Friday, July 5, 2013

Removing The Obama Regime

Do you feel that an early removal, by our military, of the Obama dictatorship (how else to describe a regime that selectively enforces written law, and creates through fiat other law, regulations, etc.) would be a good thing?

Obama Rex has directed that our immigration laws (as passed by a duly elected congress) will not be enforced.
Obama Rex has directed that our DOMA laws (as passed by a duly elected congress) will not be enforced or defended.
Obama Rex has directed that Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) laws (as passed by a duly elected congress) will not be enforced or defended.

BTW, if you followed the recent decision by SCOTUS regarding Prop 8 in California, did you catch that the problem wasn't with the law, it was that the defense lawyers (actually the plaintiffs) had no standing in front of the Supreme Court?
They were just a group of interested citizens, not the duly elected representatives of California's executive branch (the governor, et al) that refused to defend the act in federal court.
Thus was the will of the people thwarted by an executive branch that refuses to execute its duties faithfully.
What is a citizenry to do in such circumstances?
What legal recourse?

When a president (Obama Rex) decides that it is not politically expedient for him to enforce a portion of Obamacare until after elections, and thus will not, who has the legal standing to challenge that decision in court?
And if that court found for those plaintiffs, who would force the corrupt DOJ to enforce that judgement?

Who is the guarantor of our Constitution?
Who has sworn to uphold it?

Bueller? Anyone?  Bueller?


  1. In the Constitutional progression of arbitration, the duly elected representatives are first to start impeachment proceedings for a President that refuses to obey the law and honor their oath.

    That hasn't happened. Representatives, in direct violation of deferring to the will of the majority, have enacted laws that are contradictory to the Constitution, so they've failed in their duty. They aren't going to offer relief.

    From what I take from the Constitution, when grievances are ignored by our political servants, the other option is however we want to make our government accountable and lawful.

    Whether the military would get involved and protect the citizens from a rogue government is the big question. I don't think the current highest brass is on board with bucking their commander in chief, but I might be surprised.

  2. Jess, you and I are in total agreement.
    Impeachment won't work with a dem-politicized senate, either.

  3. Obama is making end runs around the Constitution. It's that simple and that treasonous.

    It's now or never if the substance our Constitution is to survive. WE THE PEOPLE cannot count on the Congress critters to uphold the Constitution.

  4. The Federal government won't act to defy the Ayatollah Obama, if for no other reason than 'they' will get to use the laws that Himself enacted.

    1. Mad Jack,
      Anybody who voted twice for Obama will do nothing to oppose him now. Nothing! In fact, those who voted for him the 2nd time around will want him to serve at least 2 more terms -- never mind what our Constitution says.

    2. Strangely enough, I've heard some two-timers say they're sorry for voting for him.
      Makes me think of some girl who keeps ending up in bed with a guy she knows is wrong for her.

    3. PS: Northern Virginia is the bastion of liberalism and hardcore Leftism. Ugh.

  5. All good questions, and I'll be damned if I have ANY answers... good or bad...