Saturday, February 11, 2023

Death Cults Revisited

I hosted two shows again today.

I'm proud of both of them.

In Moment of Clarity, we discussed Death Cults. Ironically, they are alive and well.

I played a clip from Gunga Din where the Thuggees religiously plan murder and mayhem dedicated to their goddess Kali.

Then a clip from Tucker Carlson where he calls out the left as a Death Cult.

Then a clip from Jordan Peterson talking to Joe Rogan. Pascal Fervor brought this to my attention.

I had to edit the Peterson clip for brevity.
Listen to the whole thing here: 

Joining me is Sean Todd, host of The Intersection.

Moment of Clarity 2 11 2023

Then, on Your American Heritage, I spoke with Larry Correia about his new book, In Defense of The Second Amendment. A good read.

We spoke about his history of being a gun owner, a gun store owner specializing in Class Three firearms and sale to Law Enforcement, and then his being a popular author.

 It was a good conversation.


  1. They used to guffaw if you mentioned "Club of Rome." Sauntered over to their website. "Planetary Emergency; Reclaiming and Reframing Economics; Rethinking Finance." Hmmm. I think we know that by another name that begins with 'great' and ends with 'reset.' Some think all the fear porn was a distraction from the screaming urgency to re-work control of the financial system to 1) enact granular controls over each person's daily activities, and 2) swirl around the money pot to pay pensions that will be bankrupting cities and countries. Lopping off 10% of the world's population is a bonus. The devil's in details.

    1. The devil's in details. True in many respects.
      "begins with 'great' and ends with 'reset.'" With us in the middle.

  2. Vultures! Great name.

    Yes, I love the Armed Citizen segment. Ordinary people like all of us. Also a similar one in Point Blank. Too bad they stopped putting them up on their website. Since we're supporters, it comes in the mail.

    Wanna know how crazy it is figuring out where things stand in the states? Check this map. And click on your state. Try a few. You'll see a Byzantine maze of reciprocity -- or not. Carry in Michigan? Ok in Washington. Carry in Washington? Limitations in Michigan.

    And of course the master teacher Massad Ayoob, now with The SAF and hours of entertaining and informative videos online.

    Here's more what our founders had in mind with the 2nd amendment. In a recent interview former Eco Health Alliance executive Dr. Andrew Huff expanded on the Wuhan lab debacle. (Eco was the cutout to go between Fauci, Ralph Baric and the Chinese in the development of the wuflu). When he started speaking out, he started getting 'visitations' that culminated in an hour-long gun battle on his remote property (250 acres in the UP) with federal agents who would not produce identification. The State Police would not respond (they were at a 'traffic accident') and he was left to hold his own for an hour. (Interview here.)

    Bought your guest's book today.

    1. Re; the picture at the link:
      My friend Larry at
      said today:
      ** If you don’t stand behind me, by all means, feel free to stand in front of me. (God loves a bullet sponge)

    2. Ruby Ridge was a practice run.
      The Defense Weapons I referred to are for exactly that purpose.
      Of a caliber and quantity suitable.
      I look forward to the interview.
      Right now I'm trying to get Christina Urso about the Whitmer kidnap fraud.

    3. The interview is long. I mostly left the link for reference. It's somewhere in the 2nd half.
      Love that pic of the 'weather balloon.' Actually, it was an inspiration to use a weather ballon for policing the 'village.' They tried to come up with something different, and this non-human, relentless and suffocating tracker was perfect.
      Urso? Should be interesting.

    4. Just asked for an interview with Dr. Andrew G. Huff .
      Thank you.

    5. You sure don't let grass grow under your feet, bro.

    6. What you have said reminds me of the ad copy for a local gun shop: "We stand behind our guns because it would be d@mn stupid to stand in front of them."

  3. And I have a comment on the caller about the "wild west." I read the research an anti-gun scholar did years ago. He compared shootings in the "wild west" (he picked a period considered the height of lawlessness to skew the numbers) with those in civilized eastern cities. His results were the opposite of what he expected and hoped for. There were more shootings per capita in the lesser armed cities. Honest researcher. He published them anyway and acknowledged he'd been educated.

    Plz do visit the picture in the final 'non-link' in comment above. From our friend's Kid's website.

  4. I'd heard that about the Old West before.
    Chicago is more the lesson to be learned.

    1. Indeed.

  5. Having "issues" trying to post as reply, so let me try as a comment...

    Yes Anonymous, BINGO! Exactly my point... Oh, gotta backtrack, I was the one making the WILD WILD WEST really wasn't point... Today, however, is the WILD WILD MIDWEST (like Chicago) due to Lawful people to NOT BE ABLE TO BE ARMED for the "An Armed Society is a Polite Society" adage to properly apply.

    Like I said during the Show, it is NOT like the Spaghetti Westerns Movies. An Evil person looking to Gun down an "INNOCENT" would have to have a Death Wish to Draw, as 12 legal/lawful/righteous Citizens Guns would be right back in their face!!!

    Ed and I were just texting about all this, cuz he brought it up during Dick's TRIGGER TALK Show today (Sat 2/18) cuz someone mentioned Larry and his book (the interview Ed did last week).

    I also added to Ed in a text...

    Yes, we have the Wild Wild MIDWEST (Chicago) because we Law Abiding are not allowed to Carry and make it more like the Old West politeness point I made last week! And if/when not polite, don't have to wait for the Sheriff who may be 2 towns over to show up (just like when seconds matter, LEOs are minutes or potentially hours away) the RESIDENTS handle it in-real-time. The point of multiple Good Guys with Guns present to PREVENT the Bad Guy (unless has a Death Wish) from Drawing on an Innocent!

    Also I think I mentioned last week on Ed's Show, if not at another day/time, I repeat often, and was definitely mentioned when I was on BETWEEN THE LINES w/ Lou Palumbo discussing 2A issues, on average more than a dozen die in a mass-shooting event (esp. Gun Free slaughter zones even higher, but again ON AVG) versus where a Law Abiding Gun carrier is present to stop the perp on avg. only 2 die.

    Keep People Safe - Keep GOOD PEOPLE ARMED.

    And is a sub-theme (Crime in general, not just Terrorists/Terrorism) in my book and how the Left being soft on Crime results in FAR MORE CASUALTIES!!