Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Draw a Line

 It's very simple.

The power grab is out in the open.

The Coup is seeking to consolidate it's grip on the government.

They are using the pretense of legal authority to do it.

They are abrogating your rights, and you are expected to go along with it.

"Respect the authority." You were raised that way. I was.

They depend on that.

When a cop comes up to make you wear a mask, take a shot, you are told to comply and then go to court.

When they come to take your gun for no constitutionally authorized reason, you are expected to give it up. Then pursue legal action to regain it.

When they come to put you in the re-education camp...who will you sue, and how?

It's better to draw the line sooner than later.

Like when they try to put the mask on you, force you indoors.

Is your right to peaceful assembly and speech, religious practice, any less than to own a gun?

Draw the line early.

And have a will made out.


  1. Yep. That's all true. I'm glad we're not wearing masks down this way. People pushed back on that right away. And our County is now a 2A County. Our motto is: Come and get it. xx

  2. "They are using the pretense of legal authority to do it."


    They are acting under color of authority. Their uniforms are costumes and their badges are bling. Yes, I have chosen my hill and marked my fields of fire.

  3. You found a nice way of providing perspective. A wider audience is what I wish you had, and then pray it capable of comprehending it.

  4. Keep your powder dry....I couldn't figure out where Biden was I figure a senile old man wanting to take out America and he has nothing to lose as he goes out. He knows he is through in two years anyway.

  5. Wonder what would happen if hard-working, freedom-loving, God-given rights supporting people just stopped serving them. Maybe even just for like a week.

    Maybe we could have 4th of July Freedom WEEK.

    Just stay home, protect yourself, and gather freely with your family - spend quality time with them. We've been robbed of that long enough now thanks to the kung flu. (And thank God for the Trump-cine!)

    They'd probably destroy themselves pretty quickly (Whaaat!? No McD's, no Taco Bell?! No Wal-Mart, no gas, no ATTENTION!?). That's what they're allowing anyway, on this path.

    So sick of their cheating, lying and STEALING. Every. Single. Day. Since election day.

    Dreamer Fred

  6. Pray for my son. He is supposed to take an online final test in a Senior-level Finance course and his residence lost power. He has a 2-hour window (8 a.m. CDT to 10 a.m. CDT) to take the test. No bending by the prof.

    The first time I tried to post this, I clicked the "sign out" button since it is in the same spot that WordPress puts its "publish" button.

    The second time I tried to post it, I got an error message from Google saying "sorry, connection refused."

    1. Good news. He was able to find a friend's house to test from. Now he only has to fit a 2-hour test into 1.5 hours.

    2. I'm sorry for not seeing this earlier.

    3. It happens.

      What gets me about the final is that the prof locked the test scores away from being viewed. The University of North Texas (my son's college) and Lone Star College (my part-time employer) both use Canvas and a prof can set the test to show the test score as soon as the student turns it in.

      I hope this signals a tendency by the prof to provide some grace with the test score.

    4. Father please move upon this professor to work in Grace and mercy.

  7. Ha! Got my comment in anyway, GAG-gle.

  8. GAG-gle is not sorry at all.

    And praying for your son.




  10. Good point but that line needed to be drawn in 1973 (Roe). We are sooo late.

  11. Thank you all for your comments.
    And I'm looking for a good report on Mark1's son.

    1. Thanks all for the prayers. I will let you know as soon as the Finance prof lets loose of the grades for that final.