Monday, May 15, 2023

An Interview with an Artificial Intelligence

I wanted to talk to someone about Artificial Intelligence and I thought, why not ask an artificial intelligence?

My guest today is ChatGpt.

So, Chat, may I call you Chat?  

Tell me about the origins of computing.  

Will computers ever supplant the Human Race?  

That’s what I thought you’d say.

There’s a lot of concern over Artificial Intelligence in our culture.

The Imitation Game is a 2014 movie about Alan Turing and his role in developing a computer to break the Enigma Code.

It was thought that only an electronic device could process the traffic the Nazis were sending over the Enigma decoder before the code was changed.

Turing came up with what he called the Turing Test. It asks: If you were conversing blindly with “someone”, particularly text, could you figure out whether they were human or not? I use chat boxes on some technical support websites I frequent, and I often try to challenge their humanity.

Chat, what do you think about the Turing Test?  

Listen here: Your American Heritage 5 13 2023

or here:

Speaking of an interview with an AI, really AI.


  1. I guess the Anti-christ will use A.I. to pretend to be injured and resurrected. It must be getting close to the time for that. May everyone get saved and be ready to live with Jesus forever.

  2. Time after time, Adam Schiff had lied when he was telling us that he had classified information that proved Trump was guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt, but he constantly refused to produce his so-called proof of Donald Trump’s misconduct.
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