Wednesday, November 23, 2022

A Thanksgiving Story

I had a conversation with Scott Powell, the author of Rediscovering America.
It's a series of chapters, each based on a national holiday.

I highly recommend this book.

Scott and I talked about Thanksgiving. I think you'll like it.

Your American Heritage 

Scott also has an article in the Federalist that was the basis for our conversation.

Might be something to read to the family Thursday.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Ed. Thank you for your patriotism despite adversity and for pursuing a steady course!

  2. Keep the faith Ed, we win in the end. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Ed.

  4. Let’s see. Looking forward with deep thanks in advance for the new Democratic senate that will stand in fierce opposition to the tRumpublican’s ignorant, foolish, dishonest, divisive, racist, misogynistic, authoritarian, elitist, and ego driven destructive agenda.

    PS: IMHO you may be calling VP Harris President sooner than you might think. 🙂

    I see that that Old Anti-Semite_ Retarded, INTELLECTUALLY DISABLED. Les Carpenter is still around and writing his venom from Shaw’s Shit Hole as his own was so bad that he had to dis-ban it.

    Yours Truly TOM

  5. Yes, It IS MY educated opinion that many conservatives did indeed step up and vote against Biden and his Lying Crooked Cronies including myself and my family. The Left I’m quite sure cheated many of their candidates in office despite our voter turnout. However, we need to speak up when we see the cheating. See something, say something. Spread the world on how they do it. Question all the “recounts” and “broken ballot counting machines”. Call out when you’re ordered to deliver thousands of prefilled ballots to the polls. Ask your grandma, and Grandpa, and Parents if they actually filled out her ballot herself when the Left canvasses Grandma’s nursing home. Let others know about it when you’re told you already voted in your district when you have the ballot right in your hand. We have had great wins and amassed amazing pushback, however I fear it may have distorted our perception of how successful we truly were in changing the country, and the midterm results were like that test we didn’t study enough and were ill prepared to take.

    The good news is, this wasn’t our last chance: Donald Trump is running again in 2024! And just incase he doesn’t get the nomination, then Ron DeSantis will. We had two years to see what a wreck that dummy Joe Biden made of the country, and two more to follow. If the hardships under Biden now aren’t enough to persuade people, how far will it have to be until it does? When breadlines, and Rations come back, then maybe these Clueless Democrats will wise up . When we cant even afford to drive ourselves to work because Gas costs $6 or 7 dollars a gallon When we’re told to make do without power or heating, or Hot water. Now do you really want 4 more years of the same or worse? We saw what Trump accomplished, we see what Biden fails to. If we simply do what we are now, Trump will likely be cheated out a second time. I don’t know about you, but I (literally) can’t afford to stay silent this time around!
    Yes, Trump isn’t the most Literary President that we have ever had, but he’s the Most Accomplished.

  6. can think of no greater insult to us the American citizens than the progressive communist democrats pretending that President Biden is capable of competently executing his presidential duties unless it is the suggestion that Biden is competent, capable, corrupt, and qualified to be a viable Presidential candidate in 2024. Likewise, there is NO sense in pretending that Vice President Kamala Harris is capable of assuming the Presidency should President Biden resign or face a 25th Amendment Challenge of being incapable of continuing to hold his position, as he is in that condition already and nothing is being done about it. .There is little doubt in my mind that the functions of the Presidency are being stage-managed by a “Shadow President” named Barack Obama, and his Progressive Communist Democrats who have demonstrated not only disdain for America but are incompetent as they do significant damage to our domestic and foreign affairs, in fact our failed polices have been a determent to the country since day one of his inauguration. As he showed us during the Afghanistan withdrawal. We have a President who’s very own Son has sold out our Country, and his FILTHY party continues to sweep it under the rug. Lets face it, the entire world is aware that Hunter Biden the corrupt son of the President of the United States, is and has always been compromising the “Big Guy” Joe Biden. and only God know how bad and how long this has been going on. The FBI is corrupt, the Department of Justice is corrupt, and the Biden Family is corrupt, And to top that off, Our President is a Delusional Old Man who doesn’t even realize the extent of it. And until now, they haven’t even been investigating it! To sit by and watch America being degraded into a third-world Shit-Hole ruled by corrupted Shadow Government, and a Senile, Demented President is a horrible site to watch, and to live under.