Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Above His Pay Grade

I thought he made a lot of money already.
Probably swore an oath to protect the Constitution.
Might have heard of it anyway.
You know, the charter of the Republic?
The New Jersey Governor tells Tucker Carlson that the First Amendment is "above his pay grade".

Speaking of Dictator Governors:

I can't vouch for this, it was posted in a FB group I belong to.
But the poster claims to be only once removed from the conversation.


  1. If I allow myself a response to that story, it would be deleted expletives. So I'd best not.

  2. Like I said there, this is 100% believable. The left has told us that when there is no evidence, the seriousness of the charge is what matters.

  3. Believable as our savant Biden would come up with such a plan.. or rather his henchmen. They sadly are under estimating Americans I do believe.

  4. "Journalists" used to do hard-hitting investigations of such things, back before they became opposition team members.
    Woodward and Bernstein... WHERE HAVE YOU GONE?

  5. i'm willing to bet that Woodward and Bernstein were old school reporters, not "journalists" turned out by a "journalist" factory.

  6. The Dirty DemoRat Pelousy is having a Gourmet Ice Cream Party while accusing President Trump of holding up the $1,200,00 government Stimulus-Relief Checks each of us is supposed to get in order to get HIS NAME on each check so he can get some credit for being a Good Guy. and win some votes1 Which is far from the truth. Truth? Nancy don’t have any Stinkin Truth!

    THE TRUTH IS : Whatever payments are being held up are being held up by Na-Na PULOUSY, the GOURMET ICE CREAM QUEEN, who has been taking a leave of absence from her speaker
    Speaker’s job to show off her $24, 000 freezer full of Exotic, Super-expensive Ice Creams to the peasants for the SOLE purpose of Putting a Halt in President Trump's Kindhearted Agenda to the American People.