Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Isn't it horrible when a rich old white man (who is surreptitiously recorded) betrays his ignorance and his derisive feelings for a race he must deal with closely on a daily basis?
You know, like when John Kerry called Israel an apartheid state in front of the TriLateral commision.

Israel has Palestinian citizens, members of their legislature and in other positions of power.
hardly south Africa.
Kerry should know that.
But he'd rather listen to his socialist friends.
Think he wasn't speaking for Obama?

UPDATE: Got to present this on Bennett. With reference to Ducky's comments.
Bonus: I left some smarter guys than me on the recording, including Angry Tom from Ann Arbor, and Dr. Marty from Louisville, Ky.


  1. Fantastic observation! I knew a misdirection was coming, but you still managed to get a laugh from me. Of course we'll hear very little more about Kerry's disgusting remarks and incessantly more on the other.

  2. If you can't tell the difference between describing the political reality of contemporary Israel and stating you don't want blacks to attend basketball games then you're lost.

    Yeah, Israel has Arab legislature members. Are they a voting block in the coalition? Have they ever influenced legislation?

    You really should rethink your bias.

    What does socialism have to do with any of this? Your favorite bogey man?
    Lame, Ed, really lame.

    1. It's not apartheid.
      They are not seperated in society by law.
      The apartheid tag regarding Israel goes back at least to the sixties and the leftist literature I read then that tried to depict Israel as something fascist.
      Perhaps leftist would have been more apropos then socialist, although it's hard to tell the difference.
      You avoid the theme that more coverage is given a sports figure than a far more important slur of an ally by a moron poseuer.

    2. Is marriage between Jews and Arabs legal in Israel, Ed?

      Are neighborhoods and schools mixed.

      Again, describing contemporary Israel properly is not a slur.

    3. Ed, what are the laws concerning Arab land purchases in Israel?
      Completely open?

    4. from;
      The land-owning situation in Israel today is as follows: 80.4 percent is owned by the government, 13.1 percent is privately owned by the JNF, and 6.5 percent is evenly divided between private Arab and Jewish owners. Thus, the ILA administers 93.5 percent of the land in Israel.14 Put differently, 93.5 percent of the land is unavailable for private ownership; such land is sold neither to Jews nor to Arabs but is leased out by the ILA. Thus, while it is true that Israeli law prevents the sale of state—owned land to Israeli Arabs, this alone is extremely misleading, for it is equally unavailable for sale to Jewish citizens of Israel.
      Still, not "Apartheid".

  3. Pandering... That is all Kerry and this administration know...

    1. They probably know that very large percentage of the Arabs in the Knesset are Druze not Muslim are woefully underrepresented in terms of their population.

  4. I loved the update and your efforts to educate Bill and some liberal on your blog. One is willing to learn while the other is obviously lost.

  5. Keep up the great work Ed.

  6. amen dude..Kerry is a nightmare and of course the te-r-orist in the WH backs him up..sick!! have a great week my friend!:)