Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I hereby decree that Obamacare will not be implemented.
I have as much right to do that as our president has to delay key portions of it.


  1. Doesn't matter at this point. The financial impact on insurers will not go back to the good old days.

  2. Call me cyclical after reviewing our health insurance plan we go into in 6 weeks.

  3. Leave it to Rita to be concerned about the important issue, health insurer's profits.

    1. Duckys: I find it hard to believe that you do not know what actuaries are. Here's some background just in case.

      It is about assessing risks based on all possible outcomes and their probabilities -- a solid mathematical science that, after it was discovered, made insurance reality based and viable. Nobody can suspend the math with wishful thinking and legal edicts. Attempting to do so will destroy their viability.

      It's like the fools in the fairy tale who killed the goose that layed golden eggs. They acted as if the insides of the goose were the gateway to a cornucopia rather than an endless producer of assets but with limited rate of output. The solution would have been to mate the goose and produce more of such geese. But impatience and demagotues sought killed it instead.

      Similarly, those who are messing with our healthcare system may CLAIM they are seeking to help those who fell outside -- often by their own choice or the choice of those responsible for their care. Those who made those claims will ultimately kill the availability of health care; some from stupidity and some from malice. Even former DNC chief Howard Dean, a medical doctor before he became a politician, says that the death panels are now a certainty if ACA goes through. ACA will lead to widespread deaths not by your choice or even of those who want to help you, but by bureaucrats in some DC highrise whose face you will never see nor will they see you. Worse: they will never hear you pleas for mercy.

      Of course, maybe that's what you want for all of us. All those who continue to discount that there are such people who consider widespread deaths a moral necessity (and now that they nearly have that power they intend to carry it out), then you are probably amongst them. God bless you accordingly.

  4. I meant the people being INSURED Ducky. I swear you would argue with a rattle snack.

    The health insurance will ALWAYS pass the cost onto the premiums and decrease in benefits.

    You must have made your career being a "public servant". Otherwise you would have gotten a clue by now and been impacted like the rest of us.

    Today I learned our new insurance which goes into effect October 1st will increase MY cost (not including my husband's) by $7k a year.

    Sure do love this Obama Care.

    Why don't you go comment on a blog where someone actually wants your insipid input? Media Matters is more your speed.

  5. If you had read my second comment you would have known what I was talking about.

  6. David Axelrod stated yesterday or the day before that more changes in ObamaCare are coming -- by executive order, I suppose.

    Did you happen to see Charles Krauthammer's column yesterday? See Can Obama write his own laws?

  7. AOW. I'll read that. Thank you.
    I just saw someone else on TV refer to his "promiscous" changing of the law.
    Is "criminal" not in his vocabulary
    Call a spade a spade.