Sunday, June 27, 2021

A Talk with Matt Briggs

Good Afternoon and welcome to Your American Heritage where we talk about the two things you’re not supposed to: Religion and Politics.  
My name is Ed Bonderenka, and I’m not your fluffy Insurrectionist.
I’ll be your host today. My pronouns are: Sir and Yes sir
The tower tells me we are clear for takeoff.
Tower? Do you copy?
Please fasten your seatbelts and stow any Left wing philosophy in the trash bin of history.

How was the legitimate president of the United States removed from office?
How did the Biden administration rise to power?
How could an incumbent president be unseated. Remember. Incumbents always have the advantage.
And the economy is usually the measure of the probability of re-election.
President Donald J Trump had a booming economy.
My cousin sent me a picture from last year.

Gas prices were low, work was returning to this country.
China’s threat to us was being challenged. We were at peace, North Korea was no longer threatening war.
The Middle east was standing in line to sign the Abrahamic Accords, the Middle East peace treaties that John Kerry said could never happen. 

All this, despite a relentless attack by the Left on Trump.
You know all this. You were there. You were there on election night where Trump was ahead when you went to bed.
People we’ve had on this show saw the election fraud with their own eyes or were part of the investigation of it.
People like Pat Colbeck and Matt Briggs.
How did it come to this?
First there had to be something that would bring this country to a halt. Something that would shake faith in the leadership of the country. Of course, the repeated attempts at impeachment were a part of that process.
and that wasn’t working. But to some extent, it did work. Part of the goal was to delegitimize the duly elected administration of Donald Trump. To remove some of the shine.
Then there had to be a reason to change the way we hold elections. There needed to be a motive to do this.
That came in the form of a virus that (surprise!) came from a laboratory in communist China whose purpose was to weaponize viruses, euphemistically called “Gain of function”. You know what gain of function means right? It is the weaponization of the virus. If its function is to make people sick, gain of function makes it worse.
And this was funded by Fauci, the guy who was supposed to get us through the crisis. An ally of China.
Remember, and I’m sure you do, China was and is the biggest threat to the United States, not White Extremists.
Communist China and it’s economy was the geopolitical entity most threatened by the policies of Donald J Trump.
Remember the posturing of Congressman Eric Swalwell that President Donald Trump was an agent of Russia?
 If there was concern with Trump being influenced by Russia, which had been totally debunked, why did the media not protest Swalwell’s office (and bedroom) being infiltrated by a proven Chinese spy.
Like the media did not protest about Dianne Feinstein’s Chinese spy (and chauffeur) of twenty years?
Why did Pelosi still support him and his position on the sensitive intelligence committee?
Now we come to the election, which was demonstrably twisted from any resemblance to a Constitutional election.
Sure, we still had the Electoral College. That has not been removed. Yet.
But so many electoral processes were distorted in unconstitutional manners that many states by any right should never have had their votes certified. You know this. I’m just re-capping.
State Legislatures are to determine the process by which a state selects it’s electors to the college. Tim Crider, author of The Electoral College for Patriot’s, has been on this show to explain it to us. Instead, governors and secretaries of state usurped power to themselves to dictate how the elections would be twisted due to the ChiVi menace. Twisted to allow the fraudulent voting that took place.

So fast forward to January sixth. You know, when elements of “white extremist” parties attempted to overthrow the duly elected government of the United States. You know, the Trump administration that was still in power at the time.
How does that even make any sense?
You know, the insurrection where the capitol Police held the doors open for the rioters and invited them in, admonishing them to continue peacefully.

So now we have an administration that surrounds itself by barbed wire and armed troops.
That insists that the greatest threat to the Republic is White Extremists.
That is seeking and imprisoning people who were tangentially involved or merely present in D.C. on Jan 6th.
The military is being cleansed and emasculated.
Now Biden is threatening the people of this country with his control of F15s and nuclear weapons. 

Pay careful attention: The google summary of MacBeth the Shakespearean tragedy:

"Encouraged by his wife (Jill?), Macbeth kills the king, becomes the new king, and kills more people out of paranoia. Civil war erupts to overthrow Macbeth, resulting in more death."

We are in a civil war. It has started. Be not deceived. Your government is opposed to you. It is afraid of you.
Be worthy of that respect. Make a plan to make a stand. Where you will draw the line.
A government that supposedly was elected by the huge turnout for Biden should not feel so threatened by the populace.
Dick Cupcka was talking about this on his show, Trigger Talk, earlier.

Our government is moving against us, removing our civil liberties, dividing us along racial and cultural lines.

This is a serious charge, but I can’t come to any other conclusion. Tell me anything this administration has done for this country.
States in the south are banding together for the defense of the border that the federal government refuses to do. 
This can’t end well on it’s current course.
Joining me today is Matt Briggs, statistician to the stars, co-author of THE PRICE OF PANIC: How the Tyranny of Experts Turned a Pandemic Into a Catastrophe.
Matt has a PhD in statistics from Cornell University. He is the author of Uncertainty: The Soul of Modeling, Probability & Statistics and the author or coauthor of over one hundred scientific papers.
I asked Matt to join us because I like talking to him, he’s a smart guy.
Check out his blog at . It’s very informative reading.


  1. When you turn your heart from God, He will give you the desires of your heart. Be careful what your heart wants. Think Pharaoh.

  2. He is right. Science is not wisdom.

    1. In Biden's America, science isn't science. During my high school and college courses, science required events that could be repeated and observed. Show me the repeatability and observability of the tripe (other than what the mass media parrots) on the COVID crisis.

    2. Exactly. If your experiment could not be repeated, it was refuted.

  3. If you combine the effects of inflation, the Biden administration turn from respect for law, the Biden administration turn from respect for life, the Biden administration support for transgenderism, ...

    I miss Trump.

  4. During the Democrat Primaries, 98% of the DEMOCRAT VOTERS agreed with “Doctor” Jill Biden in telling Kamala Harris to Go F@ck Herself.

    AND ONLY 2% of the Democrats wanted Kamala Harris to be the President,thus forcing Kamala to drop out.

    The DNC got the last laugh over those 98% of Democrats, though, by forcing the Puppet, “Dementia” Joe to take Harris as his Vice President running mate...and now here she is messing up everything that she does, and proving that the consensus of the Democrats that DIDN’T approve of her was Correct .
    As SHE HERSELF proved that It was a huge mistake r to put Camela as the VP choice.

  5. My 4th of July wish -- that all the libs, the main stream media and the rest of the America haters would just GO TO CHINA to celebrate its 100 years of communist rule.

    Hell, they should stay THe WHOLE YEAR!

    Maybe they'd even LEARN WHAT IT ACTUALLY MEANS!

    And the rest of us would get a break from their DAILY INSANE BS!

    Sorry. I'm venting sgain.

    ...Time to go back into news blackout again Fred...


  6. Hope you had a great Independence day... :)

  7. Somehow when you use a Flag OTHER than the American flag you are making an indicator of your personal allegiance, or even person’s political affiliations. You are making a statement. A statement that your TRUE allegiance is NOT to America, but to the county to whatever Flag it is that you are flying. .
    Think about what you are doing when you fly a Flag OTHER that the American Flag. Is that a divisive action? I personally think that it is....
    When you fly the flag of another foreign nation, you are probably indicating your allegiance is first and foremost to a foreign Nation.
    And when you fly the communist flag, you are probably indicating your allegiance is first and foremost to a political statement that is for oppressive, and brings death, suffering, and misery to all but the ruling nation to the Nation that the Flag represents.
    In fact “ you are probably indicating that your allegiance is first and foremost to your sexual organs rather than to the Country who gives you the Freedom to do so.

    Flying a Flag, ANY Flag other than the American Flag It divides those of us who HONOR OUR COUNTRY, WHO FOUGHT, AND WHO MAY EVEN GAVE THEIR LIVES TO THIS COUNTRY, its Constitution, and its Exceptionalism from those who hate their country and believe America is an oppressor, who is systematically racist, and needs to be fundamentally transformed into a socialist, or, and communist paradise, that consists of of unicorns, rainbows, roses, and lollipops.

    But most of all, it divides us from us real patriots, and the garbage people. The rest of us Patriotic Americans don’t do that,
    There is nothing like flying the Flag to remind everyone you who you are. I hope you are think about that at your Forth of July barbeque.
    There is not Two Americas as some will tell you.
    But there is the America for the people who love America and work to support their families, and themselves, , and the America that doesn’t, but depends on the Country to support them, and prefers to Get, and not give back, and who just sits back to collect Government checks. .Those who want to divide us, do so for their own personal gain
    So if you think of America being TWO America’s , Yes there is the America that contributes, and the America that doesn’t.!
    It’s not the haves and the have nots, it’s the dos and the don’ts. Some people do their duty as Americans, to obey the law and support themselves and contribute to society, and others don’t. That’s the America that divides us
    You can't expect someone who drops out of school and works for McDonald’s flipping Hamburgers to make the same as someone who graduated College with a degree and works for a Fortune 500 company. And works hard to build a good life for his family.

    It’s not about income inequality, it’s about irresponsibility. It’s about a group that preaches hatred, greed and victimization in order to win . It’s about a political party that loves power more than it loves its Country. About a party who loves their Gourmet Ice-Cream, more that the Law.
    But in the end, it is STILL a wonderful, and a Free, and a magnificent Country, and the best Country in the world; let us hope it remains that way in the future. And it’s our duty to keep it that way. .