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Shooting Little Old Ladies Now

 Your American Heritage October1, 2022

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It’s Day 619 of the coup, the theft of the American Government, by enemies both foreign and domestic.

Our federal government has been stolen by the illegal actions of leftist politicians.
And they have no regard for you or yours. Only they and theirs.

We have been the victims of a vast criminal enterprise.

There’s a movie and a play called An Ideal Husband, and the plot is that this incredibly moral and upright Victorian politician has a touch of scandal in his past. He was associated with a plan to get the British government to invest in a canal that would be a boondoggle and only enrich the investors.
Imagine that. A politician brought down by scandal involving personal gain from holding office.
How quaint. You could never set that play in modern times.
Where is the outrage? Where is the outcry? Are the people insensitive to the politicians who make decisions based on their investments in or payments from Communist China?

And then they have the gall to call us fascists and domestic terrorists.

This is spiritual warfare. Good vs Evil. As many of our guests have rightly pointed out, our Founders were Christians, and our government was founded on Christian morality and principles.

Christianity is the source of good is this world, and the evil ones seek to destroy it and this nation.

We are at war.

Psalm 144 says Blessed be the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, And my fingers for battle.

Clasp those hands, lock those fingers together, bow your heads and,

Let’s pray, Let’s go to war.

Father, please protect our nation. Please be a help us. And please enlighten our citizenry to the present danger.
Please restore righteousness to the governance of our nation and our state.
Please lead and guide the American people in the days to come and in the elections approaching.


We all remember the guy who shot, not just Steve Scalise, but any republican he could at that baseball game a few years ago and the whacko neighbor that busted up Rand Paul’s face.
New Mexico Republican Mark Ronchetti’s Home window shot out
Texas Governor Abbot’s aides assaulted.

The San Francisco Police Department has arrested a suspect on hate crime charges for allegedly attacking the organizer of a pro-Trump free speech rally over the weekend.
North Dakota Cayler Ellingson run over in politically motivated murder.

Then: Eighty-four-year-old Joan Jacobson was shot while going door to door over Prop 3.

My guest today is a warrior. Dave Kallman is the senior partner of Kalman Legal Group, and one of the founders of Salt and Light Global and the Great LakesJustice Center. Dave is representing Joan.


  1. Well, ol' Joe's right about one thing. What's going on in our country today is "not normal" because we've been blessed to be one nation under God. It IS normal for tinpot strong men.

    Proposal 3 - Awful. Part of the torrent of actions across the country to sweep away parents' rights and responsibilities. Does "reproductive freedom" include sex with a horse? I went to the center's website and read the brief.

    This is off topic, but an oldie you might have missed and will love.
    2 min.


    1. I remember seeing a different version of that same video last year. It seemed to me that it had to be a recent video made ot look old. But it is true none the less.
      Proposal 3 could mean sex with kids.
      The Election board of Canvassers rejected it from coming th a vote for a few reasons, but the State Supreme Court ruled against them. Despicable.

    2. Baysider,
      I am certain beyond a doubt that "reproductive freedom" as defined by the Biden regime includes a vast number of things which neither induce freedom of the masses in the long run nor really advance human reproduction. Additionally, I really don't want to know about them.

    3. That is, I don't want to know about them due to the degrading nature of that knowledge. However, as a protector, I will step up.

  2. A note to all you Liberals, Democratic-Socialists, and even you American Marxist’s, and Communists...,
    Let me help you wipe away your ignorance. You Sicko’s love to think that you hold the moral high ground on being the most Intelligent thinking, open minded and the most Unified, and non-discriminating people in the country, or perhaps even in the entire planet. With you Holier than Thou and your fraudulent feeling of diversity. You even label yourselves as “anti-racist”, and “United” But NOT so, in fact that is the farthest from the truth, in contrast if you look at history, you’ll find that the Left have a history of being Fascists, Lying, Racists.

    Do you remember when Spike Lee, that Outspoken Film Maker Racist’s spread his conspiracy theory during an appearance on CNN, said: "I don't put anything past the United States’ Republican Government. I don't find it too far-fetched that they tried to displace all the Black people out of New Orleans, by Flooding the City."
    Spike Lee had already stated his suspicion that the United States Government were somehow involved in the flooding.
    The left forgets so soon, and they have no qualms about their double standards.
    Do these people actually Bark at the Moon, when nobody is looking?
    Joy Behar insinuates that Hurricane Ian was retribution for Ron DeSantis’ Climate Change stance! And Whoopi Goldberg backed her up! It's hard to believe, that our entertainers are that STUPID!
    And our Phony President Biden would like us to believe as he had previously accused his predecessor Donald Trump of being a “fascist” who, if not actually another Hitler. However if you look at Biden’s last HORRIFIC, and DISGUSTING, ANIT-AMERICAN Speech you would easily see a likeness to Goebbels,” a Nazi Propaganda Minister, pounding his Fist on the podium, shouting, and slamming and spreading “Disinformation and Misinformation,”, and all that Disgusting Name Calling, Finger Pointing, with that Angry Face and Horrible Bloody Red Backdrop, with two Armed Soldiers on each side. While such Rhetoric was Outrageous, and should not be happening with ANY sitting American President, Biden’s words and policies reflected the view of the Violent left, which dominates today’s Democratic Party and the Gang of HOODLUMS that we all saw last Summer, the Summer of Hell, and Riots, Tearing Down our beloved Statues, and Looting, Burning Down Buildings, , Throwing Bricks, and Molotov Cocktails at the Police, and Burning their Patrol Cars. Even Taking Over American Cities, . One headline even agreed with Biden, stating that he was “NOT WRONG” to use the Fascist labels to describe his Opponent or Adversary. and his supporters.
    And those Cities that are run by Democratic Mayors, and Governors even agreed with Biden’s way of handling this Violence. We even saw the Vice President Kamala Harris Bailing Out those Hateful Distrustful Criminals that were Caught and Arrested. Letting the Guilty ones go absolutely FREE. Free to cause more Destruction and Hate Crimes. This must be the reason so many communities are plagued by this Domestic Violence, Crime, and even Poverty. In fact we are even seeing this happening today, with the MASS Looting in Cities like San Franco, Los Angles, Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle, and New York.
    We can NOT allow these people to have lifestyle of crime, This is NOT they way to get out of poverty. So we must Arrest, and Prosecute Those That Are Guilty. And we MUST put the Politicians, and the District Attorney’s in office that will follow the Law, and give Due Punishment when it is warranted.

  3. This was a great interview. Good job Ed!

  4. Kinda gotta love the the instructed version of the 2022 death panels from the obedient gullibles.

    1. I'm still trying to grok that, but my decoder ring doesn't understand the syntax.

    2. When Ronald departs from the pre-canned leftwing propaganda and starts adlibbing, he sounds like a babbling biden.

    3. NOW I know where I heard that before!

    4. Silver, not sure who pulled your string but you’ve repeatedly accused me of parroting propaganda which is extremely rich coming from a right wing propaganda mouthpiece such as yourself.

      Please, if you would, point to a single “pre-canned left wing propaganda” issue I’ve promoted here, at AOW, or anywhere.

      I haven’t sold or promoted anything. All I’ve done is called you out for your very own kowtowing to the horseshit feed to you by your handlers.

      And all you’ve ever done is respond with your rubber/glue act of calling me indoctrinated and your own self declaring of victory to the argument.

    5. Poor Ronald, so easily triggered...

    6. Okay, you have nothing.


    7. Your refusal to acknowledge any factual information about Democrats denying elections or other negative information about Democrats. You're an indoctrinated fool who can't face reality. Everybody and every organization has its fools and flaws, but you're too immature and babbling about Tucker Carlson to face reality.

      You sound like a parrot in a cage sitting next a TV tuned to MSNBC all day The last comment is my favorite:

      Gullibles, Maganuts, Fidel DeSantis, Deathsantis = tired, stale leftwing propaganda.

      RJW commented on "Get it Off Your Chest 9/16/22"
      Sep 18, 2022
      My point? Just that the right wing heroes of the cultist can spew whatever nonsensical gibberish they like and the Basket of Gulibles will swallow it right down. And if you view last night’s Nazi fest, my name change hits the nail on the head. Trump has gone all in the mob.

      Trump, Carlson, and hydroxychloroquine shareholders tell you to bash Fauci, you jump.

      I don’t know what the ghost writers from the pro-COVID and Trump worshiping ZeroHedge are selling you but I’m sure it’s a Site to behold.

      Whata ya know, government seems to be working again! Gas prices are coming down and food prices are following. Wages have gone up. Yeah yeah, I get it that prices are still high and that people are still pissed, and struggling. But here's the deal, Republicans suck. They truly suck and more people are looking. They are running some truly pathetic candidates and alarms are going off. The RNC is pulling money from several close races. And on top of the clown lot, the GOP is openly telling them that if given power, they intend to throw a $trillon tax at them and sunsetting SSI and Medicare. And after the abortion ruling (which could very well play bigly), more people are seeing that they mean what they say. I really can't make a prediction because I've seen too often people voting against their best interests.

  5. Sorry, wrong room. I now see this is the room where delusional pro authoritarian sheeple hang out.

    1. A lefty self-confessed MAGA hating dude shoots an 84 year old 5' woman over her anti baby killing position while his wife is screaming in her face and and you so bravely anonymously comment that?
      You either didn't listen or you're an idiot. "Both" is a high probability.

  6. Congrats Ed! You've got the rage-filled left scrambling like fire ants on a log screaming and foaming about your blog. God bless you!

    1. Good to see you still defending the gulibles and slurping MAGAnuts SF. Thought something might have happened to you.

  7. I have HAD IT with all this Bashing White People, Bashing former President Trump, Bashing Republicans, Bashing MAGA Supporters, and Bashing America! . I feel like I see all it as leftist propaganda and I l turn off any show, walk out of any performance or speech if they start bashing me as a “White”, or American…. It’s so ironic the very country they bash is the one giving them the right and freedom to do so. Like Kneeling down on one Knee at the sight of our Flag, or the playing of our Anthem. Because they are SO DAMMED “Oppressed” Oppressed while making those Multi- Mullions of dollars for throwing a Ball around. While living in those Gated Mansions, with Walls around them. You con’t see any Blacks or Gays, or ANY Leftists RUNNING to Get into CUBA, or RUSSIA, or CHINA do you?I’d like to see them “Taking a Knee” in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, or especially in China, or any other country! For goodness sake, these people need to go spend some time in places like that to appreciate everything this GREAT Nation gave them, and spoiled them rotten (literally ROTTEN).This makes me think about those Cuban protestors that flew the American flag as a symbol of freedom, at the same time that Antifa and Black Lives Mater were burning the flag in America’s streets. That should have woken a few Million of American Protester up!Consider the risks that those Cuban protestors took flying the American flag. Despite the threat of prison, torture and death, they dared to fly the Stars and Stripes because they knew it represents freedom and defied tyranny. The Cubans are not unique in flying the American flag during freedom protests, most recent. Hong Kong protestors did it as well, last year when the Chinese decided to end whatever freedom remained there. Talking about “Taking a Stand For America”The nation’s Black population have now established their own Private National Anthem. I guess that I was asleep when they took a Survey on the “Nation” to approve that! I guess this is Biden’s way to Promote “Unity”, and that the National Athem just wasn’t good enough for those people. Those People that are SO OPPRESSED playing here in America and getting paid Multi-Millions of dollars for it. I guess that if NFL is going to play the “Black National Anthem” before every NFL game, then they won’t be seeing me at ANY of their games or watching them on TV either.And the same goes for Taking a knee During Playing of OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM.I REALLY have to wonder if those 81 millions of people that supposedly voted for Joe Biden last year were Dead People? ! Where Are All Those Fact Checker When We Really Need Them?Where are they after 4 years of TRUMP’S accomplishments ,one after another accomplishment? And now all we are seeing is Mr. Delusional walking around like a Zombie ruining almost everything in 5 months that our former President had accomplished.Instead now we are singing Governor Greg Abbott , and Ron DeSantis, who have decided to play hardball with them..Of course, that means sending those Bus’s with those Bus loads of Illegal’s that those Smart-Ass Democrats allow in to the country Sent to those Democratic Sanctuary Cities, or in front of Kamala Harris’s home. Yes,Biden thought that resettling all those illegal migrants was going to upset the Republican Governors. And now the Tide has turned.

    1. If you are going to post a lengthy screed in my blog comments, it would be polite if you at least replied to my post.

    2. Ed,

      We were constantly stomping out canned cut-and-paste like this at Always On Watch. They are either bots or drive by spammers. Either way, and you've observed, they don't even read what you have written and they do not interact with others in the conversation thread. That's why we decided to unceremoniously delete them.

  8. Reality check for the TDS-plagued unhinged lefties:

    Hillary Clinton Maintains 2016 Election ‘Was Not On the Level’: ‘We Still Don’t Know What Really Happened’

    Even with the Military Intel Industrial Complex doing black bag dirty tricks for her, she still couldn't get elected...

    It's enough to make a war mongering old pol heave a sheet cake at a big screen TV in a gin-induced rage...

  9. Hellary blames the Russians for her embarrassing loss to a bombastic reality TV personality...

  10. Remember Democrats blaming voting machine rigging in Ohio for John Heinz-Kerry's loss?

  11. The Democrat Party is the party of election deniers:

    "Seventy-two percent (72%) of Democrats believe it’s likely the 2016 election outcome was changed by Russian interference, but that opinion is shared by only 30% of Republicans and 39% of voters not affiliated with either major party."

    1. And now we discover that Konnech was paid to process voting results and was storing the data in Red China.
      You can't make this stuff up.

    2. SF, how many convictions of people attacking the Capital were there when Hillary and Kerry lost?

      How many election deniers were there running for office in either of those midterms?

    3. When Ronald can't face the facts, he changes the subject. lol

    4. I thought the subject was about shooting little old ladies.

      But you want to go Russia Russia Russia to do your disingenuous rubber/glue that Democrats are the election deniers.

      Seems to me that you’re the one having a hard time with how the facts just don’t compare.

    5. Ronald can't face facts. Election denying is a bi-partisan sport.

      Now, back to the subject of Ed's post. You showed up and blathered gibberish.

      Do you have a point?

    6. "Ronald J. Ward October 8, 2022 at 1:17 PM
      I thought the subject was about shooting little old ladies."
      And as SF pointed out, you missed the subject.

    7. Ronald, thank you for that cartoonish "recap."

      Unlike Ed, I maintain Team Trump did not bring sufficient information to prove the election was stolen. Still, I respect Ed and I support his right to say what he thinks. You could learn from that.

      All the changes some states made to voting procedures definitely opened the door to fraud, but we'll probably never know so I have always said time to move on, but you consistently ignore that. You hear what you want to hear.

      Covid has killed over 2 million people, over 1 million in this nation. We knew who the vulnerable were after a few months, yet government fanned the flames of mass hysteria and panic, destroying businesses and throwing working people out of jobs. You and the hysterical left grossly overplayed covid, wrecking the economy and setting our schoolchildren back years.

      Climate change is real. The climate has always changed. This is why I call you indoctrinated. You regurgitate leftwing dogma verbatum, will not defend it or engage in productive debate with people who differ. Instead, you accuse everyone of taking orders from Tucker Carlson. You are not a liberal. You are an indoctrinated leftwing progressive, hive mind snapped shut, protected against any heterodox thought.

      You're invited to my new forum, if you have any facts or logic to bring to the discussion:

    8. We've beaten these horses before but to be clear- Trump legitimately won but because he couldn't prove it, he lost? And with the admission that despite suffering roughly half of the worldwide COVID fatalities, we took it too seriously? And finally, climate change is and always been real but just don't say anything about mankind contributing to it?

      Got it.

    9. OK Dummy, I'll say it again for the nth time: Joe Biden won. He is our president.

      Thank you for one more example of how you are completely incapable of hearing or reading whatever does not fit your cartoonish worldview, including your cartoonish view of others.

    10. Despite slamming everything shut, we still lost 1 million people. Imagine how many more elderly would have died if mayors had not shut down the playgrounds?

      Imagine if we had taken targeted action to protect the vulnerable and left the children and healthy working people alone?

      Have you read any comparative studies? There is no plausible data-based defense of US actions.

      Germany is an excellent case study in the left's 'solution' to global warming.

      Having 'gone green' over 10 years ago (yahoogle energiewende), Germany should be in an excellent position to laugh in the face of Russia pinching off the gas pipe. Instead, they are rationing energy, and subsidizing energy costs for homes and businesses to the tune of 200 Billion Euros.

    11. I have yet to see a leftist repudiate Biden for calling half the nation fascists, or enemies of "democracy". Others have echoed his sentiments and called for action against Trump voters.
      This rhetoric has led to shooting Steve Scalise, this 84 year old woman, running over that guy in North Dakota, or shooting Ashli Babbit.
      Climate Change legislation is not savng the planet. It is enriching the likes of Al Gore and robbing the elderly of their retirement savings via inflation. The elderly were the targets of covid decisions that killed them. The denial of common remedial medications killed more than the disease.
      But you either can't or won't see that Ron.
      And Biden is the president, but only because of the illegal actions of leftist governors and Secretaries of State that unconstitutionally violated election law reserved to state legislatures.

    12. Ed,
      Apologies for the slugfest and for embarrassing Ronald so badly in your fine forum.

    13. SF, I get it that you believe Biden is the president but to both you and Ed, he is the president BECUASE he got MORE VOTES, both popular and electoral than Trump did. There is no other reason. More voter chose Biden than Trump. He won in accordance with the nation’s lawful constitutional process. EVERY state’s election result was certified to be accurate and legitimate by it’s lawfully authorized state official; EVERY official recount that was conducted affirmed the original result. The electoral college count was an accurate reflection of those results in EVERY case, and the electoral vote was publicly tabulated, presented, and affirmed in Congress. THAT IS HOW THE LEGITIMATE CONSTITUTIONAL PROCESS WORKS. ANY DEVIATION FROM THAT PROCESS WOULD BE UNLAWFUL.

      Such deviations includes the deliberate effort of a riled-up mob to stop the final step of the process because they don’t happen to like the outcome.

      NONE of the endless accusations of a stolen election have been backed up with credible supporting evidence. NONE.

      Another area that mystifies me of the Big Lie believers is that for 4 years prior to the election, Trump told you over and over that if he got less votes, that meant he was cheated.

      Ed, just to clarify, Biden made it clear that he wasn't referring to the Republican Party but rather the MAGA extremists, not half of Americans.

      I agree the nation has become increasingly more violent under the Trump years and I agree that there are liberals who will act out and they should be prosecuted accordingly. However, much like SF pointing "over there" at a few riffs on election outcome to somehow conclude "Election denying is a bi-partisan sport (they all do it so nothing here), it doesn't compare to the violence and civil war promoting being witnessed from the rabid right.

      Here's a quick short list.

      And I could fill pages with more examples.

      And SF, aside from your regular and expected self declaration of "embarrassing Ronald so badly", I'll restate that you cannot insult or embarrass me when I have no respect of your opinion.

    14. Biden make something clear? Are you kidding me?
      And by the way, define a MAGA extremist that is open season on. You can start with me. Or the 84 year old lady. Or the Kid in North Dakota. But that's OK, right?
      And once again Biden got more votes. Just not legal ones.
      "NONE of the endless accusations of a stolen election have been backed up with credible supporting evidence. NONE."
      Your belief system is strong on that.
      I know too many witnesses from the TCF Center alone that demonstrate Michigan should have gone to Trump.
      But you think what you want. You will, anyway.
      That you defend this immoral corrupt illegitimate regime speaks poorly of you.

    15. Senate candidate Rep. Tim Ryan tells MSNBC: Time to 'kill and confront' the 'extremist' Republican movement

  12. When America was grounded in solid republican principles, and citizens took their responsibilities seriously enough even to travel 3 days to vote in places, America was "great." Many other social aspects contributed, of course, such as America's famous charitableness and, as Alexis de Tocqueville noted, that "the greatness of America lies not in being more enlightened than any other nation, but rather in her ability to repair her faults."

    Joe Biden finds weenie Republicans who have abandoned these principles acceptable. I don't. He is not into repairing faults but fundamentally changing a most benign and generous system of governance and getting beltway denizens with an R after their name to go along with him. Those that don't, well he hates that - THAT greatness that distinguished the nation from more or less most of the world, most of the time. That greatness that wedded goodness under the oversight of a higher power who secured rights that government never could.

    So what's wrong with MAGA Republicans (and Democrats, btw)?


    1. I never talk politics with a certain waitress at the diner.
      We are friendly. She know me and my politics.
      A mutual friend told me that she recently told him that as much as she detests Trump, she wishes he were back.

    2. Initially, I was a strong Cruz supporter. Additionally, I was at times put off by things like the "grab them by the p****" tape. Still, there is such a thing as forgiveness sought and received. When it comes to Joe Biden, I see a lot of inadvertent admissions that he knows he has done wrong (but refuses to openly admit or turn from his wrong).

      Thence, I hope I identify enough with her to be a potential witness to those like her.

    3. Slow me. I can't figure out who the "her" is.

  13. Enjoyed the post... though I rarely have much original to offer as a comment I appreciate the thoughtful comments here. Just hoping the AOW crowd hasn't made its way here (Other than Kurt) to offer their nonsense.