Saturday, March 4, 2023

A Conversation with Jim Curtis

It’s Day 773 of the coup, the theft of the American Government, by enemies both foreign and mostly domestic.

Let’s look at the record. I mentioned over a couple years ago, how to short sell the American Dollar.

Mortgage your house, take the money you borrowed, buy gold or real estate.
When inflation hits, sell some of the real estate or precious metals and with the profit, pay off your mortgage in inflated dollars

The rest of the gold or real estate are yours.
Is that why Bill Gates bought all that farmland? And profited by Joe Biden crashing the economy?

A Phony Baloney Covid scare was used to lock you down, drive small businesses (normally owned by conservatives) into the dirt.

To take your freedoms and steal your votes with garbage barrels replacing polling places. Kind of ironic, eh?

To spend billions defending a Ukraine, the source of wealth for the Biden family but not America.

To allow millions of foreign workers to traipse into the country and drive labor costs (your wages) into the ground.
And back to that Vote Theft. Liberal Cities are giving these illegals voting rights. To vote for them.

Force your children to be exposed to sexual perverts by their authority figures, the teachers and librarians.

We are under attack. Daily. These people want to take away your rights, your privileges, and your Heritage.

They want your children, and will do anything to separate them from you..

Your Heritage, this country is being stolen.
Are you upset yet?

It's "interesting" that the man destroying our country and damaging our Constitution is protected by armed men who swore to defend both.

You do realize that they are waging war on you?
There was a famous essay by Emile Zola, a Frenchman, denouncing the corruption in his France, called J’Accuse. French for “I Accuse!”
I wanted to open the show with a litany of the offenses this regime has committed against us,
Call it I Accuse! But you are aware of this stuff and if you aren’t, pay attention.  Who can we turn to?

Matthew 21:21 Jesus answered and said to them, “Assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, you will not only do what was done to the fig tree, but also if you say to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ it will be done.

Psalm 144 says Blessed be the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, And my fingers for battle.

Please clasp your hands and your fingers.

Let’s pray, Let’s go to war.  

Father, please protect our nation and our state from these evil tyrants. Please deliver us from these ungodly oppressors.
Remove them and cast them into the sea. Like that fig tree that did not produce good fruit in season, Have them wither and be gone when we next look.
Please reveal their intent to our neighbors and alert our fellow citizens to the danger we find ourselves in.
Please lead and guide the American people in the days to come in resistance to the efforts of these oppressors.
Please give us righteous representatives in government.
Please restore goodness and morality to the governance of our nation and our state.


Before we introduce our guest today, I’d like to play an audio clip for you. 

Our guest today is author and blogger and retired Navy Flying Officer is Jim Curtiss. Jim Blogs at
He and some friends are regularly at North Texas Troublemakers on YouTube,
He is the author of The Grey Man series, which are a very good read.
He’s written The Bell Chronicles, a series set in the Old West that I hated to see come to an end, and he’s also written a sci-fi series called Rimworld.
He's also been featured in a number of anthologies, and Gary Wellings and I talked to him on The Drift radio show about the Calexit anthology.

Hi Jim.  Tell us about yourself.

Your American Heritage 3 4 2023


  1. you gave a link to MOC, not YAH

  2. Thanks, that was fun! Enjoyed it!

  3. The Democratic Socialist’s and the Progressive Leftist Media Dread the news that is coming out NOW As Tucker Carlson has been Fully Revealing the January 6th Truth. The ENTIRE Truth is finally coming out, now that Tucker Carlson has the entire video.
    The J6 Committee, especially Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Liz Cheney now claiming they never had access to any security footage.. The Police "acted as tour guide" , The lies keep coming. They're shitting their pants now that the media has access to all the footage. The entire committee’s sham needs to be investigated..They All have been caught red-handed denying these defendants of their civil rights and that's the best that they can do. Those people should not be in prison, the Capital Police officers were actually opening locked doors to let the protesters in. They actually gave the Viking guy a tour of the building..

    Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Liz Cheney and many of the others should be in prison instead of the protesters.
    Now, I'm waiting for the segment when the BLM supporting Capital Cop shot That Poor Unarmed Woman Ashli Babbitt, and Murdered her..

    Thank you Tucker Carlson for showing us the truth. And now the far left can realize there WAS NO INSURRECTION It was all a Democratic Scam!

  4. Elon Musk accused the Jan. 6 House committee members of “misleading the public” following the release of new Jan. 6 footage saying that they “Cherry Picked the footage they showed”.

    Mr. Musk blasted the Jan. 6 committee: Cheney, Kinzinger, and Schiff stating that they withheld evidence for partisan political reasons.
    In a response to a tweet that criticized former Reps. Liz Cheney (R-WY) and Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) for lying, Musk blasted the lawmakers for withholding evidence for “partisan political reasons.”
    The Shaman was being shown around by Capital cops in a completely peaceful manner, and that should have been shown by the LYING DEMOCRATS.

    We have been taken over by Fascists. Those Democratic cultists liars are out of their minds. How can ANYBODY possibly support them?

  5. When we speak about "Domestic Terrorists, let us not forget President Barack Obama’s long-time GOOD friends and political mentors William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, both members of the violent communist terror group known as the Weather Underground, the group that claimed credit for 25 bombings—including the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon, the California Attorney General’s office, and a New York City police station

  6. Well, they are coming after anything they don't like in history. FDR's cigarettes airbrushed out years ago. The Dark Horse podcast couple still have a boxed set of Dahl's books they bought for their children years ago, and hauled them out for some 'desensitivity training' with their audience.

  7. A Lady with a Voice of ReasonMarch 13, 2023 at 9:07 AM

    As we get closer to the 2025 Presidential election we are seeing more, and more Republicans become candidates for the office of the Presidency, they also become candidates for the Democratic’s Smears, Name Calling, and Lies, , Dehumanization, Defamation, Demonization & Character Assassinations.
    This is equal vilification and smears, for Women as well as Men candidates, White or Black , Minority and Ethnic Candidates ! The Socialist-Democrats make No exceptions. This is what they really mean when talking about equality, and Biden’s “Unity”.

    The most qualified, the smartest, the most proven, the most experienced, the most Patriotic will all be the biggest targets, by these American Haters. .
    The Democrats will do this in different degrees depending on which Republican candidate is a potential to win. Trump was and still will be the TOP target, and as soon as he’s indited Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley will become the top targets as well, in fact we are starting to see that right now. .
    The corrupt and fake media and the so called "Journalists" will be there, as always, to carry the dirty water, and lying for the Democrats and further their Propaganda and their Fake, and Dirty misinformation.
    Be ready, the race has started and will escalate as we move closer to the elections of 2024.
    Also we have thank Fox news, and especially Tucker Carlson, who had showed us the real peaceful video footage of the January 6th protests that the left has been callin g am “Insurrection” ever since the first day. I believe that it was first given that False name by Fancy Nancy Pelosi and he Lap Dog Chuck Schumer.
    It's unimaginable that any group of people or any party would be upset to see the truth, unless the truth is not part of the agenda.
    It shows the "Horned man" with the cape peacefully being led and walking into the various rooms of the Capitol by one of the Capitol Policeman. . This man has been jailed for a very long time. This is just one example of innocent footage & innocent people being locked up. Compare this footage with the violent footage of the Riots and destruction, and the Fires & Vandalism and anarchy that took place for several months in a row throughout the entire nation in 2020.
    The Travesty and the Injustice Here Is Shameful, and Disgusting.

  8. Ladies and gentlemen, I have had the exhilarating experience of living under two of the greatest presidents in American history, and four of the worst most abject presidents, if you can even call them presidents.

    Ronald Reagan was iconic, and certainly among the top five or six best in history. I wasn't sure it could get much better than him. But then of course we were blessed with the greatest of all time, President Donald J. Trump. This man not only accomplished a great deal in his first term, but he totally smashed the fear-and-PC culture instituted by the Marxist left that cows all the other politicians. Trump was immune to fear. He was the most courageous, able, and well-qualified presidential candidate in American history, and he is arguably the GOAT. Certainly in the top three. But I say, probably number one. And once his second term is completed, almost assuredly in the top spot by most people's reckoning.

    And now we go to the bad. Incredibly I have lived (suffered) through four of the worst five presidents of all time. Carter, Clinton, 0bama, and now Nappy Joe, each worst than the last. You never think that's possible, but then it is. Carter was just plain incompetent. He mouthed Christianity, but didn't practice it. Clinton brought shame and immorality and incompetence to the Oval Office with his constant affairs and philandering all hours of the night. His inattention caused 9-11. Clinton embarrassed the US, and does so to this day. 0bummer was the least qualified candidate in American history. No work record. No record of achievement. Elected solely because he was black. Not qualified to shine shoes in D.C. Completely incompetent on how to govern or lead. America fell WAY down with this professional Marxist intentionally leading the decline. Last is Depends Biden. I shouldn't even have him on the list since he was not legitimately elected. This Potatohead can't even find his ass with both hands, let alone govern. He simply doesn't know where he is. The problem is, he was an incompetent arrogant buffoon even BEFORE he became a senile vegetable. Unfortunately, now he is a grave danger to the safety of this country.