Thursday, September 19, 2019

Biden Gaffes and Team Trump's Response

So here's this ad by the Trump campaign mocking Joe Biden's gaffes and suitability.

My question is: "Why is the Trump Campaign out to sink Joe Biden so early?".

Do they believe that he is the best candidate to beat Trump?

It would seem so from their efforts.

He has said recently that maybe he attacked Lizzy Warren too early.

Is she his choice of of opponent?

What do you think?


  1. I think I can't outguess President Trump.

    He's probably got a Plan B, along with Plans C, D, E, F, and so on.

    We already know there's going to be massive, rampant, almost in-your-face voter fraud.

    Let's just pray he wins again.....

  2. Politics have become more like war, so it's best to snipe when the opportunity arises. They may keep their head down, and the media may offer cover fire, but just knowing the sniper is out there is demoralizing.

    1. But it's nice when you can shape the battle field before the battle.

  3. Replies
    1. That's quite an assumption.
      Has it been proven he has a brain?

    2. "Realistically, should Confabulating Joe Biden be a heartbeat away from the Presidency?"
      Some things never change. That article is one.
      Biden is one of them.

  4. Biden’s the most electable Democrat for Centrist therefore the biggest threat to Trump.

    Now all Biden has to do is respond with a loop of Trump’ bigger lies.....and we’ll see which one carries the day.

  5. Biden is the biggest threat to pick off PA and several other Blue Collar states. Though he has been moving left it seems questionable.. But I would think Biden would be the easier knock off. But I am sure Trump's war team has done the math.

  6. Ditto Biden comments above.
    Of the gaggle, Biden has the largest approval with blacks.
    Trump has already made dents there. Pick Biden off, and the other candidates will eat one another.
    He's playing chess, while the others just play.

  7. Biden's teeth have developed a mind of their own. It's a random variable that must be dealt with harshly. also, Mr T really wants Liz "Stands with Beer".

    1. I'll bet Trump's encouraging AOC to run through proxies.
      Biden has the best teeth money can buy.

  8. Prior to declass, Team Trump has the MSM panicked and screaming about how colluding with a foreign government is treasonous. Meantime, remember HRC colluded with Ukraine to dig up dirt on DJT. Barnacle berry colluded with Russia, "Tell Vlad, after this election I'll have more flexibility".

    CTH has the whole banana as the whistle-blower only had half the story.

    1. Thank you. The CTH article was very informative.
      I wish I'd had it before going on the radio today.

  9. Replies
    1. I think so more now.
      Get the most reasonable sounding (I crack me up) out of the way.