Friday, December 31, 2021

Covid Journal Updated

I thought I'd document this in case anyone wondered what it was like.

Locations of monoclonal Infusion Centers: 

 Tuesday 12/14

Sitting at my desk, my boss calls and says to call HR immediately. It's an emergency.
Of course, I called Scherie instead. She was fine, so I called HR who was working from home.
She said that I had come into contact with someone on Monday who had tested positive for covid.

I had to go home for 5 days, test and come back if negative.
I told my boss, who was unaware. 
He asked if I had told her that I had been in close contact with him.
I said, no. He acted disappointed.

That evening I had an irritated throat so I went to a clinic and got tested for covid and strep.
Both negative.

Wednesday 12/15

Did some drawing and programming for some upcoming projects, from home.
Felt OK.

Our best friends dropped off biscuits, ham and gravy, and a pan of lasagna!

Went to bed with a slightly irritated throat, all along, no congestion.
Took a dose of Horse Paste Ivermectin. 4 clicks, 50 pounds per click.
Woke up in the middle of the night in a slight sweat.
Changed bedclothes and fell asleep.

 Thursday 12/16

Felt generally OK all day.
Prerecorded Saturday's radio show.
Was a little hoarse and a little slow mentally. More so than usual. :)
Went to bed with a slightly irritated throat, all along, no congestion.
Woke up in the middle of the night with a a raw throat.
Nyquil, and back to bed.
Woke up in the middle of the night in a puddle..
Changed bedclothes and fell asleep.

Friday 12/17

Woke up at 10 am and felt great!

Saturday 12/18

Felt generally ok, went to get new covid test to go back to work and was told positive.

Sunday 12/19

Slight irritation again. Called my friend Thayrone who owns the radio station and is very up on treatments, etc. He insisted that I get Monoclonal Antibody Infusion.
I called U of M ER and they said I needed a prescription.
I called the doctor I had recently selected as Primary Physician. Turns out, he wasn't.
Called U of M ER again and they said they don't do it and gave me a phone number.
Closed for the weekend.
Thayrone suggested I swallow my pride and call my old doctor, the one who when I approached him about my busted knee gave me a 45 minute lecture on getting the jab and how bad Trump was.

I found a website that lists treatment centers, and I found an urgent care that I could schedule a televisit with for Tuesday at 2pm. I signed up.

Then I called the old doctor who was very friendly and he suggested the same website.

Monday 12/20

Woke up 99.5°, slight throat irritation,
Occasional headache.
Called U of M Infusion Center and they said a pharmacist would call.
I checked back this afternoon and they said I'd hear something in a couple days!

This afternoon, I heard from the Urgent care that I had a televisit scheduled for tomorrow with.
They said they could talk now. We did.

They scheduled the treatment for tomorrow at 1pm.

Tuesday 12/21

Woke up 99.5°, slight throat irritation, no sweats.

Got the monoclonal infusion treatment.

Throat got more irritated through the day and lethargy. Went to bed early.

Wednesday 12/22

Woke up at six, woke up again at nine. 
Temperature of 98.06 (as opposed to 98.6) that is normal for me. 

This could be it!
Of course we already canceled our Christmas travel plans which would have commenced today.

Thursday 12/23

Well, I woke up at 4am in wet sheets again, yet when I got out of bed at 9am, my temp was still normal.
And I still feel sub par.
And Scherie just sits around falling asleep.
So I called the doc and he said taker her to ER. And I did.

Scherie has had a CAT scan, xrays, blood work and after 4 hours of my sitting next to her while she was on a gurney in the hallway, they swabbed her for covid, she tested positive and they kicked me out to the car to wait while they moved her into a room in ER.

Scherie has a minor fracture at the base of her spine. And Covid.
She is scheduled for monoclonal antibody treatment. Scheduled to see a spine doctor.
We are at home now..

From what I've heard from others, this is the new ChiVi, about two weeks of lethargy.
Could be worse.

Wednesday 12/29

Scherie has been extremely week and sore from coughing.
She doesn't have that deep lung congestion. She's running a course similar to mine, only with more soreness and sleep.

Monoclonal treatment for her in an hour.


She had the treatment.

I asked the tech where the tip jar was, she was so sweet.

She asked for prayer.

Juanita will get that and she and Scherie hugged and another couple joined in prayer.

I had forgotten to mention the lucid dreams.

Scherie mentioned them, which reminded me that I had them, and my friend Pastor Rick then said that he and his wife had had them.

I still have a slightly irritated throat at times and a small cough, with some lethargy.
The lethargy might be just getting old.

Tonight we enjoyed some chicken noodle soup and some spinach pie, then some coconut cream pie some friends had left on our door.

I went to bed tonight concerned about my throat. No cough. I found it difficult to sleep.

I alternated reading psalms and Facebook

                                                                    Thursday 12/30

I just awoke at 5am in a sweat after a series of dreams that reminded me of A Christmas Carol but with a theme of electricity. Like a silent movies with placards.

I am concerned. Scherie is snoring gently next me.

After having gotten out of bed, I just signed up with a doctor's clinic that will do a telemed visit with Scherie and I over Skype at $100 each, initial visit, and $50 each after.

This doctor, a well respected neurosurgeon in Michigan is willing to prescribe Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, contrary to the wishes of the Health Care Mafia (a division of the Democratic National Committee).

A friend suggested that the Horse Paste Ivermectin is effective. (It's a lot less money, too.)
I believe that, but Scherie wants the pharma version, not the farm version.

And the online med visit is today! At 12:30!

They sent me this, and you may benefit:

Vitamin/Mineral Supplement Protocol:
-Vitamin C 5,000mg daily
-Zinc 50mg daily
-Vitamin D3 5,000u (125mcg) daily
- Take full aspirin daily (325mg)

Other helpful supplements:
-Elderberry syrup 15ml (1tbsp) 3-4x daily or 100mg gummies
-N-acetylcysteine supplement 1,200mg daily
-Quercetin 250mg daily
-If you can't get Ivermectin:
Black Cumin Seed (Nigella Sativa) – dosing is weight dependent (40mg/kg or 18mg/pound daily)

Prevention Tips:
-Buy bottle of 10 % povidone/iodine solution from pharmacy (over the counter)
-Pour small amount of water into the bottle cap and add a few drops of the iodine
solution into it. Dip Q-tip into the solution and swab into each nostril
-With remainder left in the cap, swish in mouth and then spit (do NOT swallow).
*Note: can also use hydrogen peroxide as substitute for swish and spit solution

If symptoms progressing (fatigue, body aches) and difficulty breathing ensue on day 8:
Prednisone 1mg/kg daily (80mg)
Promethazine (Phenergan) 25mg 3x daily
Montelukast (Singulair) 10mg daily
Cimetidine (Tagamet) 800mg at bedtime IF GI symptoms occur

Thursday 12/30 late afternoon

Well, we had a pleasant Skype visit with a Physician's Assistant. It cost us $100 each out of pocket. We got a lot of information and a prescription for Ivermectin to be filled locally from a compounding pharmacy. She said she prefers that to HCQL, but that they perform a similar function. We also got a prescription for a nebulizer from a medical supply company. 
My expectation is that the out of pocket expenses will go against our Health Savings Account.

Friday 12/31

We had gone to bed last night about midnight. I had a throat that was very threatening to my ability to sleep. Scherie seemed OK.
We both had taken our Ivermectin, hers at half the dose as mine due to her weighing a little more than half as much as I do. We also took the first of three Z paks.
I had gone to the pharmacy to pick up the medicine to put in the bebulizer.
At $400 each, I left it there. The pharma tech herself was surprised at the cost.
I woke up with my throat feeling so much better, but it's later today and I can tell I'm not 100%.

Scherie is far more energetic than a couple days ago, able to take over the laundry and dishes from me at her insistence.

Happy New Year to us all!

The doctor whose office helped was on the radio yesterday on our station and you should listen. And then I was asked to call in.

Dr. Avery Jackson on The Edge with Thayrone X

Sunday Jan 2

I think we are good today. Just in time to go back to work tomorrow.


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    1. Glad I could help.
      I got to thinking that I wasn't hearing enough first hand account.

  2. Very good news you are both on the mend.

    1. I hope. This throat concerns me.
      Just took my last azythromycin.

  3. Thanks for the interview link. Interesting. I took a few notes. Does he see patients in California? Only half kidding.


  4. Glad to hear that both of you seem to be on the mend. Take care and wishing that next year will be a much better one.

  5. Sharing with a fearful friend. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Just to let you know ... just because there are open centers here in Texas (and have been since late 2019), the therapy is in short supply because Biden redirected supplies to Northern states. I listened to a news report this morning where they played an interview with Texas Governor Abbott from 4 January. In that interview, he outlined his lawsuit against Biden for the denial of this therapy to Texas clinics.

    1. Central Planning. Obamacare.
      What authority does Biden have to do that?