Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Comment I Made at Z's Place

From Z's place.
Romney was supposed to have made a big gaffe in England recently.
I personally couldn't understand what they were talking about until it was pointed out to me what the gaffed was.

He was asked a question and spoke the exact truth. I even heard an NBC voice during the opening say the same thing about how Brit troops were pulled out of the sandbox to beef up security because of the problems they were having. 
Of course he should have given the Queen an ipod with his favorite speeches, returned a bust of Churchill, given Cameron some wrongly formatted DVDs of himself, and had Ann touch the Queen.
That seems to be OK.

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  1. Thanks for the mention and your comment was perfect.
    What got me was even the British were saying things much worse than Romney's "disconcerting" comment before the Olympics when they realized they had to come up with much more security.
    By the way, I heard Ann Coulter say she Googled to find Romney's gaffe and, she's's nearly impossible to find HIS QUOTE.
    But the word GAFFE's in there, for sure...I wish the DNC had to pay the mainstream media for their free campaigning, don't you!?

    LOVE that video...I hope a LOT of people have that palm to forehead moment before voting!

    Blessed Sunday! z

  2. Yep, he DID tell the truth... When the Brits had to pull folks back from a combat zone to plus up security, there IS a significant question!