Sunday, May 21, 2023

The Peril We Face

Your American Heritage 5 20 2023


  1. I know our Country is in peril. That's what I pray daily for more to be saved 'cause they're runnin' outta time to not go to eternal damnation.
    Blessings to you & Sherrie.

  2. Let’s take a look at the violent criminals running all-around in New York where you are, and you see a woman being brutally assaulted on a New York subway.... What do you do?

    Dealing with strangers who are violent criminals puts you in a world of unknowns that can be quite unlike the schoolyard brawls we all had when we were kids. Someone high on drugs can be virtually immune to pain and utterly without inhibition. Are you ready to get into a “no holds barred” battle with a career criminal who won’t hesitate to kill you? Are you ready to deal with a lunatic who most likely is high on drugs? As demonstrated by the recent case of the former Marine who subdued the thug in the New York subway, there’s a pretty good chance that someone’s going to be killed or at least seriously injured in such an encounter, and it’s going to be either you or the thug you’re trying to stop.

  3. I made that hard call about breaking off support over a year ago for the Salvation Army. It had been our primary social services charity, and we were big contributors. I was in tears investigating and verifying what I heard from a very credible source. And I wrote a letter to take me off their list and why.

    1. That was a concern here, also.
      Our station has done a big Christmas campaign for the SA here over the years.
      "1600 toys for girls and boys". And it was heartbreaking to have to give that up, but a discussion with the local chapter demonstrated that they were at odds with the National over the issue.
      I was reading tonight about "Bama Budweiser", a beer distributor in Alabama that had a big radio campaign begging listeners to buy Bud again and keep their hundred families working since they were at odds with the parent organization and had said as much to them.

    2. Yeah, I still wonder if I did the 'right' thing. Greg Koukl was the one who alerted and investigated. I found the training docs he talked about. I wish I had called the chapter head for a conversation, but I also prayed a lot about it first.

    3. Praying about it is the most important thing.
      Blessings to you and Mr. B

  4. The current racial strife in this country can be traced back to Barack Hussein Obama . Beginning with his friend Louis Gates break in mix up, and every incident after he took time to comment ALWAYS siding with the criminal. Stir up trouble by pitting race against race and rich against poor. Then poke it and stoke it every chance you get and society will take it from there. All of these Soros DA's have accelerated the turmoil so that can only end in tragedy

  5. “Reparations”? I personally am Sick, and Tried of even hearing about “Reparations”! Where are My “Reparations” for all that I did for my Country? I didn’t receive one cent for what I had done, and I never asked for any, and I never will! I didn’t ask of a single dime for the time that I was separated from my family while I was Overseas helping MY country doing what we needed to do. And where were the “Reparations” for the Mom’s and Dad’s and Children of the Soldiers that never came home to celebrate, Memorial Day, or Veterans Day, or any of the “Days” that we all celebrate!
    I like most of you worked hard for all the years that I had to so that I could enjoy the Country that I love. I never protested because I didn’t get “Repreations from the Government that I love. I never burned down buildings, or Turned over Police Cars!, or even LOOTED any stores, …. I need to rant for just a moment. I'm getting older and I’ve worked hard all my life. I have made my reputation, the good and the bad, I didn't inherit my job or my income, and I have worked hard to get where I am in life. I have juggled my job, my family, and made many sacrifices up front to secure a life for my family. It wasn’t always easy and still isn't, but I did it all while maintaining my integrity and my principles. I made mistakes and tried to learn from them. I have friends of every walk of life and if you’re in my circle, it should be understood that I don’t have to remind you of what I’d be willing to do for you.
    However....I'm tired of being told that I have to "Spread the Wealth" to people who don't have my work ethic. That my friends is PURE BULL!. People who have sacrificed nothing and feel entitled to receive everything.
    I'm tired of being told the government will take the money I earned, by force if necessary, and give it to people too lazy to earn it themselves
    I'm really tired of being told I must lower my living standard to fight global warming, which, no one is allowed to debate.
    I'm really tired of hearing wealthy athletes, entertainers and politicians of all parties talk like their opinions matter to the common man. I’m tired of any of them even pretending they can relate to the life and bank account that I have.
    I'm tired of people with a sense of entitlement, rich or poor.
    I\If I want something done to this country, I go out and I vote for the person that I think wants it also, I don’t run out and Start Fires, or throw Bricks at the Police so that I could get my way!

    And I’m sick of being called and labeled as a racist because I am proud of my heritage. I never stole any ones land, the government did that..
    I’m tired of being told I need to accept the latest fad or politically correct stupidity or befriending a group that’s intent on killing me because I won’t convert to their point of view.
    I'm really tired of people who don't take responsibility for their lives and actions. Especially the ones that want me to fund it. I'm tired of hearing them blame the government, or discrimination, or big-whatever for their problems.
    Yes, I'm really tired. But, I'm also glad to be in the twilight of my life. Because mostly, I'm not going to have to see the retched, depressing world these useless idiots are creating. And lastly, because even though I shouted from the rooftops, no one listened or seemed to give a damn. You reap what you sow, and so do your children. I don’t want any school system to tell my Children how to thing behind MY back! That’s what I as a Parent is supposed to do.
    No one is entitled to anything. You have a choice to work, a choice to stay off drugs, a choice to make something of yourself. I have nothing to do with your choice. That's all on you. You are entitled to what you earn.
    There is no way these thoughts will be widely publicized, unless each of us sends it on! Surely, the politically correct police censors will try to quiet us. I joined the United States Army to serve the county for 4 years that I believed in, and I would do it again if I was needed to. Thank You for reading my rant for so long. I really appreciate it.


  6. If you were really interested, and you had a bit more than an Ooze of brains in your head then you knew that voter fraud occurred in the last General, Presidential election. Both sides of the aisle were perfectly aware of the widespread election manipulation (even though the left refuses to admit it). But now an independent group has revealed more damning evidence which will end up vindicating Trump and his claims.

    Trump Proven Right As New Bombshell Audit Uncovers Millions Of Invalid Voter Registrations

    by: Reed Cooper 05.26.2023 Source: DC Enquirer

    Trump Proven Right As New Bombshell Audit Uncovers Millions Of Invalid Voter Registrations
    Image: Title: Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore

    Leading 2024 presidential candidate and 45th President Donald Trump has been vindicated yet again as a new peer-reviewed study from the Journal of Information Warfare (JIW) uncovered a massive “loss of control” breach in the New York voter database.

    Executive Director of NY Citizens Audit, Marly Hornik, and Director of Research, Andrew Paqutte, Ph.D., submitted the paper to JIW.

    In July 2021, the team created and led a group of about 2,000 New Yorkers investigating the state’s voter registration rolls.

    “Through auditing the voter roll databases, obtained directly from state and local boards of elections, we have uncovered millions of invalid registrations, hundreds of thousands of votes cast by legally invalid registrations, hundreds of thousands of votes cast by legally invalid registrants, massive vote discrepancies, and the clear presence of algorithmic patterns we reverse engineered from within the state’s own official records,” Hornik wrote in a new letter.

    “To be absolutely clear, there is no known innocent purpose or explanation for why these algorithms exist,” Hornik added.
    Will the lawyers try again? Evidence is what wins a case. Do they have it?
    But it doesn’t take a Scientist to know that Joe Bisen COULD NOT have beaten Donald Trump in ANY honest election! Not by staying his his hidden Basement while Trump was out there Campaigning with his tens of Hundreds of Rallies’ that Tens of Thousands of fans attended, while Joey tried to get 25 people in a vacant Parking Lot to hear him Slumbering, and Blabbering.
    That would be true in a perfect world, where our justice system wasn't so Totally Corrupt

  7. For Memorial Day we went to a local Restaurant and we were Greatly disappointment.
    First of all, We Diners, and Cardholders are now paying a fixed 3% to 4% surcharge amount on credit card transactions, depending on your average ticket, covering the Restaurants costs.
    WHY? This is part of the Restaurants Over- Head. Why should we pay it?
    Isn't it enough that they have raised their prices drastically! Enough is Enough!

    1. That should have been made clear up front or on the menu.