Sunday, April 30, 2017

Earworm Music

AOW just posted about Peter and the Wolf, a childhood favorite of mine that I am still fascinated with.
I had recently watched that video after watching Scherezade, prompted by a post by Kid which I can't link because he deleted it.
He probably deleted it because in comments we refuted his notion that Russian music "sucked".
I offered in evidence this:

I like this version most because of the close-ups of the musicians faces as they perform, and often their relief at not squealing a reed or screwing up :)
I can relate.

For the story and explanation behind the piece, you should first watch this:

My dad explained it to me as a child.
That and many other works, modern and classical.

Thanks dad.

Speaking of not screwing up, I hosted the The Drift yesterday. You decide.


  1. Ed,
    Thank you for linking to my post about Peter and the Wolf. Glad that you enjoyed my post.

    I love music that tells a story (tone poems, for example).

    As a Romantic Music Era composer, Rimsky-Korsakov deliberately composed music that showcased certain recently refined instruments. As far as I'm concerned, no other composer did such a fine job of showcasing instruments and employing special effects via instrumentation.

    You're fortunate that you had a parent to introduce you to great music. My parents couldn't do that for me: they never had the opportunity to attend concerts and so were ignorant of the repertoire. When I became involved in concert-level choral music, they did get exposure to the wonderful world of music, but by then Mom and Dad were in their final years.

    1. I'm glad I found this again:
      Basil Rathbone narrates.

  2. Ed, Send me some info through a comment and I'll repost it.

    I think I only delete a post because following posting I find that I was too angry and/or profane.

    1. It was apost about Russian driving.
      I think after some coments about Russian music, you deleted, edited and reposted.

  3. I sadly must admit that my Russian culture only goes as far as Ivan Drago ("I must break you") of Rocky IV fame. Sounds nice though. I'll catch up on the radio show this weekend. Busy, busy!

  4. I'm not at all fond of Russian music, usually...but do like most Tschaikowsky and Peter and the Wolf is passable ;-)