Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Away With Black Robed Tyrants!

How in heavens name does a lower court judge outweigh the opinion of the President of the United States and his Attorney-General?

I am reminded of Joseph Stalin being told that the Pope opposed his plans.

“How many divisions does the Pope of Rome have?”

There is no reason Constitutionally for the President to follow the demands of these judges.


This is not a Constitutional question.

This has nothing to do with legislation.

This is a political battle.

How many divisions does the United States District Judge Jesse M. Furman have?

History, as you know, shows the previous acceptance of asking citizenship, alongside "What color are you", "How many toilets do you have?", etc.

Last Saturday I asked William Federer, the historian, what his opinion on the matter was.

He wisely agreed with me :) 

You can listen here.


  1. So obvious what the motivation is for this, yet Roberts doesn't want to consider the fact that it is about determining representation in Congress? What am I missing.....thinking... thinking..

    1. I'm surprised that the Constitution doesn't ask for a census of citizens specifically.
      I believe it was assumed.
      I wonder if any of the Founders wrote as much.

  2. Obama appointed judges, which I believe this one is, see themselves as an extension of the Democrat Party and therefore since the Hag of Chapaqua is not in her rightful place carrying out the Progressive Agenda outrank the illegitamate occupier of the U.S. Presidency (as they see Trump). The Progressive Deep State will use such rulings to contermand legitimate orders from the President; Andrew Jackson has found the courts enforcers.

    1. The Judicial is interfering in the Executive again.
      Except that un-elected jurors have become part of the administrative branch of government.

  3. I've been pondering that very point since the first time it happened. Why does the President pay any attention at all to a Federal district court ruling? No one knows.

  4. I've long been under the impression courts were supposed to enforce laws. The SC is there to determine the constitutionality of existing legislation.
    Judges these days are legislating from the bench to deny the president success.
    The tree of liberty is thirsty.

  5. Something like some of these border actions, or immigration from other countries falls under very clear language in the constitution that The President has Cate Blanc power over it. He could declare no one with green eyes gets a visa.

    And the census question? It's his Job to determine the number of Citizens in the country !!! Ignore these judges, including Roberts the sleazebag democrat.

    1. I'm disappointed that he caved.
      Granted, it wouldn't have changed representation, and he might accomplish something similar by ordering his agencies to report what they know, it is not an elegant solution.

  6. This crap is getting out of hand... Time to water the tree...