Saturday, June 12, 2021

Electoral Piracy

I have no way of knowing how many people listen to the show I do on Saturdays.
I just met a guy at a graduation party this afternoon who realized that I'm the guy he was just listening to.

Some lady at the diner stopped while I was talking to the waitress and called me by name.
She recognized my voice.
I guess I'll have to give up my side job of holding up liquor stores.

Today's show is one that I am exceptionally proud of.

I am "not your fuzzy insurrectionist".

It's time to take back our government. I am outraged that it has been stolen.

Your American Heritage 9 12 2021 with Patrick Colbeck


  1. Many [probably most] of us will wait for any credible audit to show such theft before we level accusations of the sort. Until then, Trump lost.

    1. This was an organized massive heist of our government.
      Trump lost, but not the election.

    2. Well, then any credible audit(s) will bear that out. Wishes, dreams, hopes, desires do not = proof.

      Will Trump be "reinstated" in August? Miss "Kraken" seems to think so.

  2. I'm outraged too just waiting for back up. *wink*
    Blessings to you and Sherrie this lovely Sunday. We're riding to Church. xx

  3. Election fraud is not a new phenomenon in the US; it’s been part of the landscape from the beginning. We hear stories about party hacks rounding up homeless people today, giving them a bottle of hootch and a pack of cigarettes in exchange for their voting for whomever ... but offering whiskey to potential voters has been going on since the colonial period. Both sides accuse their opponents of voter fraud. Some of it is true, some of it isn’t — from the NY gubernatorial election of 1792 to Lyndon Johnson’s fraud in 1948, Kennedy’s mob-victory in 1960, the Coleman/Franken contest in Minnesota in 2008, and Georgia’s 2018 fiasco ... in almost every example, whether the fraud was proven or not, the alleged victim-candidate wasn’t seated because by the time the “investigation” was completed, the person initially declared the winner was already sworn in and seated. No going back from there ...

    This is the game the big boys play; those are the rules. As for Trump, I simply don’t know. But, if there was ever a lesson in all this, it is that politicians running for office (organizationally) should be thinking about pre-Election Day mechanisms to prevent fraud rather than moaning about it after the fact.

    In 1874, Edmund J. Davis (14th Governor of Texas) (reconstruction governor) refused to concede the fact that he lost the election to Richard Coke and locked himself in the governor’s office for several days. When he finally did leave, Davis locked the door to the office and took his key.

    What we’re discussing isn’t a federal issue; it’s an issue of state politics. The problem appears more widespread than most people realize. There are issues with proper identification, proper registration, and no ballot is more susceptible to fraud than mail-in ballots. How many “military absentee” ballots have been found uncounted in a dumpster after the election results were announced?

    If voters question the integrity of the voting franchise, they should look to their county and state elections supervisors because that’s where the corruption is ...

  4. He nails it exactly, the problem with re-counts. What are you counting? I can count a wad of Monopoly money in my wallet all day long and feel rich. This election convinced people that money is real and they can buy stuff with it. They did. A fake president.