Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Darkest Hour

Today I saw a remarkable movie.
As you might guess, The Darkest Hour.

It is a movie about a world leader who is elected at a time of crisis.
Enemies of his nation were threatening it's very security.

As he comes to office, unwanted by the very members of his own party, he finds his political authority threatened by the elite who have brought the country to the dire position it found itself in.

He makes gaffes, both verbal and physical.
He is accused (and rightly so) of "shooting from the hip" verbally, saying things that upset the establishment.
He becomes aware that the people are in the dark about what is going on and he reaches out to them.
And he acts decisively.

The rest is history.

As you've probably heard elsewhere, this movie was great.
The characterizations by all were convincing.

Gary Oldman deserves an Oscar for this.


  1. Churchill led a nation through a time when there was little hope, and too politicians were bereft of common sense. In the small schemes of things, a small nation was facing an adversary of great strength. In the large scheme, a nation that changed the entire Earth was being attacked by a reprobate controlled nation of evil.

    The parallels are obvious for anyone interested. Only great leadership prevails through the efforts of those only interested in quick personal gain, without any morals. The past reveals our future is dictated by understanding the greatest achievements are allowed only by liberty.

    1. the greatest achievements are allowed only by liberty.

  2. I, too, see what you did there with the descriptive parallel between Churchill & Trump. Jess is way more eloquent, so I will just say 'ditto'. There is also an obvious parallel between both of these men's appeasing predecessors.

    1. I'm surprised I haven't heard anyone else make the connection.

  3. I don't agree with any comparison of Trump and Churchill. Donald is no Winston. But at this juncture, we need less a Churchill and more a Moshe Dayan.

    1. Trump is no Churchill.
      He doesn't smoke or drink.
      But there is no denying that both men upon rise to power against all odds, saw an attempt to remove them from power by their own respective and opposing parties.
      And in their first year, they each accomplished much.
      And each was seen as rude and vulgar.

    2. I'm not sure that the Grandson of the 7th Earl of Marlboro and twice First Lord of the Admiralty rose quite against "all odds", but your mileage may vary.

      As far as accomplishments, Churchill, for all his military folly, abject racism and anti-semitism, is in a different league than Trump.

      But I am intrigued at the sudden 'virtue of vulgarity', from many of his supporters....

    3. Obviously, both men were born into a position of privilege, another similarity :), yet neither was expected, at the time of their ascension, to ascend to the prime leadership position.
      I don't see a virtue in vulgarity, but actually, to be vulgar is to be "of the crowd", something demonstrated of Churchill when he rode the tube.
      Of Trump when he espoused populist views.

    4. Patton was vulgar.
      He thought using coarse language gathered attention to his words.
      Trump is just forgetting he's supposed to begin to be a politician.
      But that's exactly why his supporters elected him, and boneheads have not yet figured that out.
      (Again, I didn't vote for him. But I'm glad he defeated the felon.)

    5. Truth in both accounts following mine....but in both comparisons as well, both leaders had numerous admirable qualities and accomplishments that made up for vulgarity.

      Perhaps I'm a throwback, but I want a reasoned, measured strategist at the helm of our security and our Liberties. I don't want How from the bar down the street.

      Or an un-indicted felon.....

    6. "reasoned, measured strategist"
      While I agree with that, or did at the time of the election, Many have pointed out that a candidate like that would have failed to be elected.
      I'm thinking a bull in a china shop is working better right now, no matter how much I cringe.
      At this point, I'm just along for the ride.

    7. That's merely opinion of course.....but I as well, am along for the ride, riding it out that is. We were screwed either way....and I don't see our Republic surviving much longer.

  4. America has been attacked from every angle since Ronald Reagan left office. This is hardball not a black tie tea party. Rough things are going to happen to keep America from being flushed, not the least of which is destroying the attraction to PC. Is it even possible as CI ponders. I'm not putting a lot of money on it. Feet tot he fire, I think we have to hit rock bottom first, but Trump's time on office will have some value as people with a couple brain cells to rub together will wonder if maybe DJT was right when he suggested keeping terrorists out of America. (I take a much harder line on that score as you all know).
    But Hey, it really was better when we didn't have 7 time deported people back in the USA committing serious crime. Hey, it really was better when we had more of our own money, Hey, it really was better when the world didn't use us as their doormat.

    1. Along the lines of Trump's election,
      #freethedocuments !

    2. Wasn't it the highly flawed Churchill that called islam the most retrograde force in the world? The Brits should've heeded his advice because look at the bailiwick they're in now with the overriding tide of malcontent immigrants sucking up as many government benefits as possible yet not assimilating into the culture.

      No shades of Trump?

  5. I have never heard a negative thing said about this film....really must see it, but I don't go to movies much.

    1. I watched Dunkirk, which is an unintended prelude to this movie.
      After watching this, I watched Battle of Britain, which is almost a sequel to The Darkest Hour even though it was filmed in the 60's. :)

  6. My wife and I went last weekend and really enjoyed it. 3 and a half thumbs up! (I would have given it a full 4 thumbs except for the fact that I chewed my thumbnail to the quick from the tension.)