Friday, February 11, 2022

Things that make you say "Huh"

I kid you not. 

And something I put together after going out and about yesterday.


  1. Ha! Needed that chuckle, big-time.


  2. Yeah, funny.
    Until you realize you're no longer free.
    Then it ain't.

  3. Funny. Especially the Gump graphic. To that second meme, here's another name that deserves the opprobrium of history: Rick Bright. As Director of BARDA he carried the water for the Fauci cabal to derail treatment and consign millions to tyranny and 100,000's to death.

    1. Next week I interview the widow of a victim.
      He was effectively murdered by the hospital.

    2. Did you hear Dr. Parks speak about her father? Needing oxygen (they had a machine at home but it was faulty) so ended up in the hospital for that. They refused to give him the medications he was taking at home for Covid, and which were helping. His oxygen saturation improved, but he spiraled downhill quickly and died. Murdered in my view as surely as if they had given him the meds then cut off his oxygen. There is no difference. I can't imagine the Lord sees it any other way. God help us for what 'we' have done.

      On a related topic: go here and scroll down to the 3rd graphic with COLOR -

      As if treatment is abysmal, THIS is worse.


    3. There will be a Reckoning. There must be.