Sunday, April 24, 2022

Common Sense

I interviewed the author of "Common Sense"

No, no that "Common Sense"

This Common Sense:

From the Amazon blurb:
Jeff Sangster uses an entertaining and informative blend of personal experience and investigative reporting to shine new light on abortion, touching on the superficial, scientific, medical and legal aspects of the issue. Easy to read, disarming, informative, and conversational in tone, "Common Sense - Changing the Conversation of Life" brings to light the truth, lies and deceptions of the abortion issue and the conversation that surrounds it. A beacon of truth in a world engulfed in the darkness and shadows of abortion, this book is destined to change the public picture of abortion - one conversation at a time.
You can listen here:


  1. We must end the evil of abortion. Crush Moloch.

  2. Nice job, Ed! will have to check this out.

  3. This is excellent. Years ago on my blog then I wrote on this very topic, abortion. I may do so again, as I have recently in another post.

  4. Too bad his book "is about the facts." No one is interested in facts. Except us.😖 I pray it will have an impact.

    Filmmakers Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer made the excellent movie Gosnell that you mentioned. Now that their Hunter Biden movie is wrapped, they are doing a play with excerpts from Gosnell's trial transcript. They did this in Ferguson, the play. Well done.

    1. I have been trying to get them for an interview.
      I think I'll try again.

    2. How do we get the folks who must change their opinion to read it?