Sunday, April 4, 2021

This Is How It's Done


I am trying to contact this pastor in Calgary Canada for an interview.
I think I'm number 3,458 in line. :)


  1. Plus one for him and God. :)

    Sorry. I had a good laugh. :)

    1. I was thrilled to watch those fascists back down all the way down the street.

  2. Wake up America, enough is enough. It’s time for us to stand up to the delusional people, the Socialist crowd, and the sick Progressives who want to destroy this country, and turn it into the Shit-Hole that we are already seeing in San Francisco, Portland, Chicago and other American Cities that have gone down the Leftist Tubes.
    It hight time that you ALL realize that Joe Biden lied to you when he said he was a moderate. Firstly he is a member of the “Walking Dead” and secondly he is not a moderate by any means. You would have been better with that filthy communist Bernie Sanders. At least he is not someone other than who he really is.

    It is a sad day in America when a major political party knowingly nominates and promotes a mentally impaired individual to the United States Presidency. Even sadder still when some behind-the-scene advisor shoves a note in front of a cogitatively disabled senior citizen, and he mouths words he may not know to be untrue. But the greatest sadness of all comes from the mainstream media that knowingly, and constantly repeats those lies to the American people like they did when hey held back the entire news about Hunter Biden’s Laptop . And ALL the other news, and events about that Crack-Head, and his Father Mr. “Big Guy”.

    And how about the Main Stream Leftist Media? They would be comical, if what they are doing if it wasn’t true! But it’s surely pathetic, to see these Socialist liberals pretending that they suddenly care, and “Give a Damn” about our people in uniform, especially our Brave Men and Women in Blue! Because a handful of Trump protestors and even more Antifa thugs dressed as Trump supporters assaulted 1- or 2 police officers during the January 6 riot at the Capitol building. Where Was the Liberal Concern for "Our Men in Uniform" when leftist rioters assaulted DOZENS OF POLICE OFFICERS, and even Killed a Police Officer, and Killed a Retired Police Officer while he was guarding a friends store so that those IDIOTIC “PROTESTERS” didn’t destroy his friends store and it’s contents! So they KILLED him instead! Where were all those Bleeding Heart Liberals when they Seriously Injured Dozens of Police Officers, Burned Police Cars, and Trashed a Police Building During the George Floyd Riots Last Summer? And those Democratic Mayors, and Governors told the Police to “STAND DOWN” Stand Down while they were pelted with Bricks, and other harmful Crap!

    Liberals, Why Were You Silent when your anti-American leftist buddies were Killing Cops, Wounding Cops, Burning Cop Cars, and Trashing a Police Building Last Summer? How about the 19 Other People Who Were Killed by Your Rioting Leftist Buddies During the Riots? "Acceptable Casualties for Social Justice"?.
    Are we supposed to suddenly believe that you Care about the Cops? After you voted to DE-FUND the Police?
    Now, you are the same people that are demanding that there should have been more police at the Capitol Building and every other place that any Violence occurs.
    It’s really ironic. Would you want Social Workers on the front lines to stop this Violence? Or perhaps Miss Alexandria Ocasio Cortez will come to your defense? Or maybe we could “DISMANTLE” the Police force entirely, and have Black Live Matter protect you?
    What the Hell, New York’s Mayor Bill di Blasio allow them to paint “Black Live Matter” in Large Yellow Lettering right on NY’s Fifth Avenue and he even took part in it. Only because of his Hatred towards Donald Trump!

  3. Excellent! They'd also have to travel through a hail of bullets if they try that down this way. We ALL carry, even the Pastor.

  4. Polish?
    He would know Gestapo/Nazi when he sees one.

  5. All, Thanks for the comments!
    I just got an email from him and he is willing to do an interview.
    Now I've got to work out a time.

  6. BTW, Where’s Hunter and who is he selling daddy’s
    influence to this time? As you most likely know, the Crack-Head’s book
    came out yesterday..
    Thursday after falsely reporting Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop was “discredited by U.S. intelligence and independent investigations by news organizations.”

    All the BS about how great Joey is and what he has accomplished in his
    first week. But if you call giving away billions of taxpayer dollars and
    receiving not a damn thing in return, losing Thousands of Jobs, and
    treating our Nation Guard Troops like Crap, then yes, he has been successful. The
    next thing that I expect to see is his coming to to China and Bowing.
    And the same with ,Iran, North Korea, and Russia because he wants to
    look like Mister good guy

  7. They are not alone:

    1. That is Pastor Coates church. I just did an interview with Pastor Art yesterday. We talked about that. I'll publish tomorrow after the show.

  8. Well done that man. My old church in Calgary is, I think, the only catholic church open for Mass on Sunday (they do 5 services...). The people enter and exit via the alley behind the church. Surprised the priest hasn't been arrested.

    1. I hope you caught my interview with him in the next post.
      And I so appreciate you taking the time to comment.