Sunday, January 22, 2023

I spoke with David Horowitz about his new book, 
"Final Battle: The Next Election Could Be the Last",

Then I'm joined by Professor Kevin Slack of Hillsdale
College talking about his new free online course coming up,
“The American Left: From Liberalism to Despotism”


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  2. Distinguished Judge Dervish Sanders The High IQ Bourgeois ElitistJanuary 23, 2023 at 3:39 PM

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  3. Interesting comments about lefties being arrested every day and no one called that insurrection. I'll add, no one called the 100+ days of riots and burning in Portland in 2020 "insurrection" even though Michael Yon had anticipated it that January and wrote about a coming insurrection. And he meant THOSE people, not Jan 6.

    Slack is right. The covid business exposed ALL that. Bret Weinstein elaborates in thoughtful new ways in an interview with Joe Rogan. "There is a version of the story in which our being kept in the dark is a perpetual source of wealth, and people like you and I have to be punished for getting people out of the dark.”
    Check out a doctor's tweet at 1:31:30 if nothing else. It's very long. There's a lot there. But I wanted to footnote my source.

  4. Hunter Biden is actually Claiming that his Father Joe Biden is a Tax Cheat.
    Hunter Biden Claims he paid his Father Joe $50,000 a month to rent the house...
    But Old Joe Biden Never claimed the $50k a month on his Taxes.
    So How-Come you Democrats are always asking for Trump’s Taxes, but never say a word about the TAX CHEAT JOE BIDEN!
    If it Smells like Tax Fraud, and Looks like Tax Fraud, It Must BE TAX FRAUD!
    After filling a background check during his divorce from Kathleen , Hunter Biden claimed to pay a specific $49,910 rent each month to his dad from March 2017 to February 2018. This is the same home where the Classified Documents were recently found stacked in the Garage, and the dates that Hunter lived there . Hunter Biden spent about a year during part of his drugged-out times, that he was renting from his Father Joey Biden and living in the Wilmington, Del., home following his divorce from Kathleen Biden.
    If It Smells Like Tax Fraud, and It Looks Like Tax Fraud, It MUST BE TAX FRAUD!
    Kathleen filed for divorce after learning that (Among Other Women, Including an Arkansas Stripper who gave birth to Hunter’s unacknowledged daughter in 2018) Hunter was having an affair with His Dead Brother Beau’s Widow, Hallie.


  6. In My Humbel OpinionJanuary 26, 2023 at 8:04 AM

    When a clown moves into a palace, he does not become a King,The palace becomes a circus."
    Ever since Biden moved into The White House, the place has turned into a circus & the country with it. The world has become a circus.
    The divisions & infighting at this time are so destructive for the nation. Covid has been a major worldwide catastrophe & needs attention & level headed leadership but that leadership is missing.
    Russia has invaded Ukraine without any provocation & thousands have died & millions have fled to other countries. The entire country is almost devastated with destruction from missiles & air attacks & shelling & bombing. I never understood the slow trickle of weaponry to Ukraine. It's like Obama's " lead from behind" lack of leadership. Do thousands of more lives have to be lost before we really help Ukraine defend itself & push the Russians out.
    It's almost comical that the MSM & others made the news of whether Biden would run in 2024 as headline news.
    Maybe the clown and his followers think that if the clown moves into the palace a second time, he will become king.
    I know for sure he lacks the qualities of a good clown, but definitely the qualities of a "King" !
    Even the circus is tired of him.
    The lunacy of the left never stops to amaze me. Actually their lunacy disgusts me, stuns me, tests my sanity & truly shocks me !
    It's not just Biden, or Gavin Newsom , or Pelosi or Kamala Harris. It's almost every democrat politician & the cabinet members . I am always wondering whether it's just politics & they are all corrupt & power hungry or they just believe what they do & say ! Either way it is scary !
    In Iran the Mullahs are killing their own citizens only because they want freedom & human rights. America remains silent.
    Afghanistan is back to the same extremism & government that it was after 9/11 & years of American sacrifice & death & trillions of dollars of war expense. The Afghan women are worse off than before American involvement.
    The southern border is an invasion front & not a regulated border for legal migration or asylum seeking.
    The price of food & gas is so inflated, like most essential items to be unaffordable for most people.
    The national debt & borrowing is so high that it is dangerous.
    China is getting stronger by the day & is focused on expansion & world dominance. It has infiltrated the ranks of high ranking officials & politicians. Even Biden could be compromised. Finding classified documents from when he was Senator & Vice President is extremely alarming & serious.
    It seems the clown & the circus are focused on smoke & mirror issues like gender identification, critical race theory & woke culture.
    As for the “Classified Documents and how they got into Biden’s Garage, While it is unclear exactly when Joe Biden transferred the classified records to his Wilmington home, sources close to the president have suggested that the transfer occurred as Biden was shutting down his vice presidential office in January 2017, according to a CNN report. The photos are the most concrete evidence to date that Hunter Biden had access to areas of Joe Biden's home where the classified documents were stored and also cast doubt on the president's claim that the records were fully secured in a locked Garage. Let’s not forget the Famous Words of our esteemed Leader, “I It’s not like I Park the Corvette on the Street, it’s always Parked in the Garage” Today's reminder to Joey Biden.... This is NOT about your Stupid Corvette!

  7. I’m surprised these Morons Kerry and Gore and their fellow climate travelers hasn’t yet blamed the rise in border crossings on extreme weather caused by fossil-fueled SUVs. Gas Stoves, or Plastic Bags, none of those few Idiots like Kerry, or Gore wouldn’t recognize truth if it were standing in the shower with him.

    When I look at Fetterman, or Schiff, or Mayorkas, or Kim Jong Un, or George Floyd, or Hillary before she goes into the makeup room my mind says “that looks like something I saw in the Horror movies when I was a kid.
    And the Biden Press Secretary — On the surface, -I feel that there that there would, or should be some one there who at least understands the harm that is going on there in that White House, but instead, we have a very confused person who wold rather just pass on the important questions, and just say “I would refer you to the “White House Counsel” like a broken record.
    How can Republicans Stand by and Watch Any of This? What Country Does This?

    Circle-Back Psaki was a total shill, a Baghdad Bob with Red hair and Freckles. But those two? . . . My God, how could anyone appoint either one of those imbeciles to represent the President? .
    And I find it personally insulting that our Commander-in-Chief considers the Press stupid as they are to even try to buy their NONSENSICAL DRIVEL.

    But, even as I say that, I know that if Joey runs for a 2nd term, millions upon millions of people will vote for him, either because of his Democratic name or the fact that he’s running to keep that other Dunce Kamala Harris away from the Oval Office at all cost!

  8. In some very SAD NEWS, The entire World hast lost a True American and American Patriot for the continued Freedom, Love, and Peace. ! Please respect the privacy of Diamond’s family, and do not say anything nasty no matter what your Political affiliation may be, as Diamond does not, and never did deserve that. And please show some respect Diamond’s family. Our country should be very Proud of he
    Rest in Peace Diamond.

    And as a PS Our Country will NOT miss that Progressive Asslicker Dervish Sanders.

  9. Ed,
    Thanks for this show on the tricks of the left.

    As I posted recently, we in Harris County, Texas are likewise experiencing much of the same. Likewise, a number of those who got cheated out of elected positions decided not to take it lying down.

    Nonetheless, we need to continually adapt to their moves and block them the whole way.

    1. In Michigan they seem to have rolled over.

    2. The Arizona Supreme Court struck down gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s second request to take up her election appeal that is currently being heard by a state Appeals Court as Lake said Wednesday that she believes her case will be eventually heard by the Supreme Court.

  10. I gotta say that I enjoyed and learned the most from the interview with Professor Slack.

    1. Thanks. I've gotten messages from others that suggest it for a "best of". I got good replies on Horowitz, but I found it entertaining, yet disappointing at hte end..

  11. So, our Stupendous ,Astounding, and Impartial” District Attorney of New York City Alvin Bragg is taking a personal shot and opening up his personal Witch Hunt at Former President Donald Trump, why not? Everyone else does! This time the “IMPARTIAL “District Attorney wants to charge criminal charges against President Trump of paying off the adult film actor to stay silent about their alleged affair before the 2016 election, years after he was first accused of this ridicules charge.
    With Murders and Violent Crimes in our New York Streets, and especially in the Subway surging like never before in New York City, so much that people are moving out of the State by the Ten’s of Thousands the Radical Leftist Manhattan D.A., Alvin Bragg, the Very Same DA that Governor Kathy Hochul said she was going to Get Rid of at HER Election Time is once again trying to make Brownie Points by going after the “Notorious” Orange Guy”!
    Rioters, and Cowardly Thieving Scum Looters who burned down the Court Houses, Cop Cars, Police Stations, Public or Privately Own Structures, Dragged Down our Public Statues, and even Pulled people out of their Cars and Beat them up, including but not limited to Liquor Store, Pawn Shops, Auto Supply or Sneaker Stores, and Jewelry Stores. The BLM and Antifa groups who threw Brick at our Police, and the Gutless Creeps who usually do their lowlife things under cover of darkness hoping to avoid identification, as they did mostly not hiding their faces.
    These were the CREEPS that were Bailed out of Jail by our Vice President Kamala Harris and her ILK. They were Bailed out of jail and NOT prosecuted at all, but just let go under Andrew Cuomo’s No Bail System
    BUT, the District Attorney of New York City Alvin Bragg somehow sees fit to find Criminal Charges Against President Trump of Paying off the Adult Film Actor to Stay Silent about Their Alleged Affair!
    This is what our Law System has DETERIORATED to... Has DECLINED to.
    And we wonder why people are fleeing the Cities.