Monday, June 5, 2023

Due Process Denied For January Six Patriots

 It’s Day 937 of the coup, the theft of the American Government, by enemies both foreign and domestic.

 “Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure.”

That statement I as true today as it was in 1864.

There is a war going on for control of America. And you.

Remember that this country was founded on the notion of individual liberty and God given natural rights.

And among these, the rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

We have touched before on the struggle between the Federalists and the anti-Federalists.
But the anti-federalists gave us the Bill of Rights.

The recognition of our right to freely assemble. To speak freely. To petition the government over our grievances.

And the Fifth Amendment, most famous for protecting a person against having to self-incriminate, says:

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, … nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

Today we are going to talk about Due Process. And the denial thereof.

 But first things first.

Let’s recognize that our government is warring against us, against the citizenry of this nation. Recent whistleblower testimony has revealed the efforts of this administration to attack and prosecute citizens on the basis of their political belief and activity. For resisting tyranny.

We recently celebrated Memorial Day and those who fought and died for this nation. D-Day is coming up. I knew some vets of D-Day including my dad.

They put their lives on the line to protect liberty, not for you to be forced to acclaim the mentally sick proclivities of those who want our submission to their demands for recognition as normal.

This government and its allies in Corporations and The Media war with us.

They want us to submit to them and their quest for power over us.
What is to be our response? We resist. We protest. We boycott, We Buycott. We go to court. We vote whether they cheat or not.
And we pray. They have an army.
We have a God.

Psalm 144 says Blessed be the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, And my fingers for battle.

Please clasp your hands and your fingers. Let’s pray, Let’s go to war. 

 Father, please protect our nation and our state from these evil tyrants. Please deliver us from these ungodly oppressors.

We live in a land that has the appearance of being wicked. Of promoting wickedness and perversion.

Please help us cleanse this land and remove the usurpers that have come to power.
Remove them utterly. Please.
Please motivate pastors to speak out and rail against the iniquity and sinful behavior of this government.

Please lead and guide the American people in the days to come in resistance to these threats to our liberty.

Please help us restore goodness and morality to the governance of our nation and our state.


 My guest today is Cynthia Hughes.

Cynthia has been a frequent guest on Steve Bannon’s War Room.
She is the head of the Patriot Freedom Project
She and that group have also been the subject of attack by leftist media, which is to be expected.

I’m an Air Force vet, and you learn “When you’re over the target, expect flak”.

Cynthia and the Patriot Freedom Project have produced a book and an accompanying documentary “Due Process: Denied”.

Your American Heritage 6 3 2023


  1. How many of President Trump's supporters swarmed into Washington, D.C., this weekend for the Million MAGA March? More than a million, as the White House says? Hundreds of thousands, as the president asserts? Maybe 10,000 or so, as local authorities estimate?

    The answer: It doesn't matter.

    The nation's political tribalism defies debate. Throngs of largely mask-free, conspiracy-immersed Americans turned the city's Freedom Plaza into an alternate reality on Saturday. Within that zone, there was no question that they numbered a million. Trump did not lose the election; it was stolen. Antifa is the nation's gravest threat. Socialism is lurking around the corner. The coronavirus pandemic is hype. Children are being trafficked by a cabal of global elites. And the nation's valiant, outnumbered police are under attack.

    Parents bedecked in red, white and blue Trump paraphernalia said they brought their children to see a historic day, the day the patriots would "take back America.

  2. Trump indictment day for stealing classified documents

    When is Biden's, whose classified scandal is a helluva lot worse?

    As Biden's world is imploding with exposed scandals - criminal evidence, whistleblowers, Hunter's laptop, the fact that both Garland & Wray are corrupt as hell and protecting Biden - indicting Trump (while ignoring Biden) is the only thing big enough to possibly be the distraction Biden desperately needs

    1. Mega Mega Man,
      In light of the fact that you found a site as logical as Ed's, I'm going to guess that you know the answers to your questions.

      Likewise, I am sure you know that Biden (as VP and Senator) had no authority to declassify the documents found in his various locations (varying from his garage to a Chinatown location to his Delaware compound and elsewhere).

  3. As former President Donald Trump faces ongoing legal challenges, his nemesis Governor Ron DeSantis is now finding himself in legal peril as well.

    Following the flights that transported nearly 50 mostly Venezuelan migrants from El Paso to Martha's Vineyard, DeSantis' involvement has led the sheriff of Bexar County, Texas to recommend criminal charges against those involved in what many saw as a political stunt.
    Although in both of these cases there Much Ado about Nothing, keep in mind that the Nutty, and Corrupt Democrats will go to ant means at all to get both of these Republican Candidates out of the race.
    This is how the new Democrats run their campaigns now, they sue their political opponents or try to imprison them, and if thety can’t... they are least planted the Seed even if it’s under false pretense, that alone helps them get elected. .

    This is how the Soviets operated.

  4. Pelosi's daughter filed for a FILM PERMIT weeks before? I found that whole part of her presentation chilling. Never heard that. Men lost disabled veterans benefits? She really brought out the nitty gritty of the ripple impact of this injustice. I also did not know about the magnetic door locks that were unlocked from someone with control over that mechanism, not just "opened" from a guy on the other side. I prayed along with you at the end and again now.

  5. As pretty much everyone knows, the month of June is Pride Month for. The month is filled with Pride Parades, Rainbow Theme Accessories, a NEVER ENDING list of additions to the pride flag and letters after “LGBTQ+etc In fact their crap is being OVERDONE! …”. This year especially, it has also come with some very heated controversies regarding just how far we’re doing the whole gender ideology agenda and exposing children to material covering explicit sex acts and a zillion “sexualities” even many gay people haven’t heard of! Now, I do want to clarify, I am not against consenting adults choosing to be in whatever relationships they choose with whomever they choose. I was raised in a family who would have supported and accepted me if I identified with the LGBTQ community and oppose actual hatred and ostracism of those who are gay. I also acknowledge that there are some gay conservatives too who are opposed to the radicalization of the gay community.
    Today they “DEMAND" that Target restock the pride merchandise! “DEMAND"! Just who the Hell are they to “DEMAND" Anything?
    However, with the increasing of the LGBTQ movements of being noticed EVERYWHERE, it only make us NORMAL People SICK AND TIRED OF SEEING THEIR CRAP ALL OVER THE PLACE.
    The LGBTQ organization has laid out a three-part DEMAND calling on Target to restock all the Pride merchandise both in stores and online. I understand that they are even asking the stockholders for the CEOs head.
    A Church is Taking Action & Fighting Back Against LGBTQ. This church even kicked out a "Woke" Weirdo who was disrupting the Church’s service. Good for them!!
    It’s really INSANE that we have to allow an entire month of them "celebrating" these confused men and women It’s Ludicrous!!

  6. I’m actually very Surprised that they didn’t use one of President Poo- Poo Pant's doubles was not used at his meeting with UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak .
    As our puppet President didn’t even know exactly what was going on in his mental and physical state , so would not be in the least surprised to be performing with a double .Instead, he was his usual embarrassing Clown. He even had to read his Greeting. Even with his notes in his hand, he STILL screwed up the Prime Minister’s title and called him Mr. President!

  7. The Justice, Honesty, and Fairness have died in America ever since the most investigated, prosecuted, and, I dare say, persecuted Man (President) in the history of the United States of the United States and the Republican front runner for the 2024 Presidential nomination, Donald J. Trump, has been selectively indicted in an yet another attempt to interfere with the 2024 Presidential election.
    Lets face the facts, the Progressive, Liberal, Socialist, Marxist, Democratic-Socialist, are all the something, just under a different name.... “COMMUNISTS.” Most of America already understands that, it is only a few Hardcore Trump Haters that refuse too.

  8. The point I wanted to make was that the other day on D-Day that the government probably had more kids out celebrating Pride Month than those who were celebrating the heroes of WWII, and that PISSED me off immensely

  9. The country has been turned upside down.
    That's because the rule of law has been turned upside down & torn apart.
    The corrupt democrats with Biden as their leader have weaponized the DOJ & other government institutions including the FBI for political persecution & political prisoners.
    Just as the stink of Biden corruption was surfacing, the DOJ indicted President Trump.
    How do you fight & deflect your own corruption ? you create a hoax of corruption against Trump, just like Hillary did to hide her treason & destruction of documents.
    You create a completely false corruption charge against an innocent man to hide your own corruption. That was the whole purpose of the "Russian Collusion & obstruction of justice" hoax by Obama, Hillary, Biden & the other traitors, like Pelosi, Schiff & Nadler et al.
    The same thing is happening all over again because as they say "the s..t was starting to hit the fan" !
    Biden corruption was undeniable , to the point of bribery & treason.
    They no longer try to act within reason or restraint, they do it in as they say "in broad daylight" & openly. They have the shameless news media & operatives & activists to spin the truth.
    They blatantly lie to the American people without concern or remorse.
    The fact that crooked Biden had classified documents all over his places since he was a Senator & Vice President has no consequence for Biden nor does the DOJ care about the illegality of Biden doing so.
    This is no longer the America where " No one is above the law" ! This has become a tyranny of government against innocent citizens including J6 victims & sane minded parents & conservative minds.
    To indict the leading candidate of the opposition party at such a crucial time is absolute anarchy & unjust.
    The democrats who lead these illegal, partisan actions are acting above the law while falsely chanting " no one is above the law"
    They are masters of deceit & dirty politics & fraud.
    They are masters of orchestrating disinformation, false narratives, deflecting blame & distracting the unaware citizens, with the help of the MSM, fake news conglomerate. The persecution of Trump is strictly to stop him from running for office.
    Today this narrative was " floated" by no less than Rachel Maddow of MSNBC the biggest propagandist in the MSM of the United States.
    Trump is guilty for running for office & for exposing the "Deep State " & all the corruption that has been going on for decades.
    The "main stream media", MSM is scared because for decades, they pretended to be news, whereas they were always an arm of propaganda & misinformation for the democrat party. This includes, but is not limited, to ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times & numerous other " news organizations" as well as some of the Crappy little shitty Blogs like the Progressive blog we are all familiar with. .
    All bought & paid for !

  10. I was a democrat most of my life but this crazy group today is NOTHING like the democrat party of a few decades ago. We didn't have these Idiots in power then as we do now, and we didn't have these idiots writing these nasty things without ANY evidence, or anything even near the truth as we see these moronic Socialists doing these days just to discredit someone like Donald Trump.
    Just reading some of their writings right here on this very site turns my Stomach. The democratic party of today is full of filth and lies, it seems that they would do, and say anything to gain power. The proof is the Lunatic that they put in the White House right now. I just can't imagine A moronic person writing a "Blog" like that Crapola Progressive JUNK in JFK's days.

  11. The Department of the Treasury and The Chinese Communist Party Bank both released Biden Family financial records proving the Biden's took millions / were paid millions from the Chinese Communist Party and did so for years.
    There is no denying these documents were released and what they show.

    The fact that Joe Biden is a COMPROMISED President after having received over $1 million dollars from the Chinese Communist Party is not even questionable any longer.

    The fact that Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, and 2 other Biden's received MILLIONS of dollars from the Chinese Communist Party is not even up for debate anymore

    The FACT that Joe Biden and his family engaged in Influence Peddling, Potential Classified Information Peddling, Espionage, Conspiracy, Russian Money Laundering, negotiating and conducting foreign business deals illegally without being registered as a foreign agent, committing Perjury is undeniable without ignoring proven, reported, recorded, documented fact, irrefutable evidence, and reality ... despite the fact that the Democrats, MSM, and the US government's own corrupt criminally partisan Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of In-justice has and continues to protect the Biden's from indictment and prosecution.
    At this point everyone on the planet, even the most die-hard Biden defender and apologist, knows the Biden family has been for decades and continues to be corrupt, self-serving / Enriching, Criminals and Traitors. It seems as if ALL WE SEE AND HEAR ABOUT IS DONALD TRUMP!
    So WHY, after despite all of the UNDENIABLE PROOF, do the snowflakes still so adamantly defend him and lie for him? And why do they seem to always get away with it?

    To make matters worse, Joe Biden is a Dementia-ravaged, Pathologically Lying, Embarrassing Disgrace on the world stage. He, like Diane Feinstein, is literally incapable of carrying out his duties as President, even if he weren't the most compromised, Criminal President in the History of the United States, and the rest of his Clown Parade .

    Now That It Has Been Proven Biden and WE KNOW that His Family Took Millions From The Chinese Communist Party and that Joe Is a Compromised Criminal. Just imagine what that would do to straighten out this country's problems to begin holding our lascivious politicians accountable for their actions, greed, and words?
    So, the point is when, if ever will the Republican controlled House of Representatives going to initiate Impeachment proceedings? Let's get it done already!.

  12. This will make you say WHAT THE HELL! Sometimes there are just no words to explain what the Hell is going on!. This is one of those times!

    President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden will host a Juneteenth concert in a “celebration of community, culture and music,” the White House announced Wednesday.

    The concert, to be held June 13, will be on the South Lawn of the White House. During the event, the White House says it will “uplift American art forms that sing to the soul of the American experience” as part of Black Music Month.

    Artists who will be featured include Tony Award winner Audra McDonald, singer and talk show host Jennifer Hudson, and Cliff “Method Man” Smith, a member of the legendary hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan.
    Juneteenth marks when the last enslaved people in the United States learned they were free — which occurred June 19, 1865, when Union soldiers told enslaved Black people in Galveston, Texas, news of their freedom. It became a federal holiday in 2021
    All of this and to throw in something to really Piss You Off......
    The Biden White House Hosted a LGBTQ Event, where a Trans- Model Goes Topless On The White House Lawn After Taking Pictures With President Biden, and Mrs. Jill Biden
    Our Nation has sunken so low, and and now this embarrassment on the Whot House Lawn!
    People long ago lost any sense of what is and is not appropriate public and situational behavior

  13. Come on, do you think we’re stupid because we don’t believe the CRAPOLA, and LIES of YOUR Party!?
    Do you REALLY think that Hillary didn’t know why’d she bleached her server?
    Do you people you support that Hilary wasn’t indicted by Comey and Holder because she didn’t have any “INTENT”?
    Pretending and Lying, and Distorting circumstances, conflating them to be the same, when they are not, is not only dishonest, but it’s a Cheap, and Lousy way to win an election... ...And a Stupid, Idiotic, excuse for choosing to intentionally break the law, as Joe Biden and family are doing today! And this PHONY Indictment is an indication of just how LOW you Democratic Marxist will go

  14. Breaking New Alert: Just Now: Chuck Grassley just broke the news
    A Burisma Executive Whistleblower Has 17 (Seventeen) Audio Recordings With the Bidens -- 15 With Hunter Biden – and 2 With Vice President Joe Biden --- The He Kept as an Insurance Policy!!

    Delusional, Sleepy, Crooked Joe Biden is toast, Burnt Toast.

  15. Is This How Low We Have Become Under The Leadership of Joe Biden?
    Yesterday a Transgender Activist who was taking part of the Clown Show , who was Topless At Biden’s White House Lawn Party, among a bunch of other Freaks at the Freak show.
    This is what Biden accepts in his White House. Where is the left in calling this person out and condemning them? Instead they defend "her" as if this is normal. That's actually the point the right are trying to make. You are trying to make us all, including children, that this is normal behavior. Joe Biden and the leftist Bunch of Moronic Clowns must GO! And they all must GO very soon, before there isn’t a America worth saving! . The country has become a laughing stock with our children being taught that all of this CRAP is perfectly normal and acceptable.
    Is there anything “Normal” that this President does? I remember the good old days back when all this Goofball sex bullcrap was kept in the closet where it belongs. But I guess that Biden is ok with these Freaks, and Clowns at his side! ...Where is the Party for Heterosexual people? Are the Clowns the only ones to be Celebrated?
    This is not an attack on trannies. Instead, it is merely an attack on the Trannies who involve children in their sick little worlds. Do these people need to be dressed in Panties , and bare their Breast? If they want to do that then do it in their OWN homes, and NOT in MY White House ..The problem is that these Leftist Clowns, and their supporters accept this deviant behavior and act openly. This kind of behavior will never be publicly acceptable. And if you think otherwise you're just as retarded as those Circus Clowns!
    You'd have to be blind, or stupid, to think this is normal!

  16. LGBTQ Activists Send Bomb Threats to several Target Locations for Betraying Their Community!

    This, of course, angered LGBTQ activists.

    “Target should put the products back on the shelves and ensure their Pride displays are visible on the floors, not pushed into the proverbial closet,” Human Rights Campaign President Kelley Robinson said in a statement last month. “That’s what the bullies want.”
    When Target was revealed to be selling transgender clothing targeting children in its stores, the backlash resulted in billions of dollars of lost market value for the corporate retail giant. In a desperate attempt to minimize the damage and avoid a “Bud Light situation,” several stores in select markets moved the pride collection of merchandise away from the fronts of their stores and pared it down significantly
    After years of priding itself as an ally of the LGBTQ community, Target’s efforts to minimize the fallout from its pride collection put the company at risk of another wave of backlash from the very community it was pandering to. And that backlash has come in the form of threats of violence.
    This whole tranny/groomer thing is going to bite the dems in the ass big time. Parents have had enough of it and are fighting back and being heard.
    And to be truthful, it’s kind of Pissing me off as well. Everywhere I go I see these Pride Flags all over the place, as if they are Stuffing it down our Throats ! I think that This is becoming more that a BIT TO MUCH!
    And now we have this Target Bomb thing..We have a serious left-wing terrorism problem in this country, and the DNC, DOJ, and the Media is involved in it. They're completely void of common sense, forethought, contemplation, consideration, and basic civility.

  17. Trump is not gonna run. Not on the Republican ticket. He will continue to soak money from the dimwits and fractionate the conservative vote … making it likely Democrats crush it.