Sunday, November 13, 2022

A Conversation with Dr Jeff Barke

 I spoke with Dr.Jeff Barke talk about the upcoming law in California forbidding doctors to counter the official narrative concerning Covid treatment and the lawsuit opposing it.

A real warrior on the front lines, not a euniched  servant of the state.

You can listen here.

or here:

I mentioned the Moment of Clarity Broadcast I hosted before Your American Heritage.
You can listen here:


  1. This is only going to get uglier... sigh

  2. Yes, you're right. Change hearts to change votes. That's Jesus' method. He changes your heart, and your behavior changes.

    Cringe: That 2 Chronicles 7:14 passage is a PROMISE specifically to Israel, not to us. (Read the context.) Does it shed light on God's character of wanting to bless his own? Yes it does. And I personally think the dust bowls were a shot across the bow from God. But we need to be careful about claiming material promises to Israel as promises to us instead of a broader principle of God's goodness, grace and generosity. I really wish Christians would stop doing that.

    Great interview with Dr. Barke. Yes, California is VERY dangerous to patients now. I liked his idea about working backward from the pharmacist to the prescriber. I have a pharmacy around the corner from my house that will fill that prescription.

    1. The Chronicles does get used out of context, but Replacement Theology does that.

  3. I have constantly written, as well as warned America about the Left and their real agenda to silence any and all opposition to their sick twisted agenda. And part of that is the FACT that Mike Pence is a little Weenie, and not to be believed. Besides that Mike Pence is getting paid upwards of $100,000 for a speech leading up to his Book Deal.

  4. What this election showed us, and as many of us had expected is that the Democrats, or the Progressives, or whatever they call themselves these days are SO HORRIBLE at selecting their candidates like Fetterman and that the Democrats will vote for anyone as long as it is a Democrat, even if it’s a candidate such as Fetterman, or any other Dingbat Loser… Just like what happened when Biden picked Kamala Harris knowing that she was as UNQUALIFIED as she proved to be. And just to PROVE that my predication was on the money, there are some that even think that John Fetterman could potentially be a future presidential nominee!
    Can ANYTHING be worse that that? I seriously doubt it. However and as much as you and I may think that something as Fa Fetched as that could never happen, I seriously think the Democratic cultists would vote for him, I wouldn’t t put anything past those perverted, deranged freaks. There are always thise Super Morons such as Joy Behar, and Whoopie Goldberg, and many others that would vote for a Zonbie as long as that Zombie had a “D” in front of his name.
    Could you imagine a Kamala Harris, John Fetterman ticket in 2024?