Sunday, February 6, 2022

Election Fraud and Theft

A discussion with Patrick Colbeck, over the theft of a nation.

Patrick Colbeck, Rocket Scientist, former State Senator, former candidate for governor of Michigan, currently author and dare I say activist, host of, occasional talk show host and prominent investigator into how the coup against the American People was accomplished.

It’s Day 381 of the coup, the theft of the American Government, by enemies both foreign and domestic.
A government at war with you.

You who don’t bow down and worship Caesar, to make the government your God.
A government not for the people or by the people, but by theft. A government that steals your savings and wages, not by taxation but by inflationary policies.

We wrestle not (just) against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness.

This is war. And we must realize that it is a spiritual battle. To fight this spiritual battle, you must follow the Lord of Hosts, the Lord of armies.
This isn’t a religious show, but this country was founded on religious principles. My friend, historian William Federer makes that abundantly clear. We’ll be talking to him next week.

Psalm 125

Those who trust in the LORD Are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved, but abides forever. As the mountains surround Jerusalem, So the LORD surrounds His people from this time forth and forever. For the scepter of wickedness shall not rest on the land allotted to the righteous, Lest the righteous reach out their hands to iniquity. Do good, O LORD, to those who are good, and to those who are upright in their hearts. As for such as turn aside to their crooked ways, The LORD shall lead them away with the workers of iniquity.
This psalm is a prayer that God would defeat our oppressors. Now, not later.

Democratic Sen. Ben Ray Luján, who recently suffered a stroke, will be back in the Senate in 4-6 weeks, "barring any complications," according to a person close to the senator.
Is this God protecting us in a discreet way? The democratic party edge in the Senate has been reduced. For how long?

Is this an answer to the prayers of Americans for this country?

Psalm 144 Blessed be the Lord my Rock, Who trains my hands for war, And my fingers for battle. My loving kindness and my fortress, my high tower and my deliverer, My shield and the One in whom I take refuge.

Clasp your hands and fingers together, bow your heads and,

Let’s go to war. 

Father, please lead us and guide us today and in the days to come,

Please give us the wisdom we need as we fight this assault on our nation. Please help us retake the government from these traitors and criminals. Please continue to awaken the American  .

Please move mightily and either bring these oppressors to a place of repentance or imprisonment.
I ask you to protect this nation. Deliver us from our oppressors.
Remove from power those who threaten our livelihood and income.
Those that would drive down the value of our savings and the ability to pay our bills.
Imprison us for opposing, and speaking out against, their evil totalitarian plans for us.

I ask that if they will not repent, that you destroy them. That you will protect us. Amen.

Last night, I was with a group of engineers at work. I was programming machines to talk to the new database that would integrate us into the company that recently acquired us that they were implementing.
I was explaining that this one machine drops four different stacks of finished goods, but due to the design, I could never guarantee that all four stacks would be equal, only that they would total a certain goal number or overshoot that number a little.
One of the software engineers turned to another one and said, “Yeah, we can’t have .5 of a part.”
and I responded that this was a welding cell, not a Dominion voting machine.
And they all laughed. My boss shook his head and said “Here we go…”, but I said I was glad they all knew what I was talking about, and they agreed. So I mentioned that I did this radio show, and would be talking about this today. Had any of them heard of Pat Colbeck? And they had. Friends, that’s encouraging!

And God has been kind to you, the listening audience and answered my prayer for an intelligent informed guest in the form of the afore mentioned Pat Colbeck.
Rocket Scientist, former State Senator, candidate for governor, currently author and dare I say activist, host of occasional talk show host and prominent investigator into how the coup against the American People was accomplished.


  1. We won't win the battle, I fear, because so few are pushing back but we will win The War because of Jesus Christ our Lord.

    1. In the meantime, let's fight the battle.

    2. years ago a friend had a vision friends sitting at a campfire at night praying, sounds of battle in the distance. every so often Jesus, in battle gear and holding a sword, would come to them and say to keep praying
      we may not be able to engage in battle ourselves but we can be prayer warriors for the angelic host and others who are on the battlefield

    3. One big helping of an extra-large heaping size of AMEN!

  2. The battle started when Trump was elected. It's going well, but those playing with power don't realize they're not only losing, their fate isn't pretty.

    1. Reckoning
      1. the act of counting or calculating
      2. (Commerce) settlement of an account or bill
      3. (Commerce) a bill or account
      4. retribution for one's actions (esp in the phrase day of reckoning)
      A settling of accounts.
      5. (Navigation) nautical short for dead reckoning

      It's coming.

  3. Great prayer, thanks for that.

  4. Great prayer - for repentance or imprisonment. Liked the half part joke. :)

  5. It's not that Biden isn't doing what we want, it's everything he DOES DO he TOTALLY SCREWS UP!
    Well gee whiz, What DOES "Old Joe" do anyway? ? NOTHING It's natural to blame Joe Biden because everything he touches turns to CRAP!
    Don’t agrtee? Well lets take a look at the thing that he DID Control....The Afghan withdrawal? The Border? Inflation? Crime? Supply Chain issues? Covid? Handing our Free Money to people who are To Damn Lazy To Go To Work! Don’t believe that? Look at ALL the Help Wanted Signs all over the Country!
    The bottom line is this, YOU Progressive Socialist Dummies put the Dumbest, the most Delusional, the most Corrupt, the Lying, Dishonest Man to sit in the Senate for the better part of forty years behind a desk in the Oval Office and now for the lack of anyone else in the Presidency and we're stuck with the result. The Democrats will get their asse’s handed to them in the Mid term Elections, and Joe Biden will then spend two years (if he lasts that long) as the Lamest of Lame Duck Presidents.
    This is the Idiot who gave the United States of America
    Barbed Wire Barricaded Walls around our Capitol Building.
    Who treated our Troops t like Crap, Making them sleep on a Concreat Floor.
    Who made Secret deals done dirt cheap through His Crack-snorting Son with Foreign Countries?
    Who allowed 2 Million Illegal’s into our Country to flood to the country with Corvid and who knows what else? year? And then secretly bused them all over without even a Covid test or vaccine.
    The FBI sent to harass school moms?
    A totally botched pullout with 14,000 people left behind?
    Giving a terror outfit 28 billion dollars of military hardware? The best and brand new?
    Spiraling Food, Fuel and Energy Costs.
    A National debt spiraling like there is no tomorrow?
    Crime everywhere in the Countries Cities out of control
    War looming all over the Planet?
    A President who farts and Craps in his pants around every public function.
    A guy who needs to be told what to say and has to read cards to tell him what to say, and where he is.
    Covid worse than ever after being told twice this year that it was almost behind us? And after telling us last year it was only this way because the last President was Incompetent when HE was the one that gave us the Vaccines in Record time!
    Police walking around in Stores, and Restaurants like the Gestapo arresting people for not carrying a Vaccination card.
    Shutting down Our Oil Pipelines when we were Energy Independent, and had low priced Oil, and Gas. .
    Commies like him want high gas prices,

    Sounds like you lefties are Happy over the fact that your “President” and all Democratic policies are wrecking the country and you can’t even pretend otherwise anymore.
    Your party is spending cash like Drunken Sailors and THAT has fueled RECORD inflation.

  6. He's good. Glad he gave info on prepping the battlefield. He mentioned a leftie group suing the leftie official and she changed the signature requirement on mail in ballots. This happened in several states. Lefties sued friendly secretaries of state, then "negotiated" with them to drop the suit in exchange for agreeing to what they both wanted in the first place.

    He mentioned National Popular Vote. People may not have caught that. It's not the only group pushing for that. They have a deep reach, and work actively with local groups to foist this off on communities and roll unsuspecting/uneducated politicians.

    15-40% anomaly rate for verifying votes cast with a secure chain of custody? I almost missed that, he speaks so Victor Davis Hanson like - quiet and understated.


  7. Speaking of perfect Bond villains:

    Alas, I never did understand about the PID controller.

  8. PID controllers watch the "distance" to the together and control the output so as not to overshoot. We use them in industrial ovens, for one.

    1. Industrial oven PID controllers (Honeywell UDCs are common) usually get their feedback from thermocouples, pressure differential, or such to calculate a needed change in order to maintain the desired temperature set point. The measurements are sent to the PLC (or, a computer) which will calculate an incremental (usually a 4-20mA) adjustment to an air, gas, water, etc actuator or such.

      Of course, there’s tons of processes and application that differ. How this would work or pertain on vote counting I’m not sure. I get it this is a communication issue but what type of inputs would there be and what kind of output would occur? And what kind of manipulative variables would there be to require changes to the process? We’re not talking encoders.

      Naw man, it was the labor beems.

    2. I've programmed ovens, BTW :)
      I think the PID here is a bit less literal, but descriptive of the process.
      End I now use lasers to weld car parts.
      But they are not PID controlled.
      I think.

      As I explained to Baysider, the vote tally is the feedback.
      The controller reacts to the votes it can't control with the votes it can.

    3. I’ve programmed ovens and furnaces as well. I’ve programmed ABB and Fanuc robots. I’m an avid user of Hart communicators. I’ve programmed communication instructions in PLCs including Siemens Step 7, Allen Bradley, Fanuc, Modicon, and others I’ve forgotten. I’ve also done plenty of IT and communication work.

      And while I haven’t kept up with the latest and greatest (I’m actually retiring Monday), I’m not following this implementation or need of PID loop control to play a row in communication. I can see where a change in communication could be a permissive for PID commands but what is this “controller” (and I get that it’s likely an internal bit rather than a field device) that reacts? What devices (internal bit or field) provides feedback of controllable votes or uncontrollable votes? What is this reaction a result from? What tells the controller something is amiss?

      Laser beams man, laser beams.

    4. Laser beams it is. And congratulations on getting out alive :)
      I'm past retirement age, but I'm having too much fun :)
      Except when I'm not.

    5. It’s a fascinating field and I know I’ll miss seeing it advance (but not that much). What I always liked was that unlike politics and religion, Ohm’s Law can’t be disputed. Well, other than them damn laser beams.
      Hat tip.

    6. I suspect in some quantum physical model, ohm's law is unreliable. :)

  9. How does that impact the voting machines?

    1. Many feel that they were programmed to respond to the incoming totals. To win marginally. This calls for national tally feedback to internet connected voting machines (illegal) for real time adjustment. Colbeck witnessed the internet connections, as did others.
      Trump came on so strong, it blew there program. So at a certain point they realized they needed more votes than this effort could provide, so they shut us out of Atlanta and Detroit and brought in the trucks and boxes of votes in the middle of the night.

    2. Ed, the voting machine manipulation had nothing to do with PID loop control, feedback, or analog inputs.

      What happened was that the Jewish laser beams that were shot from outer space to start the CA forest fires produced a predetermined and well calculated electromagnetism which was able to alter the truth tables by changing a 1 to a zero which gave a false logic to the PLC and switched a Trump vote to a Biden vote.

    3. The magnets were controlled by a PID routine in a Siemens Step 7 PLC, though.

    4. Ed, as you know, the PLC sees the 7th vote as 111 and the 8th vote as 1000, the 1023rd vote as 1111111111 and the 1024th as 10000000000. Jump up to the millions and that's switching a lot of 1s to 0s in nanoseconds.

      It's all in Soro's "How Lasor Beams Mess With Gray Code" handbook.

  10. Interesting interview, and sadly I fear we will NEVER know the truth.

    1. Who shot Kennedy?
      Who hung Epstein?

    2. Who shot Kennedy? The guy who was hiding in the storm drain below the sidewalk at the base of the grassy knoll, and who easily exited the drain out of sight on the other side of the overpass while everyone else was running to see the man who'd been shot.

    3. Well, Duh. But was it G. Gordon Liddy?

  11. I'm hanging in there with you and chronicling as much of the Democrat idiocy as I can on my spare time. Thanks for your enlightening broadcast.

    1. Thanks for listening. Spare time. What a quaint notion.

  12. I agree with Jess. Additionally, I think just as they are blind to their fate, they are blind to the results of their own words (as exemplified by Trudeau's denigrating the "Freedom Truckers" (which prompted some other liberal nut to run over one protester and injure three others).