Saturday, August 20, 2022

A Talk with Dick Morris

 Your American Heritage August 20 2022

It’s Day 577 of the coup, the theft of the American Government, by enemies both foreign and domestic.
Our federal government has been stolen by the illegal actions of leftist politicians.
And they are driving it like they stole it.
Let me repeat: they are driving it like they stole it.
And they are turning our law enforcement agencies on our citizens. This must be stopped.


I spoke at a funeral a couple weeks ago. I mentioned that, given the circumstances of the death of my nephew, that there was trauma involved for each of us.

Trauma is the agent of change. Trauma causes us to reflect on how we got where we are and whether we should change our ways.
If we are praying for God to restore America, the woke need to awake. Maybe shook hard.


This is spiritual warfare. Good vs Evil.
Psalm 7 from vs 6

6 Arise, Lord, in your anger; rise up against the rage of my enemies. Awake, my God; decree justice.

7 Let the assembled peoples gather around you, while you sit enthroned over them on high.

8 Let the Lord judge the peoples. Vindicate me, Lord, according to my righteousness, according to my integrity, O Most High.

9 Bring to an end the violence of the wicked and make the righteous secure you, the righteous God who probes minds and hearts.

10 My shield is God Most High, who saves the upright in heart.

11 God is a righteous judge, a God who displays his wrath every day.

12 If he does not relent, he will sharpen his sword; he will bend and string his bow.

13 He has prepared his deadly weapons; he makes ready his flaming arrows.

14 Whoever is pregnant with evil conceives trouble and gives birth to disillusionment.

15 Whoever digs a hole and scoops it out falls into the pit they have made.

16 The trouble they cause recoils on them; their violence comes down on their own heads.


Psalm 144 says Blessed be the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, And my fingers for battle.


Clasp those hands, those fingers together, bow your heads and,

Let’s pray, Let’s go to war.  

Father, please protect our nation. As we read in Psalm 7, please rise up and defend us.
Please restore righteousness to the governance of our nation and our state.
Please lead and guide the American people in the days to come and in the elections approaching.

So, this is Your American Heritage. And we need to retain our heritage.
The left is trying to take our heritage away. The Constitution is a large part of our heritage.
It’s hard not to consider the national elections in 2024, even as we stare down the barrel of the 2022 mid-terms.

Here to talk to me today about this is Dick Morris.

Dick Morris is famous for advising Bill Clinton and aiding his elections.
And just as famous for opposing Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.
And for advising and supporting Donald Trump.

Dick is the author of, among other books, The Return (Trump’s Big 2024 Comeback). It’s a highly informative book and very readable.
There’s a lot of recent political history described from the point of view of an insider. And a great overview of the current climate.
Please welcome Dick Morris. Hi Dick. I heard you on Eric Metaxas recently. Great interview.

·         One of the things you start with in the book is the 2020 election and you seem to assert that it was not stolen, that it was the result of high turnout.
But then you discuss the many irregularities of the 2020 election that led to the selection of Joe Biden as president, a position I believe he holds constitutionally.
This is an approach I see with a number of conservative politicians, Tudor Dixon included. Alluding to but not claiming theft.
I know people who witnessed the illegal behavior in the TCF Center in Detroit. The taking by illegal means is the definition of theft.

·         You claim that it must be Trump in 2024. Many people contend that Trump is his own worst enemy. You say let Trump be Trump.
If indeed Biden won by such huge voter turnout, then it wasn’t a pro-Biden turnout, but an anti-Trump turnout.

·         You have a family relationship with Trump. That is something that I think would surprise a number of readers of your book, The Return, as it did me.

·         You argued for Trump to wear a mask. I know you had political motivation for that, not health concerns. A number of us were hoping the president would fire Fauci and Birx (among others).

·         In the mid-terms, will we take the senate? A few months ago, I thought a Red Wave would be inevitable. Now it appears to be a Red Tide.
Why aren’t Gretchen Whitmer’s numbers in the toilet?

·         Has the left bought the vote with their FDR like policies? It’s like FDR, while extending the depression, took credit and stayed in office for “protecting” Americans from the results.
Are we seeing the same thing today?

·         Are the three high points Inflation, Immigration and Crime?

·         You talk about Congressional re-apportionment as leading to more polarization in politics. Representatives are secure in their districts. We may be seeing this with Debbie Dingell in my district.

·         The Biden’s are unregistered Foreign Agents of the Chinese government. Everything they do is to the detriment of America and to the benefit of China.
Trump pointed this out relentlessly. Many representatives and senators are heavily invested in China, including republicans.

·         What is your take on Betsy DeVos, if you have one?

·         You weren’t able to cover The Raid in your book. What’s your take on what predicated that?
Is this an effort to provoke a reaction from militant conservatives. Or to shut up outspoken ones like the Jan 6th persecutions are intended to do.
“Remember that feeling you had when the second plane hit the Twin Towers? You should be having that feeling now.”
Or is this, as I heard Bill Whittle say, an attempt to make a legal attack on the left by a conservative House, or White House, look like mere retaliation?


  1. Interesting quote from Churchill (fighting the Japanese in a land war in Asia like fighting the shark in the water). I wasn't expecting much from Morris because he's struck me as an opportunist of sorts. But this was quite good. I did think the raid on Trump was 1) to try to keep him out of running and 2) intimidate the heck out of the rest of the anyone who might put their head above water.

    Interesting, the current SOS orchestrated the theft of the vote in Michigan AND IT WAS ILLEGAL AFTER ALL. Not just in Michigan. How cum we CAN'T undo an illegal result? Oh. I forgot. 'We have no way to know who those votes were for.' Really? If your life depended on it, what would you "guess"?

    It was hard to hear the bit about the mail in ballots being made illegal due to what legal case?

    1. Michigan courts found that Jocelyn Benson illegally mailed absentee ballots to every household in Michigan.

  2. More. Yes, strong point about creating a predicament in which everyone "has" to go to papa gubment for basic survival. I've written that for the current food crisis in the process of being created.

    Politricksters. Great term!

    1. While doing the show, I missed his explanation of the theft.
      That Biden got the popular, like Hillary, but we were cheated out of the electoral.
      I still have a hard time with that concept.

  3. The Democratic party of slavery, racism, authoritarian oppression and Jim Crow laws should have been dissolved a long time ago. It's a pure evil entity.

    It's an embarrassing shame to our country that the Democratic party still exists.

    1. Like having perverts for relatives.
      Bad for the name.

  4. Based on the shenanigans, it's seems highly improbable that Biden got the vote. HIGHLY. If so, then I want to be the kind of candidate that collects votes in blocks of 300,000. I interpreted that as a cover story to fend off the Marxist shrillsters somewhat.

    I hope he's looking into the candidacy of the J6 person you mentioned. He was clearly keen to stay on long enough to get that name. Glad Derek found it.

  5. As I have said in regard to the actions of the Biden regime and the gaslighting of his underlings (including those in the press), a little or a lot of retaliation is in order at this point. Whether we go full-lawfulness or full lawlessness (as the Democrats have done over the years), it does not matter.

    The primary thing is that — for the Democrats to understand that things must change — there must be consequences to Democrat misdeeds.