Sunday, June 13, 2021

Acceptable Losses



  1. I'm "America First".Fan, I want what's best for America, and I know that, as the world leader, what's good for us is good for the rest of the world. And it’s clear that when Trump was the President we were an America First, but it just isn’t so today with Delusional Joe as our Commander in Chief.

    So, I know that isolating ourselves from a rapidly changing world and insulating ourselves into our own little static rabbit hole are the worst things we can do for America.
    Joe Xiden has proven to be a China First, and Russia Second, and America a far third, trailing by a mile and a half.
    I know the world is advancing quickly, all around us. I know that we have long-standing relationships with MANY other countries that we can leverage in our self-interest. Sometimes that will involve carefully using some of our vast resources as we lead the way. That's what leaders do. They don't hide and desperately hold on to what's theirs, like spoiled children.

    Just as in the business world, the best leaders are those who help others achieve their potential. They don't mock or insult or attack those people. They lean in and be a part of the growth. And, selfishly, they know they also benefit from the growth of others.

    Others claim to be America First, but to them it just means behaving like those spoiled children. You can't have the America First slogan as your own, any more than you can have the American Flag as your own. You don't own either one, because you don't really respect them.

    America is Far Behind...
    By The Way , have you seen the unscripted comments from Joe Xiden at the G7 summit? It’s Real Scary Stuff just how lost he really is. You don’t care, but I am quite sure other world leaders are laughing very hard behind our backs, but of course LOVING it to our faces as long as we keep writing them checks. And did you see the way that he got lost coming out of the Mens Room? “Doctor” Jill had to find him and lead him back to his place.

    It was a very BAD mistake electing this guy. You know it, and I know it, and we all know it.
    So you can stop pretending Biden is a "return to normal" guy... it is not normal to elect an elderly person who is clearly, at the very least, well into mental decline.
    We have a Vice President who is making a Fool out of Herself, who can’t even answer a question from a reporter who is on her side, and a President that the whole world sees as a Sorry Old Man who, unfortunately, is losing his mental abilities, aka his marbles . And we elected him as President? Are we Nuts? .
    The Whole World Thinks We Are All Nuts!

    1. We did not elect Xi Biden.
      The election was stolen.
      We were robbed.
      A reckoning must be had.
      People must hang.

  2. Joey B’s mental capacity is obviously inadequate to fulfill his job responsibilities. The press can avoid talking about Biden’s rapid decline, but they can’t prevent either our allies or our adversaries from noticing it. This is horrible. At some point I expect him to walk down some long hall to go to the Mens room, and get lost coming back. Zthe man’s an embarrassment to the country How these Dingbat Lefties allowed him to be elected (If in fact he was elected) I’d never understand it.

    That Progressive Hag who is so proud of Old Demented Joe. After going from 'oil independent to buying over a million barrels of crud from Iran. Ain't Joe a real patriot. Some one needs to write a song about him. He also wasted no time getting pervs as himself back in the girls bathroom being at the top of his agenda. Let's give Crusty Joe a big Hidy Hoe

    On the 1st morning of the G7 Summit President Joe Biden nodded off to sleep during the opening remarks welcoming the world's leaders to the summit. At one point the speaker began naming the individual leaders in attendance by name. Hearing his own name called, Joe bolted awake, disoriented, and asked loudly, "WHERE AM I?" The speaker replied, "G7."

    China who has ripped off our industry for over 25 years from plumbing supplies to military hardware and everything in between plus gave us a virus that has killed over a million Americans. According to Slop Sing Joe. We were only kidding

    And get this one. Biden nearly caused an International Incident when he walked up to the Queen and said, " Hello Barbara Bush, what are you doing here?"

    His battle on oil in his war on America has cost Americans tens of thousands of jobs cutting oil pipe lines adding a dollar onto gas prices. Our White House still sets behind razor wire looking like a third world shit hole which it should being who resides there.

    Our Southern border is breaking new records each month of uneducated, unmannered, ungodly, undocumented, democRats thanks to Pedro Jose and his administration getting those plane tickets to those illegal democRats as fast as they can. Trying to lessen the numbers at the border while building his voter base of government dependence all throw into the shit holes of America along side the plantations

    A bad joke to world leaders both friend and foe and it is the foe we should worry about. For Old Joe it's hard talking tough when you can't talk at all. I don't think sniffing their hair will change their hate for our country but Joe will probably try.

    So far there is nothing this administration has done to better the U. S. but plenty to put us on the road to ruin. Then again I haven't caved in my head with a hammer to get the prospective on things as you leftist, being born with that capability. So far none of you has said a word on what Joe has done for America. Now is your chance and don't hold back of the greatness of Razor Wire "No Amendment is Absolute" Joe. If not I will always see you as 'something for nothings' allowing nothing to get in your way of a free-bee never giving anything in return. So sound off on what Joe has done for me. I'll even start you out being you democRats are so shy and stupid.

    1. Joe told me my hair smelt pretty and wanted to know if I would meet him at the girls restroom at recess.

    One more thing. After a few states give Trump their votes someone will have to drag Old Joe to a federal prison or a place for the mentally stupid. Which one of you will step up and admit Joe and democRats in general are pieces of shit that give genocide a good name?

  3. The left liked the death rate from Covid because it gave them a stalking horse to sneak up on the Republic. And to institutionalize tyrannical Big Brother. Death by vaccine - whether immediate or down the road from everything related to inflammation and the damage of spike protein alone - is of no interest to them.