Tuesday, January 12, 2021

This Thing Happened at the Capitol

It wasn't a riot, or an insurrection.
There was an incursion.

Some people died.

But the real tragedy occurred shortly after.

A nation was stolen.

Try to remember that.

They don't want you to.


  1. We have lost our American Republic.

    The real plague upon the land is "wokeness."

    1. What a word, wokeness. As is everything Prog, it is the opposite of reality. The "woke" are more like those in body snatchers. The snitches are very much like those that point their fingers at all those not taken over.

  2. This whole thing stinks of Democrats infiltrating and misdirecting our attention. I think it was all done to prevent Ted Cruz from delivering his presentation to the Senate (as I laid out in my comment at today's Bunkerville post and my blog post).

    1. Many of us are thinking the same Mark.

      The last chance to get the evidence in front of America, all broadcast on C-Span, had to be prevented by the Dems and GOPe. Hence an excuse to vacate the Capitol was provided. Reichstag Fire was what the National socialists staged. History will record this one was staged by the international socialists.

      The name has changed but fascism remains the same.

      When a fascist says he's aiming to kill you, believe him.

  3. The ridiculous Fake News sites, watch the Tucker interview in which the Biden business partner exposes the corruption and confirms Sleepy China Joe was getting a percentage of Hunter's cut, when Hunter was not smoking crack with Asian teenagers. Here is a question, ya know when Sleepy Joe said he and Obama would withhold aid to the Ukraine unless the prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden was fire on video, do you think the video was faked? Or do you think corruption by democrats is okay?

    1. Any body who even cursorily reads this blog knows that I don't "think corruption by democrats is okay".

  4. Sounds too complicated for me.

    This entire business, the current situation in federal government, reeks of corruption and amoral politicos. We're probably seeing the tip of the iceberg and wondering just how big it is.

    Global warming and all, it's probably pretty small. Right?

    Right Ed?

    I'm praying for Divine intervention.

    1. Are you familiar with The Great Reset?
      Divine Intervention sounds like a great idea.

  5. A late comment.

    Another apparent "suicide" has been reported - Alan Krueger, a top advisor to Presidents Bill Clinton and moslem Obama. I choose to believe the suicide wave has begun.

  6. The Wuflu is a stalking horse for:

    a world where most people are under 24/7 surveillance and then their financial incentives and their financial power is related to how well-behaved they are.

    How do you market and implement a financial system that nobody would want if they understood its full ramifications — a change so huge that it not only would mean the end of currency as we know it, but a total revision of sovereignty and individual rights?

    Catherine Austin Fitts. It was on YouTube yesterday but is gone now! Watch here:


  7. Add:
    The rioting that occurred in 2020 primarily occurred in opportunity zones in cities that have a central bank location.

    ""When I first saw how all the buildings and businesses destroyed … were right at the bottom of the opportunity zone, I started to laugh and I said, 'I was assistant secretary of housing. That's not a riot pattern, that's a real estate acquisition plan.'"