Saturday, March 26, 2022

Telling the Truth

Good afternoon and welcome to Your American Heritage 

That was Madison Rising playing their take on God Bless America written by Irving Berlin.

My name is Ed Bonderenka, and I am  not your fluffy insurrectionist.  Working the board and the phone lines is Derek Stone, who also hosts Stone Cold Sports, Sundays at noon thirty, right after my friend Sean Todd, the Rockin’ Rev on The Intersection at noon. It’s not your fluffy Christian radio show. 


It’s Day 430 of the coup, the theft of the American Government, by enemies both foreign and domestic. 

They want you to bow down and worship Caesar, to make the government your God, your provider.

A government not for the people or by the people, but by theft of an election.

We wrestle not just against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness. 

This is spiritual warfare. Good vs Evil. 

Psalm 144 Blessed be the Lord my Rock, Who trains my hands for war, And my fingers for battle. My lovingkindness and my fortress, my high tower and my deliverer, My shield and the One in whom I take refuge.

Clasp your hands and fingers together, bow your heads and,

Let’s pray, Let’s go to war. 

Father, thank you for the gift of this country that you have placed us in.

Help us to protect and preserve this gift that you have given us.

Please lead us and guide us today and in the days to come,

Please restore the political prisoners in DC to their freedom. 

Please continue to awaken the American People from their slumber, those that are not aware of the danger. Please move and provoke a spiritual awakening from the false religion of wokeness.

Please help us retake the government from the traitors and criminals that have stolen it. 

Please move mightily and either bring these oppressors to a place of repentance or imprisonment. 

I ask that if they will not repent, that you destroy them. That you will protect us. Amen.


It's March. It's Women's History Month.

Which begs the question. What is a woman?

You may have heard some of this with Marsha Blackburn asking Ketanji Brown Jackson a simple question. Here’s the long form

A dispute about the definition? She figures the SCOTUS will be working on that?

It's not that Ketanji Jackson can't tell you what a woman is. It's that she won't.

Matt Walsh asked groups of women what a woman was and they would not answer. They knew the answer. 

They were afraid to answer. Let’s talk about the fear of standing up for the truth.

This is a youtube clip of Candace Owens talking to Dr. Robert Malone.

 That's the ticket. Right there. People doing what they are told to do.

Wearing a mask, taking a shot, giving a shot, withholding lifesaving protocols like Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine for fear of losing their jobs. Same for telling the truth. Fear.

One of my favorite movies, Courageous, has an immigrant character who desperately needs a job to support his family. He gets it, and a chance at promotion! But the boss tells him he’ll have to cook the books to keep the job. He has time to think about it and he tells the boss he won’t. Courageous.

It has been my lifelong experience that people will sit in a classroom as confused as I am, wondering what the heck is the instructor saying, and no one will ask out of fear of ridicule.

Never stopped me. Especially once I realized I was in a room of people who thought everybody else knew what was going on and were afraid to speak up. Fear.

So let me tell you. I know what a woman is. I married one. A great one.

I have a guest today, and she is fearless, and I'm going to ask my guest to tell me what a woman is.

Cindy Holland, welcome to the show.


  1. My late wife would often say when witnessing a display such as Brown Jackson's: "you either have character or you are one."

    Come to think of it, when did we last have a president that was not a character? People follow leadership even when it lacks character. And so societal decline continues because so few know the Incorruptible.

  2. I like your guest's spunk! Gives me courage. Her growth in understanding the use of vaccines as political tools, as well as health tools, was interesting to hear. Agenda 21. I like that she went to read it herself. Woman lifted up to authority - hmm, interesting, we had quite a discussion involving that over at Z's today.

    One thing Hillary and I agree on - Trump was disrupting the NWO alright. It's astonishing what he did. It may have been a short derail, but I salute him still for it. Bless her for her work on that campaign. I never even heard of a precinct delegate before. You know the specific and total commitment of my time and energy now, but I hope she inspires others who listen.

    In contrast to one of your callers, I thought the "what is a woman" question was brilliant. It wasn't meant to get an answer. It was a spotlight. Did I post earlier about a woman at a swim meet who kept saying - about the male swimmer pretending to be a girl - "that's really a guy"? Another spectator challenged her. "Are you a biologist?" Good grief! She said "no, but I'm not a vet either but I can tell you what a dog is!" DO WE HAVE TO BE AN EXPERT TO SPEAK? The judge cratered - not even a credible out.

    The other caller was right - it's perseverance. Think: Fabian Society. His ship analogy made me think more of a rowboat going over the falls at Niagara though. Before the ship gets steered to the platform, you need education system change. BIG change. And voter integrity as your last caller said. We need internal, spiritual change. And God' mercy.

    You may also like a recent interview of Catherine Austin Fitts. You've heard her, I know. This interview on the Westin A Price Foundation podcast is the clearest layout of the current agenda to fast track the world to an authoritarian order. The WAPF is all about food, farming and the healing arts which seems a bit afield. But Fitts is a big fan (me too - I'm a member). BTW, she was drawn into that orbit as an investment advisor, by clients who faced losing everything because of vaccine injured children.

    That Malone clip was terrific. I thought it's one of Owens' best interviews. The example you played is chillingly on-point. I was in tears inside when a fellow Christian who I really like and admire made a presentation to our bible study about answering the call to do God's work - giving covid jabs to children! She was so thrilled to have found a calling that fit with her skills (licensed pharmacist). At that point I began to see that God may be 'using' us all to bring about His will and the direction of the planet. I thought "gee, He has the big picture, and maybe He's letting his children be some of the ones that push us down the runway to Rev. 13." Still, very sad to think of her harming so many children.

    Good point, about lies meant to "spare" you trouble. Underscores the last 2 years.

    Your music fits better today than ever, Ed.

    1. Thank you my sister. I thought this show was gonna suck and God stepped in.
      Pastor Rick and I continued the ship analogy on his show and my son who used to drive submarines (and handle personnel) called in!

  3. Ed, here's a GREAT clip on COURAGE. Go to minute 37-43.

    Lt. Colonel doctor fired by a 2-star for giving vaccine informed consent talk to soldiers in his unit AS REQUIRED BY ARMY REGULATIONS. The general ordered him to stop it - even though the doctor quoted the regulation to him. (After the talk only 6 people in his unit of 3,000 took the jab. The colonel himself took it and was injured.) He stood face to face to the general and told he could not do that because it was an unlawful order. Lots more there, but file this one under COURAGE.

    1. That segment begins at 32:40. Superb. Thanks.

    2. That was good. Thanks.
      Off to FB with it.

  4. Extremely enlightening. Thanks Ed.

  5. Ed,
    I contend that you are right. Brown Jackson will not answer the question on the definition of "woman" (not because she cannot, but because she will not). She is too beholden to the trans-supporting, union-destroying lobby that wants to do away with everything American and Christian.

    Too bad one bit of irony is lost on her supporters. Half of the reason she got there cannot be defined by her.