Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Thought for Today

If ICE does not visit Congress tonight I will be sorely disappointed.


  1. My wife & I were discussing this, last night. The illegals should be arrested upon arrival.

  2. What Rev. Paul said. What part of "illegal" does the left not understand.

  3. It really would be something if ICE came into the session tonight and started rounding up illegal aliens. I'd pay good money to see that happen!

  4. ICE, ICE baby! Very nICE! The democrat shills never really got any traction from what I could tell. However, very nice tribute from Trump on the victims of illegal violence.

  5. We need to give non-criminals work visas, fingerprint and DNA sample them, and record their place of employment. No employment? Out ya go and take your kids.

    Lose your job, you on a 30 day timer.

    Then when they leave their job, the employer is required to report it and if they don't big fine.

    We need some of them to cook up that great Mexican food and make the margaritas, and lay some brick until we get the bantu's through the trade schools and off of welfare....

    1. I was disappointed.
      But I'm watching the speech on Youtube and liking it a lot.

    2. Ed,
      The morning of the speech, Trump stated that he needed to use more effective messaging. He said that his messaging had been earning a "C," a grade that he finds unacceptable. BTW, he was rating himself when he said that he had been earning the grade of a C.