Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Budget and the Health Care Bill

Did the radio show yesterday.
Had Pastor Richard Deitering sit in, and later I sat in on his show.

We interviewed Rep Tim Walberg and talked the Johnson Amendment, the McSally Bill, the Budget and Health Care.

The budget and health care (and reconciliation) stuff is very informative.



  1. The Johnson Amendment fascinates me. While I can't imagine why anyone would want to attend church and hear a political advertisement, I think it should be repealed....and all tax exempt organizations should be able to endorse a political party or candidate.

    1. For years, Clintons and Kerry and Obama have been free to speak at any black church and get an endorsement.
      Let a conservative pastor speak against a baby-killer and he's at threat of jail time.
      This country was literally founded on political speech from the pulpit.
      The Black Robed Brigade.

    2. Conservative Pastors do it all the time, just usually from their television empires of through their religion-politico organizations.

    3. Yeah. My pastor and his vast television audience.

    4. St. John the Baptist of Front Royal, Arlington Diocese....had no qualms about exhorting the flock to vote for McCain in 2008. Anecdotal, but fact.

    5. See? another lib endorsement!

    6. Hah! I see what you did there!

      - CI

  2. Great solo host job, ed. Very smooth. See, you didn't need the tin foil hat crutch after all! :)
    Everything in the news is depressing to me, so I reserve comment on the issues and the wingnuts involved.