Friday, April 13, 2018

Bombing Syria

It just occurred to me.
What if we are not exacting retribution for the use of chemical weapons.
What if we are demonstrating that a reliance on Russia and her weapons systems is a foolish endeavor?

What if this was really a demonstration that our miltech is superior to Russian miltech that they've been selling to those who would oppose us?
Not a mil-industrial complex paranoia, but a strategic move, geared to Iran and

And we were led to believe that Trump was starting WW3.
Hardly what happened.

I saw video from Damascus that showed a lot of ordnance hitting, while Assad claims he stopped so much.
The real audience will know the truth.

We bombed Syria because they attacked innocent children with chemical agents.

Try bombing a Planned Parenthood "Clinic" and see what happens.


  1. Either way, we’ve again attacked a sovereign state, that had not attacked us.....while immaturely taunting a rival superpower.

    For no gain to our national security. Russia stood by, this time.

    1. I agree.
      That's why I suspect this has been a test oon many levels.

  2. Definitely a message to NK and Iran and China and Russia. Just think how much better our tech advantage would be if obama hadn't gutted the military for the last 8 years.

    1. You'd think China would have an interest in us improving our tech so they could steal better tech.

  3. Weeks ago, at 3 A.M., I thought I heard screaming next door. I grabbed my M1911, got out of bed, and started for the door. No more screaming, (I was told later it might have been a Bobcat).
    My next door neighbor has never attacked me. But if I thought someone in that household was being assaulted I would have reacted.
    We live in a small world now.
    Oceans no longer protect us.
    We MUST be prepared and aware.

    1. We did not enter WW2 to stop the Holocaust. We ignored it.
      I'm trying to see how we could have demanded Hitler stop it.

  4. A comment left at Geeez - the 1st site I hit on this subject.

    Here’s all I got.

    – I think stomping cockroaches in the ME is a terrible waste of American life and limb. They don’t care that those people got killed, the dead are martyrs now. It’s a positive for them. Plus the cockroaches are easily replaced. Unless we’re going to kill all 3.5 billion then no, let’s stay out unless they do something we have to nuke them for.

    – If we’re focused on killing every ISIS person then yes. After investing 800 billion a year in the military, I don’t want to read about 12 yr old girls being stripped and nailed to wooden crosses to die or 5 yr old boys tossed into a metal cage and burned alive. If it’s just the shiites and sunnis and wahhabists killing each other then I really don’t care. Hell, let’s send them some good weapons so they can do it faster.

    – Given ‘syrian rebels’ are al querda (9-11-2001), we should be killing them and not the assad boys as a higher level interest.

    – Every time we take a dictatortot like assad, things get worse.

    – I think there is some element to standing up to russia.

    – I think, given mccain and graham’s voices who are heavily paid by the military industrial complex (weapons makers) – that profit fits in here somewhere.

    – There may be a larger strategic interest in play here. Then again, for the life of me I can’t understand any good reason for us being in Afghanistan and no one of the last 14 years has presented one.

    With Syria being the last bit of land along side Israel that isn’t populated with Israeli killing obsessed nutcases, Israel’s interests might be part of the reason.

    – I have to say it – what is the difference in gasing, bombing, or shooting kids ? I don’t see much of a difference honestly, other than chemical weapons gives a clear reason for coalitions to go kick some regardless of anything someone like Putin has to say. I wouldn’t mind us getting along with Russia, but as long as they support NKorea, Iran, and Syria, I’m opposed. Plus all the Russian people hate America, more the US government than citizen but still.

    1. And actually, I think it's 1.5 billion.

    2. "what is the difference in gasing, bombing, or shooting kids ?"
      How much you want them to suffer on the way out.
      Gasing also reaches around corners and doesn't destroy property.

  5. It got the right people's attention...