Friday, January 15, 2021

Bidens 11

 I'm pitching a plot for a heist movie.

A bunch of international thieves decide to capture and loot a country.

Think "The Dogs of War."

The intent is to loot the national treasury.

Think "Ocean's Eleven". Ya with me?

It's a deep plot. It involves corrupting local politicians, hacking software ("Sneakers"), putting up a smokescreen to cover the theft.

Now, if there's any chance of the job being exposed, send in the lawyers, and better, buy off judges to deny access to the courts.

Just as the plot is about to be exposed, stage a riot that distracts everyone from paying attention and then blame the victims for the riot!

And all the while depict the thieves as the good guys, the Robin Hoods (remember "Robin and the Seven Hoods"?).

I know it's a stretch, but if it's done right it could be made believable.
The audience suspends their disbelief all the time.
I mean, these people thought Hillary Clinton was a saint, right?

We're talking boffo box office here!

So whataya say, boobala? Ya in?
How much can I put you down for?


  1. I haven't seen the movie. Is that what happened? If so, wow, prophetic, 'ey?!
    BTW, I've learned that the private message on FB is not private. A friend sent me a message about they're staying off FB today in honor of President Trump or something like that, anyway, FB 'flagged' the message that it went against their bogus "Community Standards" and that person has been reported!!!?? WTHeck!?
    Welcome to Nazi Germany. The Big Tech are the Gestapo and SS. Hang on tight Patriots. This is only the beginning ...

    1. I've gotten that message from a number of people on FB.
      They haven't been flagged. Yet.
      I assume any electronic communication is compromised.
      Not so sure about Whatsapp which is supposed to be encrypted.

  2. You can put me down for as much as you would expect from a technical writer and a part-time professor. By the way, could you spot me a computer upgrade? I understand that Biden plans to make the minimum wage $15 (which probably will not effect contract workers except to make everything they need to buy more expensive). Thence, excuse me while I go out and scream at the moon.

  3. Have you heard about the executive order that President Trump sent to Pelosi? If so, what have you heard?

    I head about this through a few sources. First, I ran into Lou Dobbs from 14 January 2021 (interviewing Mr. Solomon) -- where Lou mentioned this developing news. Then I found a source that had a link to the executive order.

    This sounds like a bombshell and it will be exploding all over the Democrats.

  4. You would have to be a buffoon to believe such a transparent plot. Now THAT is a target rich environment.

    1. "You would have to be a buffoon"
      So you're saying I have a chance?

  5. I love this movie.

    Colonel Hoare played by LL?

    1. I can't afford him.
      And you'll notice he hasn't volunteered.

  6. I am in it for the long run. I am a patriot. I am praying it will start today or tomorrow. Be safe. Follow President Trump's advice of a few days ago.

  7. The current BIG project of Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer (documentarians who did Fracknation, Gosenell, Ferguson, Obamagate the Movie) is a Biden project.

  8. I haven't ever been much of a movie goer, but I do read about them, at least I used to, and this is an excellent post!

  9. This is genius. I want Aesop to write the screen play.