Wednesday, February 17, 2016

If Trump....

I made this comment to Silverfiddle's post at Western Hero:

If Trump runs as a Republican (still) in the general election and pulls in a bunch of disaffected Dems ("bluedogs") and they in turn pull a straight ticket "R", then we gain more seats in Congress.

With that Congress, perhaps any Trump liberal tendency (or any other stupidity he's likely to come up with) can be held at bay.

In other news:
Some of you may not have heard, but I was released abruptly from my employer almost two weeks ago, two weeks after receiving a large bonus, raise and thank you. A shock to many.
I accepted an offer this morning for a position I learned of two days ago from a contractor friend.
I interviewed yesterday and received an offer via phone last night.
We met in person this morning.
God is good.


  1. I couldn't be more pleased that He came through so quickly. Yay!

  2. Ed: word to the wise - Silverfiddle is a liberal in conservative clothing. Take anything he says with a grain of salt.

  3. I hope you're right that if T-Rump is our next President, the Congress may be primarily Republican, not that I trust them either. :)
    I'm suffering from terrible arthritis in my hands and wrists, so, excessive typing has become very uncomfortable. I do apologize for not responding to the Kingdom Age vs Age of Grace question(s) you where so kind to ask about about a week ago. That's why I haven't responded. Takes too much typing. I do suggest reading books from Berean Bible Society ( for more info. They sure quieted my soul about such matters.
    Also, please that your job prospects are in good order. Praise His name! Looks like I may be returning to the work force also thanks to Dinglebarry's Amerika. Please pray for me too? Thanks so much. This arthritis and other health issues has me concerned that I can still work.
    May the LORD bless and keep you. ~:)

    1. Sparky, Scherie and I will hold you up in prayer, and she is tenacious.
      Have you thought of a microphone and Windows speech recognition. Almost as good as a smartphone's.

  4. Bad news, followed by Great News Ed.

  5. I don't believe disaffected Dems would ever vote straight Republican, but even so - the establishment Rs already have majorities in both houses, yet have offered zero resistance to obama's tyranny. More Rs X 0 = 0. Its way over time to reintroduce the constitution.

    As for the other, I couldn't be happier for ya! Glad you bounced so quickly.