Sunday, August 1, 2021

More on War

Building on my blog post yesterday, 

It’s Day 192 of the coup.
You and I are under attack by our own government. Prove me wrong.
Our job is to resist. To support each other and to push back their agenda.
To encourage each other. That is one of the purposes of this show. To encourage and strengthen and provide a platform for those who would help us reclaim our nation.

You get a jab or lose your job and get locked in your house.

But foreigners with no jabs get welcomed and shipped on Air Force planes across the country, given debit cards and released.

Then rates of illness increase. SURPRISE!

And no one knows how to strike back. Yet.

Maybe this guy does. Is this where we are headed?


They do not want you to live your life in peace, the way you want to.   

They insist that you do what they tell you when they tell you. 
That is the definition of a dictatorship.

Almost all the hospitals are requiring the jab.
I know nurses who have quit already.  I know nurses with a decision to make. 

They literally are being threatened to submit to a process where there body is being reprogrammed to act differently then as delivered.

Traditional vaccines take a weak virus and introduce it into your body so that your body can learn how to defeat it without it being a lethal threat to your body. A training exercise for your defenses that were designed by your creator.

Your body is programmed by your Creator to behave in a certain way. 

This programming is written in your DNA.

DNA encodes all genetic information, and is the blueprint from which all biological life is created. And that’s only in the short-term. In the long-term, DNA is a storage device, a biological flash drive that allows the blueprint of life to be passed between generations2. RNA functions as the reader that decodes this flash drive. This reading process is multi-step and there are specialized RNAs for each of these steps.

Messenger RNA (mRNA) copies portions of genetic code, a process called transcription, and transports these copies to ribosomes, which are the cellular factories that facilitate the production of proteins from this code. 

The jab is based on technology that modifies you your body works.

That means they are hacking your genome. And nobody can guarantee the end result.

If you have had the jab and it didn’t kill you, good for you. Many have not been so lucky.

My co-host today now has a heart ailment that started the night he got the jab.  

Why are we doing this push on the American people to take a jab that is provably unnecessary?
Why are we having our livelihoods and way of threatened? 

The numbers don’t dictate any of this.

 I have a headache, I want you to take an aspirin.


  1. My body my choice only applies when a leftie female shrieks it. The mask mandates are to generate submission. And bully you into a vaccine. Israel has become the leading test case. With 61% of the population vaccinated, something like 70 or 805 of the new cases are in the vaccinated.

    We can ALL read. And it turns out many on both sides of the issue are reading the same thing, but coming to different conclusions. A recent MIT study on "vaccine hesitancy" showed that a substantial portion of public-health skepticism was highly informed, scientifically literate, and sophisticated in the use of data. Skeptics used the same data sets as those with the orthodox views on public health.

  2. Here are the numbers in Israel. 61% vaxed. Expected a 16% failure rate. So 9.8% of Covid patients should be vaxed - the 'failures.' Yet 60% of Covid patients that are very sick are vaxed. 90% of new patients over 50 are vaxed. So much for lesser symptoms. Source: ICAN and Del Big Tree

    1. Epoch Times:
      74 Percent of COVID-19 Cases From Massachusetts Outbreak Occurred in Fully Vaccinated People

  3. Me too. No jabbing. No masking. If they try to force it, I will k!ll 'em. End of statement.
    I love people and will pray for them. Let's hope it doesn't come to what I said.

  4. It's easy for the governor of New York to try to coerce businesses into requiring a vax for entry. He is completely safe from liability. It's all on your shoulders. ALL of it. If you are one of those who ends up giving 2 years of your life and $100k+ to recover that's ALL on you.

    When they take your property for a legitimate public use (road, school) you don't have a choice either. But you are compensated. It's expected that private loss for a greater public good will compensate the injured. WHY IS THIS NO DIFFERENT?

    One poor gal who requested an exemption from her university was told NO - even though she had been half paralyzed for months from a vaccine in 2019. This is not about public safety. It's about coercion of the sort we saw from the Red Guards: bullying to the point of death by uninformed little thugs who liked the feel of power.

    1. Yes. It's raw power.
      I suspect we are all Guinee Pigs in their lab.

      As for takings, you are certainly a victim as a landlord.

    2. Ed, Ed, I am NO 'Lord." Rental Housing Provider please. It best bespeaks the services we provide :)

  5. I am wondering (as I inserted after the first article in my blog today) whether Biden is pulling this COVID invasion of illegals in order not only to push the total number of Democrats up, but also (in the short run) to implement a new COVID emergency for the Fall 2022 election.

    That way, he could require mail-in voting again and stuff the ballot boxes again.

    1. I actually came to the conclusion last evening that his real purpose in importing all of these people from foreign lands is to get non-Christian culture to overwhelm Christian culture in this country. But I think there is something to what you said also.

    2. Very interesting point, Mark. I'd agree. As for overwhelming the remnants of Christian culture here - yes! Indirectly, by importing future Democrats who will license the Dems by their votes to destroy the Republic.

  6. Puzzles me that there is no investigative reporter looking at the NGO's that no doubt are bringing the imports up to the border... and then moving them on the other side. a "two-fer." No, I guess I am not puzzled... so many of them look to be clean as a whistle.

    1. "Nothing to see here." We'll report on Orange Man's crime of attempting to take back his country instead.

  7. Write on. Seriously, this is heinous. I call devilry.

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