Thursday, June 15, 2023

Profiles in Courage

 I hosted Moment of Clarity last Saturday.
Moment of Clarity, June 10 2023.

I spoke about Mordecai and standing up.

Then I spoke with Professor William Wagner and David Kallman of Salt and Light Global, and the Great Lakes Justice Center, discussing the Law and recent activity in the law that affects us.

These guys are warriors.

Your American Heritage 6 10 2023


  1. Yesterday the Biden Administration Placed three GIANT hanging Flags in the front of the White House entrance . The "PRIDE" Flag was hung in the CENTER of 2 American Flags.
    This is an insulting, as well as extremely inappropriate, display of the United States Flag -- which should be displayed in the Center and Higher than any other........ INCLUDING the "Pride Flag"

  2. Donald Trump had every right to go to a restaurant after the Stupid, and PHONY indictment and arraignment of today ! Yes, many people were there to greet him and cheer him on, and to whish him a Happy Birthday after the charade of those PHONY charges
    Shame on you because it’s so obvious that you and your entire network of Spies working for the Democrat party and you are paid and bought for !
    The vast majority of Americans know the truth about the Biden administration and his fascist DOJ and the injustice being thrown on Trump by the weaponized government gone loose and wild !
    Biden had documents in his possession since being a Senator and Vice President, which he stole illegally!
    The Presidential Records Act totally absolves President Trumps of any wrong doing !
    Any objective observer has witnessed the incessant attacks on Trump since he announced he was running for President since 2016 coming down the escalators
    All of the hoaxes against Trump have been proven manufactured by shameless political opponents like that Jealous Hillary Clintoon, Obama, Biden, the DOJ and the FBI and the numerous other intelligence officers like Brennan & Clapper !
    And Shame on you CNN, and MSM and your fraudulent efforts to misinform the American people!
    How come you NEVER Go after the bribery of Biden and his treason against the country ! Or his CracK-head Son who has been Milking this country for decades?
    That’s the real crime against the nation and it’s people !
    The evidence is clear and unquestionably real against Joe Biden !
    Why don’t you ever Cover That Jake Tapper, CNN , MSNBC, and the so called Fake News on MSM, and CNN !
    And if Jake Tapper wants to make a “Mockery” out of that, then so be it! No one takes that moron seriously anyway!

  3. What everyone else here commented is so spot on I can't add it. We do have a PHONY ADMINISTRATION. It was stolen. He is not my Prez. I will not obey any "law" this Chinese plant enacts nor his henchmen from the Alphabet Agencies. They've bit off more than they can chew. Period.

  4. The LA Dodgers Baseball team are the new Bud Light of Major League Baseball
    If you are as upset as I am for the LA Dodgers mocking the Catholic faith and attempt to be as blasphemous and offensive as they can be toward the Catholic faith, while raising a few dollars for charity in the process to give them an air of legitimacy, if you are not, then you are just as Ignorant as they were.
    Thar disgusting group are a hate group that seeks to piss off as many religious folk as they can.
    Originally, the Dodgers cancelled them due to the Public Outcry against it. But due to Left wing Fascism that controls pretty much everything in America, they reversed coarse and Re-invited them. And now they find themselves to be the Bud Lite of Baseball.
    Leftism is composed of Atheists who hate the Christian faith, unless they are fellow Leftists like Reverend Warnock, of Georgia and Joe Biden who have sold their souls to the DNC as they tell people that Jesus loves things like Abortion, but then, that is what the Queer Sisters do as well.

    The Left can only tolerate a religion or person that bows their knee to the DNC morality and ideology, all others must be Mocked.
    And this is why Major League Baseball is dying just like Football is
    Np wonder why every year they have less and less fans. They don’t know how to keep Politics out of Sports!

  5. As communities across the United States celebrate June as Pride Month, a city near Detroit, Michigan, has voted to permanently ban the display of all PRIDE FLAGS on public property.
    The resolution, brought by the city council who says that the city will not allow flying the Pride flag could potentially lead to radical or racist groups to cause damage and or problems.

    1. As I live near Detroit, I'm interested in which community that is.
      Oh, it turns out to be a city surrounded by Detroit, which is now Muslim controlled.
      "Hamtramck's city council members voted unanimously Tuesday to approve the controversial resolution, which restricts the city from flying any “religious, ethnic, racial, political, or sexual orientation group flags” on public grounds"

  6. I expected you Liberal, Progressive Democratic Socialist’s to defend Hunter Biden but not to the extent that he lost a loved one which made him use drugs, and turn around to have an SEXUAL affair with his own Sister in law, and deny support to his own Child after it was proven she was his, not have anything to do with her life or have her Grandfather even acknowledge her.
    Children don’t magically “get over” trauma such as this. Trauma, Toxic Stress, and adverse childhood experiences can, and usually permanently change children’s childhood, which can have serious, lifelong consequences. Didn’t that Weird bunch of Biden’s ever think of that!
    But I guess not! Not from a Father, that takes inappropriate showers with his Daughter. Not when Hunter screws his dead Brothers wife and gets a Stripper pregnant.
    Hunter is a Junkie, lying, crook that spends thousands on hookers. And take Millions for America’s Enemies... I really don't want or need to know anymore

  7. Adam Schiff has been Censured by the House.
    He should be thrown out of Congress, but he joins just two dozen other House members in history to get this punishment. "As chair of the House. They need to throw out all of these Lying Troublemaker. The Russian Hoax thing has been proven to be a Hoax, and a LIE many times over and orchestrated by those abusing their power, this vote was on party lines, with just about every democrat backing Schiff's Russian collusion hoax to this day, as if it were true.

  8. According to the whistleblowers, Hunter Biden was fraudulently claiming such amounts as business write-offs on his tax returns, thus they wanted to speak to the grandchildren involved as part of their probe.

    But Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf told the investigators in a meeting it would "get us into a lot of hot water if we interview the President's grandchildren."

    "I don't remember what ultimately happened with the grandchildren. I know I have never interviewed them, and we have not interviewed them," he said.

    The unnamed whistleblower said that his supervisor suggested documenting meetings between IRS and officials in U.S. Attorney David Weiss' office, who were running point on the probe.

    "My supervisor felt it necessary when some of the inappropriate comments that were being made — to start documenting them," the whistleblower said.
    This is why Hunter Biden got off with a slap on his wrist!... Every time someone here whines that they investigated Hunter Biden for years and spent all that money and only found a few misdemeanors this is why.

    Biden’s bag man Garland made sure it wasn’t a real investigation.
    “Veggie Joe’s” party formed the KKK, gave us Jim Crow laws, filibustered the Civil Rights Act, and elected a Grand Kleagle of the KKK to the Senate until he went toes up in 2010 (was also Senate Majority Leader and Biden’s mentor.) But I’m sure that you already knew all that... Didn’t you?

    As for the 2024 election! I'll vote for whoever cleans house.
    And I won’t vote for anyone who doesn't make it a #1 priority.

    On DAY ONE of a new administration, I want each and every one of these corrupt Libatards under investigation.
    Whoever's got the guts to do that, has my vote... Trump, DeSantis, or even Vivek Ramaswamy!

  9. Is the Democrat party getting ready to boot Joey Biden? Joe Biden has likely been selling his various government offices to the highest bidder from day one.....but when he was a Senator from one cared......and when he was the VP to the Obamy, no one wanted to touch him....then, when he ran against Trump, the Democrat party put out the word to ignore his obvious corruption........

    His Chinese Communist party employee of the month plaques the democrat party controlled press now given permission to go after him?

    In keeping with the Democrats’ determination to force Biden off the 2024 ticket, the embargo on news about his corruption is lifting. Today the White House press corps went after poor Karine Jean-Pierre. They were so rude as to want to know about the veracity of the message by Hunter Biden in which he tried to extort cash from a Chinese businessman, telling him that “I am sitting here with my father” as the extortion is being carried out:
    It doesn’t look like they are trying to convince anyone anymore. They are just trying to hang on until Biden announces, early next year, that he WON’T run for a second term, at which point attention will turn to his would-be successor, be it Gavin Newsom, Robert Kennedy Jr..Oprah Winfrey, Or whoever.
    My thought! I think he's going to be "passed-over" and Newsome is going to jump-in.