McCullough has you snuffle a much weaker solution through the whole sinus (I put 9 drops of Lugol's solution in 2 T. of saline water) until it comes out the back of throat. I do this before and after my bible study visits when I'm around a lot of people, especially the holiday food times where we did not wear masks. You CAN do so much to protect yourself and others.

    Prayers for your continued, complete recovery with an immune system fully prepared to engage it in the future.


    Interesting about the black cumin seed oil: I heard Dr. Kory interviewed. He said as a mainstream, pulmonary critical care specialist he never would have paid any attention to a 'nostrum' like that in the past. He has a 'heal the patient' attitude, and said how surprised he was to find himself investigating and adopting some of those (like this oil) that showed clinical effectives.

    The NAC preps the formation of glutathione which is essential to combat this. And the quercetin is kind of an Ivermectin mimic. I added both of these to our protocol this summer.

    1. You are quite the resource!
      Particularly given all the other concerns you have going on.
      I just got a prescription filled for Ivermectin at a compounder in Ann Arbor, after the televisit we had on Skype today.
      And a nebulizer.

      I once had a neti pot foisted on me by a nurse who was bigger than me. I thought I was being water-boarded.

  14. Then he wasn't doing it right. :) I've used a neti pot for years, but when a young male colleague asked me "what is that" and I showed him a picture of it in use he was so REVOLTED - rather like your reaction. I also got a nebulizer and couple of things so it can get into nose and lungs.