Friday, May 16, 2014

Facbook exchange

"Don" posts:
This is very scary stuff, folks!
The FCC is proposing rules to end net neutrality - the Internet needs to stop this from happening:

Nick : What, our government trying to take away another freedom? What a surprise...
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Ed Bonderenka If you like your internet, you can keep your internet....
Friday, May 16 at 1:10pm · LikeReply

Don : Jeez, Ed. I hadn't seen a snarky, right-wing comment in weeks. I was starting to worry about you!
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Chuck : Oh boy a Bonderneka comment associating something with Obamacare that has nothing to do with Obamacare. Come on Ed, just say it out loud. You think the President is a liar.
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Don : Ed can find a way to associate a hailstorm with Obamacare. He misses pre-existing condition clauses and lifetime maximums.
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Chuck : Yep. It's raining today, Obamacare!
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Ed Bonderenka You can't associate government intrusion into working systems with failure? Net neutrality? 
Laugh away.
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Don : Ed, you can't compare the rape of the American public by the insurance industry with the open atmosphere if the Internet. I suspect you realize what BS that is.
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Ed Bonderenka I know the rape of the American people by socialist zealots. Do you really think the insurers are taking the hit?
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Don : Ed, you hate Obamacare because the current administration put it in place and, in your mind, that alone makes it bad. We get that.. It may be the prevailing topic of your life but it's not the topic of this thread. If you have anything to contribute regarding THIS topic, we'd be happy to hear it.
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Chuck : Be careful Don or the next thing we hear will be... Bengahzi!
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Robert : ....time out!
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Don : Oh crap, Chuck! You went and used the 'B' word!
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Robert : "Beam me up Scotty"
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Don : Aw, c'mon, Bob! I love to get these two crazy kids all riled up!
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Ed Bonderenka : Call me a racist next, Don. 
You seem to have a special insight too my motives. So you think.
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Don : I don't pretend to know why you loathe the president so much but I'm not getting into this with you, Ed. We're talking about the FCC and the Internet here. You can find plenty of threads to whine about the administration.
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Ed Bonderenka : Well I was answering about the net, and somewhat in agreement with you.
The government intrusion, as I said earlier, is what screws stuff up for us.
You bought up Obamare....See More
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Don : Yeah, Ed. Any reference to Obamacare in the way you phrased your response was pure coincidence. Whatever.
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I'm looking for a little validation here.
Did I handle this poorly?
Did they go off track?


  1. Validate what? They're woefully ignorant and the best response would have involved an ax handle and a swing of about 50 mph.

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  3. I see it as you merely being double-teamed. Were I actively involved in FB I'd have come in on your side one way or the other. The connection is indeed control of our lives, and the deadly effects of limited resources will make life shorter for those of us who had previously been paying our way. The "He misses pre-existing condition clauses and lifetime maximums." is part of the emotional response that created this nightmare in the first place rather than seeking other means to answer those two issues. That is just to start. What the Left (and the Death Cult that influences them whether or not they are aware of it) does not like is consistency such as your connection brings up.

    1. Thanks Pasc. I don't think they know they are "useful idiots" for the Death Cult.

  4. I too doubt they know themselves that well, but it would be at least giving them the benefit of a few working brain cells if they were being paid to silence any thoughts that made such connections.

    Seeing similarities and recognizing consistencies are part of the gifts of being human. What the Left wants to see are people intimidated into silence so that they behave like sheep, responding only to feelings such a fear and pleasure. Consequences are only what happens when any of us rears up on our legs and behaves like a thinking man.

    1. Independently thinking man.
      They remind me of cartoon hyenas that reinforce each other in their mocking without considering the argument put before them.
      I have influenced their other friends with my arguments.
      I imagine those people, and others like them, remain silent to avoid the ridicule.

  5. "I imagine those people, and others like them, remain silent to avoid the ridicule."
    And it also does not help when some really good brains on our side remain silent because "those who know what is right already know it; those that need to be told at this point are too stupid to bother with."

  6. Another reason NOT to do facebook... You didn't do anything wrong (but they made assumptions since you weren't bowing to DC)...

  7. Solent Green is PEOPLE! (Sorry Ed, couldn't resist)

    1. You know what Brigid? I'm not going to update, but Chuck came back and apologized.
      I try to remain civil and not reveal the burning anger in me.

  8. You handled it poorly. Although there was a certain amount of humor in your response.

    The fall of net neutrality (inevitable) is going to be caused by corporate intrusion. The government is just a bought and paid for facilitator.

    Your analogy is reasonably apt however. it's a similar situation with ACA where the government is largely a bought and paid for facilitator of private for profit insurers.

    1. From his post "The FCC is proposing rules to end net neutrality -"

  9. I can almost see the spittle flying out of their progressive and ignorant pieholes as they type their drivel. It's why I refuse to engage them anymore. Logic and reason, sprinkled with humor escapes these fools. God bless you for trying.