Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Playing Telephone.

Years ago, I left Sprint and switched to Verizon.
When I was driving from the store, the new phone I just acquired rang.
When I announced myself, the guy on the other end of the line wanted to know who I was and why I was using his wife's phone.
After a bit, I realized:
  1. the guy thought his wife was cheating on him
  2. I had been ported the wrong phone number
A quick turn back to the store and the problem was resolved.
I felt bad for that guy, but I don't think his issues started with me.

I've been with Sprint again for a few years as their plan was the best for me and the company has payed $50 a month for my cell bill.
The company that acquired the company I was working for has no cell reimbursement.
That's weird.

This forced me to look for a more economical deal.
I went to Pure Talk, having been told it was on the Verizon network.
Scherie was already on it with no problem.

I shortly learned how misinformed I was. It's ATT. I could barely make a call at work.

So I started shopping again.
I learned that T-Mobile has a 55+ plan and that Scherie and I could have unlimited data, text and phone for about $55, which is what I had been paying for my Sprint line before.
I signed up on line Friday and was told that there was some issue with my phone having been on a Sprint account at one time, so when I got the SIM card, I should take it to a local office to do the porting of my number. I was now waiting for the SIM cards in the mail.
I had not received them by 5pm yesterday, so I called the local office and they said they would give me a SIM card. Come on in.

As Sprint and T-Mobile have merged, I should get great reception like I did before right?
The guy behind the counter laughed. One system is CDMA and the other is GSM.
But he said I would still get good reception.

So I did it. Ported my number over.
Last night I got a text saying that my Square charge had processed. 
I don't have a Square account.
This concerned me, but it was late.
This morning I awoke to no group texts from work.
I texted Scherie. She showed the wrong number for my text.
I called the house phone (we still keep a landline) and the caller ID was wrong, being the number associated with the text I had sent to my wife.

T-Mobile says they can fix it around 10am when Pure Talk wakes up.

At least I'm not getting texts from an irate husband.

At 6pm, I finally got my old number back. 


  1. Oh good grief. That's why I'm sticking with Verizon even though they're not perfect either (left over minutes don't roll over like AT&T). Verizon is the only network that works out all over the country. I don't have the patience nor the guts to go through all that moving things around with the hopes that it works. Well, here's praying that your phone works ok now. Thanks for sharing this.
    Blessings. xx

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  3. Sounds pretty bad. In the 1980's (when I had a "mobile phone the size of a briefcase bolted under the seat of my pickup truck), I noticed that there was an area of Houston where the GTE network would always drop out. When Verizon took over from GTE in the 1990's, there was the same problem.

    I've been with Verizon, AT&T, and (now) T-Mobile and primarily got the phone in case I got stranded during my first trip to a family reunion with my wife.

    Since I (for the most part) have stayed put in Houston -- a primary market where coverage has gradually gotten better -- I really haven't experienced the fun that you have been subjected to.

    1. My boss lent me his bag phone for a trip I took.
      I never knew the minutes were so expensive back then.

  4. My younger daughter just switched from the big, local provider here in AK to Cricket (which is owned by AT&T). Seamless, inexpensive, and no issues encountered. YMMV and all that.

    1. It depends on where you live and work.
      The ATT network was good at home, but not work. No signal.

  5. Reinforces why I stay with Verizon. I've been wedded to their email addresses, but all but 2 have stopped working in the last 3 weeks. Right in the middle of a massive water cleanup! Had to give my mitigation team new emails twice. Anyway, I deployed 2 emergency gmail boxes while I decide what to do. But 3 numbers with unlimited data is $122/month. I need the data to conduct weekly meetings online while things are shut down.

    Still it's not all roses. About 6 months into our relationship with Verizon we started getting someone else's email in our FINANCIAL box. Yup! Where all the brokerage info goes. And she was getting ours. Verizon said "too bad" you can set up another box. We were furious our email was allowed to a second party, and no way wanted to keep it since we couldn't trust them to keep it private.

    1. I didn't know carriers supplied email accts. That would tie you to them ...
      But exposing financial docs!

  6. One down, 184,000 to go?

    We've been Verizon forever. also with a good Senior unlimited data plan. Comes in handy and have never had any problems. knock-knock

    1. I asked Verizon and they said they didn't have a senior plan,
      This after telling me two years ago that if I had a Florida address I could get a senior plan there.