Sunday, November 12, 2017

Radio Time

If you really must kill some time and enjoy yourself, I offer you this:

Oh, by the way.
Where is that Uranium One / Fusion GPS informant?
Did he suicide early?

Dana Loesch asks why, if  Moore was so well known as a creeper, was he elected so many times, with large margins?

Why did Luther Strange not present any of this in the primaries?
He had enough money available to him to buy the same witnesses.


  1. Two taps in the back of his skull has to be suicide, right?

    1. But usually we find the body.
      This person disappeared and nobody is asking where he is!

  2. Ruling Class Murder Reputations Better than Their Own. They are so bad they need to soil everyone within range of joining them. It's all they have left to keep control when the choice is left up to the voters wherever the vote hasn't been thoroughly corrupted -- apparently as in Alabama and unlike as in California.

    1. Yes, the old adage of building oneself up by tearing others down.
      Exactly. It's all relative.