Saturday, April 18, 2020

Something Smells Bad

Hospitals are closing.
Unemployment is overwhelmed.
Because of a Dempanic that is supposed to be overwhelming hospitals.
Does that smell right to you?

Hospitals across the country are on the margins, financially.
Not being able to admit non-Covid patients leaves them, in many cases, with no patients, or not enough to pay the bills.

So if, and I say if, hospitals in major urban centers are overwhelmed, why aren't those Covid patients farmed out to hospitals like this one.
This particular hospital is the one my doctor prefers to send me to for tests.

The USNS Mercy (T-AH-19) has what? 19 patients?

This has been a test of the emergency take your rights away, impose a National Health Care system.
This has only been a test.

Had this been a real emergency, you wouldn't wonder why you can't buy paint, go out on your boat, visit your home up north (or come back from it) or when you can go back to work and provide for your family.


  1. Never let a good crisis go to waste. Democrat 101. I read today that a Nobel Laureate and and an expert on viruses has concluded that the COVID-19 virus was man made ... owing to the fact that molecular changes made to CV-2 could not have occurred naturally. I guess he is lying, eh? Still wondering why China enjoys the US "Most Favored Nation" status. Maybe COVID-19 has been with us for a long time, nurtured in the brains of members of congress. Sorry, just muttering aloud.


  2. Mustang and Ed There is no doubt about the manufacture of the SARS-COV-2 virus.
    It has been in the process of manufacture for more than a decade, and there were various travelled samples from Canada and USA.labs as well as funding Wuhan by USA.
    All enough to make you feel very sick.
    It the SARS-COV-2 virus has sequences of HIV. and EBOL in a basic SARS and Corona package.
    HIV sequences by the way are patented by Fauci, and much of the rest by the psychopath Bill Gates.
    The questions remain to establish the entire network of rats in this nest.
    I am for direct vigilante action upon the culprits.
    Below are two good viewings , or alternatively google Joshua Phillip Epoch times

    1. I have heard conflicting reports on the origin of the virus.
      I am not a virologist nor the son of a virologist.
      I do not have the ability to determine the veracity of any claims as to man-made or naturally occurring.
      Very few of us do.
      Like religion, many of us choose a view we wish to.

      I'm not saying that to dispute you Paul (or Mustang).
      At the moment, I am most concerned with the political reaction to (and misuse of) the virus, and it's effects on our ability to act on our Constitutional rights.
      Their must be a reckoning, however on China, and the politicians who have misused and abused us.

      I will view the links.

  3. I think my biggest concern is whether enough citizens avoid rewarding the Chinese by buying their products, and help push for the return of manufacturing to the United States. Even if the products are mores expensive, the amount of money lost during this "crises" is much more than the increase in prices for domestic manufactured goods. Adding the security of being totally responsible for our own supplies only makes the demand for domestic manufacturing more favorable.

    1. Japan is moving that way. I think we will too.
      Make them a pariah state.
      And bulk up the military.
      This reminds me of late 1941.

    2. It's about time to replace my Sketcher walking shoes. I purposefully looked at the tag and sure enough... Chiiiiina. Mental note to find a different shoe. I just don't know if we even make them anymore.

  4. Something does smell, and I don't even mean the choreographed dance videos.

  5. Hospitals are not even allowed to do out patient testing... all going as planned. The last remaining stand alone hospitals will go the way as thousands have gone... merging into a mega system or as in many rural areas, no hospital at all.

    1. That's the scary part. Rural area hospitals are dying.
      Unless single Payer rides in on a white horse.