Monday, January 16, 2023

Some Good News from the Last Election

 Ottawa County in Michigan had a "Republican" led County Commission that had no problem with the "Woke" philosophy.
The people had a different idea and elected other Republicans in the primary.
My friend David Kallman tells the story.
His firm was chosen to represent the County Government.

Your American Heritage 1 14 2023

Previous to this, I hosted Moment of Clarity in Pastor Rick's place.
We discussed Martin Luther King day, how he might react to the twisting of the culture, and the overall activity of The Death Cult ®.
Joining Phil and me is Bruce Fleury, author of The Negro Project.


  1. Death Cult is right! That's what's going on right now, especially with what used to be the Democrat Party. If you're on Twitter there's a lot of discussion about that. Blessings.

    1. I can't do Twitter. Blessings to you too Sparky!

  2. That woman in England inspired me to pray for our local high school.

    "Death cult" - yes, reducing population and fertility - without "informed consent."

    Interesting point by the caller about God giving a chance for repentance. Yes He does. He did to the Canaanites. 400 years. Plus another 40 for good measure.

    Kermit Gosnell would still be prosecuted. He killed babies after birth.

    1. Ken is a friend of mine from a prior church>
      Retired colonel USAF. Leads a Bible Study.
      Called me and told me God led him to call in and say that, but he asked my permission! That was last week and I told him it was confirmation of what I planned for this week on Pastor Rick's show.
      I almost bailed out of Moment of Clarity due to being overwhelmed with Scherie being sick and my lack of prep.
      Then our Father showed me the way Friday night.
      I always appreciate your input.

    2. I am sorry Scherie is sick.🙏🙏

  3. I'm glad to hear that RINO's got bumped in your neck of the woods. Good to hear that the red wave came to something there, too.