Thursday, August 15, 2013

Turn Your Radio On...

I was on Bill Bennett this morning concerning my last two posts, and I mentioned the comments.
segment 1
segment 2.

Two segments.


  1. Man, you have one serious man crush and that loony tune.

  2. Duck, you don't realize it's a joke. I understand. If you were a regular listener, you'd get the thing about my first born daughter.
    Thanks for stopping by.

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  4. It's really great you have such a good connection with Bill. I'm dying that you did not practice a speech to push your "don't back down" meme so as to provide a morale boost for all wavering TEA members of Congress. Speaking to Bill as if you were one of them, you'd say "We were elected to fight the status quo and stand our ground against a media establishment we knew before we ran for office was out to stop us. No my media opponents, it is WE who must stop YOU."