Wednesday, January 10, 2018

An article I wrote for The Courant

The Courant Newspaper

Happy New Year!
Well, we’re into a new year and it’s looking good so far! The days are getting longer again, it can only get warmer (we hope!) and the 401K is growing!
The last year has been a real roller coaster ride, eh?

We had an inauguration of a President who had never held political office before. Then we had accusations that the new president was engaged in treason!

A “woman’s protest” of the president, in Washington D.C., was led in part by a woman whose religious and political views call for the subjugation of women, Sharia Law.

Three hurricanes left major devastation of large areas in the South. Remember Harvey (no, not that Harvey), Irma and Maria?
And Americans flocked to help their fellow citizens.
Next we had tornadoes and other severe weather in the South.
Then later in the year, major fires ravaged large parts of the Southern United States.
And of course, now, as I write this, brutal global warming winter weather has hit large portions of the country with snowstorms hitting the South.
I’m thinking it might be safer to live here in the North. 

The sun disappeared for a while casting a large swath of darkness across America. Some places did not notice. Then it miraculously reappeared minutes later!
This was not related to global warming climate change. Scientists told us that this was what they call an “eclipse”.
An eclipse is a predictable celestial event for the purpose of selling special glasses.

There was one of the most horrific mass shootings in Las Vegas. Despite large numbers of witnesses, multiple surveillance cameras, audio recordings and a paper trail, nobody can yet tell us what happened with any certainty except that it happened in a town founded by the Mafia.

Then a guy ran for Senate in Alabama, who was accused of sexual aggressiveness from 40 years ago, and the next thing you know, the entertainment and news (OK, that was redundant) industry (that Harvey) was decimated by accusations and convictions of similar activity, costing one Senator his seat and a House member from Detroit to lose his.
It’s fitting they lost their seat, they each lost their mind earlier.

Thanksgiving came and went and Christmas left us on a high note.
I trust you got everything you needed and most of what you asked for.

Here’s hoping and praying that you, our faithful readers, and we, the staff of The Courant, prosper in the coming year.
Ed, Scherie, Gary, Kayla and the Courant Contributors


  1. Quite some year indeed. Happy New Year!

  2. The guy who wrote that has style and a likeable sense of humor. Tell us how much hate mail it generated. That's our gauge as how close to the targets you were. Here's hoping none were humorless contributors.

    1. One cancellation letter so far, but for no specific reason.

  3. A combination of good and bad, just like all years before. Here's to a new year with more good than bad.

  4. WHAT PASCAL said :) - I was thinking the same thing. 2017 was a Roller coaster ride for sure. Those hurricanes have changed our vacation plans for this year.

  5. Great article, Ed. Looking forward to a good year.