Saturday, July 6, 2013

Green Energy Idea!

It is reported that Obama just gave 7 billion dollars to Africa for "Green Energy".
Who is "Africa"?. Thank God Idi Amin is dead, but there's still Mugabe.

Green\ Energy has been such a success!
Solyndra, et al. Follow that link to the Redstate site, I knew the list was long, but not that long.
So now he wants to pay off political supporters in Africa with green energy contracts?
What else could it be, since green energy doesn't do anything but line the pockets of his cronies?

Now, I have an idea.
It's a little ghoulish.
Dig the graves of our Founders.
Attach generators to their ankles.
At the rate they're spinning in their graves, we'll have abundant energy til the next revolution.


  1. Actually, given the fiery rhetoric that supported those souls in their lifetimes, if one could work up the right connections, your imagery could generate the kind of energy most needed.

  2. True dat... sigh... And he's trying to 'buy' more votes...

  3. Redistribution, that's all this fool thinks about. He is not just concerned about doing that in this country,

  4. Obama is all about smoke and mirrors.

    Sick of it, sick of it, sick of it!

  5. Maybe "Africa" is Africa Aisha Obama-Kenyatta, Goose Egg's Kenyan cousin?

    I've heard she gets highly energized at the sight of very large emeralds. ;-)

    Just kiddin,' of course.

    As a Conservative of the Old School, I ardently support the old-fashioned idea of CONSERVATION. I would agree with the leftists about our having been very wasteful -- even abusive -- of the great privileges we have had. But the best answer to the Energy Crisis would be to EDUCATE the PUBLIC on the virtue of exercising TRIFT and SELF-DISCIPLINE. I also support manufacture of smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles. In fact I've been buying compact cars with high MPG ratings ever since the FIRST Oil Crisis struck and caused massive inconvenience in 1972.

    Even if we're prosperous, and think we can afford to be wasteful, it is STILL a good idea to husband our resources, and keep as much in reserve for the inevitable "rainy day" as possible.

  6. Wow, thought I responsed from my phone.
    Sorry for the delay.
    So, you guys seem familiar with this Obama and his tactics.
    @Pasc: Can we get a patent?
    @FT: I believe in stewardship of the planet. But liberal attempts to "educate" (and I'm not equating your educate with their educate) have been nothing but fear-mongering and attempts to control, giving "educate" a bad taste.
    I believe the educate should be in values, like you said.

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