Friday, August 6, 2021

I am Spartacus

 “I am an insurrectionist”

This post in no way encourages violence or a violent overthrow of the government of the United States.
It is an indication of solidarity with those charged and incarcerated in Washington who are innocent or who have been found innocent of charges of sedition and insurrection.


  1. I like this movie too. When are my fellow slaves gonna stand up and be heard!? We may die doing it but at least we went down with a fight.

  2. I am an American Patriot, amongst a sea of willing serfs.

  3. Faith or cowardice, which will prevail? A question for every man. We know the answer of serfs so watch your back.

  4. A prison can only function if the inmates cooperate.
    I aim to misbehave. I hope my fellow gladiators join me.

  5. Want to. Not sure how.

  6. Antifa is the true insurrectionist. Michael Yon nailed that in the months before it started.

    1. No you are off by a long shot. Antifa are useful idiot tools of the true insurrectionists -- the Uniparty and their global corporate funders. Or have you somehow missed how our "public servants" grant them carte blanche? Or maybe you missed how just about all public servants are lording it over "citizens." Citizens that accept subjugation are no longer.

      I'm an old man an am disgusted with citizens, including myself. I've done too little too late.

    2. Well I'm going to say that you are both right.
      The instigators and their complicit accomplices share the guilt.

  7. The two biggest profile Governors in America are Ron DeSantis for the Republicans and Andrew Cuomo of the Democrats. A recent survey asked “Who Do You Think Is Better”, and Who Did a Better Job?
    I don’t think that there is really ANY doubt, or Question about it.

    But lets look at the Video Tape..
    Cuomo, Killed hundreds if not a few thousand Grandma's, and Grandpa's.
    Cuomo Grabbed a Couple of Asses .....which I believe should make him resign for that alone..
    DeSantis, is far and away, much more superior.

    For starters, DeSantis wasn't Feeling up his own Staffers like Creepy Cuomo was.

    DeSantis didn't send Covid-Positive patients to Nursing Homes, which let to a certain Death.
    And how about Cuomo’s stance on Illegal immigrants, and on Open Boarders compared to DeSantis.
    And, despite having a larger population than New York, Florida has seen a significantly lower number of Covid-related deaths.

    And yet Cuomo was the Fair Haired Golden Boy for the next President?
    There is NO way that Andrew Cuomo can match Ron DeSantis in any category. No matter what Biden says. Lets not forget that it is Joe Biden who is allowing illegals to pour into our country without so much as a Nasal Swab...At least 30% of the illegals that are entering the Country have not received ANY vaccinations..