Sunday, December 3, 2023

What Does a Dictatorship Look Like?

Liz Cheney recently told an interviewer that if Trump got elected, we would see a slow slide into a dictatorship.
In the second half of the show, about the 24 minute mark, I look into what a slow slide into a dictatorship looks like.

Your American Heritage 12 02 2023


So she’s afraid of a slow slide into a dictatorship. 

I think I’ve been seeing that lately.
Now, what does a dictatorship look like?
Using War as a distraction. Trying to unite the people with you against an external threat. Oldest trick in the book.
Gangs are allowed to run rampant in the streets as long as they support your political philosophy.
     If you know anything about Mussolini or Hitler, you remember their street gangs that terrorized citizens.
     The black Shirts and the Brown Shirts.
Tell private industry what they can and can’t manufacture for the good of the nation.
     If you know anything about Mussolini or Hitler, you know that unlike the Soviets, they did not confiscate private industry,  they co-opted it. They let it go as long as it did what they told it to.  Why take on the burden of managing something when all you have to do is let the managers to which you want them to do.
      Ban internal combustion engines, ban clean coal power plants. Give taxpayer money to your buddies to build windmills and solar farms  and telling the utility industry that they must use these instead of the infrastructure that they invested in previously. 
Insist Automakers build electric vehicles that don’t sell and stop producing cars people want.
Nearly 4,000 auto dealers sent a letter to President Biden asking him to tap the brakes on EV regulations.

But what right does the government have to mandate that you buy a full Electric vehicle at higher initial cost and higher repair costs?

They want to ban gas stoves, portable generators, gas lawn mowers, stuff people want to buy.
They say they want to protect the planet, but everything they propose gives them more dictatorial powers.

What else do dictators do?
They ignore constitutional law regarding first amendment rights, they go to media and social platforms and dictate what speech they can allow. We saw that revealed when Elon Musk bought Twitter.

They Ignore the law and second amendment rights by unilaterally changing regulations regarding weapons and accessories. Dictatorships always disarm the populace. Prove me wrong.

They turn government agencies against those out of favor. And away from those IN favor.
They jail their political enemies, send the IRS after them. These are hallmarks of a dictatorship.
Rule that you have to accommodate people’s feelings by insisting under penalty of law in this state that if a lawyer misgenders someone they can lose their license and/or go to jail or face a fine.
How are you supposed to know how to address someone without a program?

Subpoena your oppositions donors to go after a supreme court justice you want removed to shove your agenda through the courts. but ignore Epstein’s flight logs and videos because they may damage your side.
You say both sides do this? I can’t think of an instance of conservatives doing this. Certainly not as policy.

Dictators take your children from you and do what they will. She thinks it’s so cute and amusing to subvert the will of you for your children and impose her own beliefs on them.

They indoctrinate them in their own political and personal philosophy and ignore you and your will for your children.

They ignore Immigration Law. Allow people to cross the border with no restraint to further your agenda.

They take your housing and give it to a favored class.
Dozens of NYC Seniors Evicted From Nursing Home Turned Into Migrant Shelter. Dozens of seniors in New York, including a 94-year-old Army veteran named Frank Tammaro, were evicted from their senior center, which was then converted into a migrant shelter.

City officials have estimated that tens of thousands of migrants have entered the city since last spring, which is costing around $5 million per day. Mayor Eric Adams, who previously boasted about NYC being a “sanctuary” for migrants, has more recently complained about the influx of migrants.

Let’s take a show of hands
How many believe the illegal migrants funded the center with their taxes?
OK. How many people believe those seniors taxes funded that senior center? OK,
Well, that was easy. You can put your hands down.


  1. Seriously:
    Did you see Biden when he go off of the airplane in Israel? Biden asked “What should I be doing now?” As he Disembarks the aircraft .
    It took 3 people to show him where to stand. And what to say....What an embarrassment this potato head is. It’s no wonder that this country is in the shape that it’s in.!
    If you were a script writer for Comedy TV show about an Incompetent Dumbass Buffoon of a President Joe Biden would be your best model.

  2. Thing have been unusually rough, and I finally read your post but have not listened yet. Good stuff here. Look forward to the interview.

  3. A dictatorship also takes your property. They can send the goon squad to surround it and oust you to live there rent free (as happened to friends of mine in Cuba). Or they can do this (story from my town) via the legal thumbs up they give to professional tenants who do the taking and - in turn - vote for their enablers. Sort of dictatorship by proxy.

    1. Great words of wisdom, Baysider.

    2. It's a taking when they insist you make investments in your property you can't afford.

    3. Ed, my neighbor built a one-bedroom suite 2nd story addition on his house. He has real horror stories with the city both before and AFTER approval of the plans where he was dinged for tens of thousands of dollars for BS after he paid all the fees. The city insisted he use a wood element to break up the front elevation. This is a terrible choice for a west facing facade in a dry climate, and everyone knows it. But no approval unless it were WOOD - not a different color, not some other contrasting material, but real WOOD only. Two years and it's already disintegrating. He knew it would be a high maintenance upkeep. His architect sighed and told him "IT'S THEIR [THE CITY'S] PROJECT. YOU'RE JUST PAYING FOR IT."


    4. That's the tyranny of the compassionate left.

  4. How can Cheney be afraid of a slow slide into a dictatorship?

    Look at how Biden's DOJ has made a practice of targeting pro-life Christians.

    Look at how Joe is obviously coordinating with various courts to prosecute President Trump.

    Look at how Biden uses executive orders to dole out money (never mind that the House has the power of the purse).

    There is too much evidence (including the silence of our compliant press) that we are already under the thumb of a liberal dictator.

  5. I guess it all depends on how one interprets dictatorship.

    In speeches, interviews and campaign videos, Trump has said or promised to:

    * Use the military to participate in the largest deportation of undocumented immigrants in American history.
    * “communists, Marxists, fascists and radical left thugs live like vermin within the confines of this country”.
    * Order the National Guard into cities of his choice, whether local officials want it or not;
    * To shoot shoplifters on sight without due process.
    * Prosecute Californians who protect minors coming to the state for gender-affirming care;
    * Impose a 10% tariff on almost all foreign goods, increasing prices for consumers.
    * Appoint a special prosecutor to “go after” his political opponents, beginning with Biden.
    * Purge 50K federal employees and replace them with people promising loyalty to him.
    * To retaliate against the press.
    * Actually stating not to be a dictator “Except for Day One’.
    * “I have the right to do whatever I want as president “.
    * “This is the final battle. With you at my side we will demolish the deep state. We will expel the warmongers from our government. We will drive out the globalists, we will cast out the communists, we will throw off the sick political class that hates our country.”
    * totally obliterate the “deep state,” prosecuting Joe Biden and a long list of other people who have crossed him: “Either they win or we win.”
    * “If I happen to be president and I see somebody who’s doing well and beating me very badly, I say, ‘Go down and indict them.’ They’d be out of business; they’d be out of the election.”
    * Wanted to suspend the Constitution in order to stay in office: “A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution” (no, it doesn’t).

    This stuff is coming out of Trump’s own mouth. Openly advocating an abandonment of our democracy and Madisonian principles makes for a credible accusation that Trump has is promising an authoritarian style of government. While I understand the hatred and distain of Biden, Democrats, their policies, ideology, and the laws they enact, that ain’t the same thing.

    1. Trump wasn't a dictator his last term. Biden has been.

    2. There are actually 3 if not more problems with your rebuttal.

      Granted, our personal opinions nor the legal process have conclusively indicted Trump as a dictator in his last term.

      Accordingly, your accusations of Biden lack a conclusive verdict as well, regardless of how you obviously disapprove of him or his policies.

      I’m just going off of what Trump is saying in real time in front of live audiences and/or live coverage for all to hear.

      It’s unrealistic to believe what Trump is advocating isn’t his actual objective.


    3. I appreciate your commenting and the manner in which you did so. I doubt I could change your mind by trying to refute your points, which sound reasonable.
      What Trump said about being a dictator on the first day, when listening to his follow up comments, indicate that he did not mean a totalitarian, but rather somebody who would immediately rectify the dictates Biden made on HIS first day.

    4. Perhaps we can agree that alarms are ringing a bit louder in media and political arenas over some of Trump’s previous statements, connections (alleged or otherwise), and promises of a 2nd term that could or would undermine our Constitution and democracy. Or at least agree, this could be a liability in his run for office he needs to address.

      I don’t put much into Trump’s “only on day one” comment as “the” threat to our democracy or any admission to his authoritarian goals. It’s actually pretty smart. I see it as a fine tuned: “If me wanting to keep illegal rapist and drug dealers out of our country and make us oil independent while lowering gas prices makes me their so-called dictator, so be it, I’ll take the witch hunt hit on day one, clean up their mess, have our country back, and then return to the rule of law”, all while playing the rubber/glue game that Biden is the real threat.

      Another win-win I see is it gives a wink-wink to a faction that actually ascribes to an authoritarian Trump regime. And at the same time, he sucks all of the oxygen from his political rivals and the media cameras are all over him.

      This is a different version of the same old movie we’ve seen many times.

    5. RJ... maybe you can explain to me how Trump might lower US oil prices, which is a commodity sold on the world market, subject to the whims not only of the market, but the Saudis as well.

      Because right now, it's just a fact that the US is the number one oil producing nation in the world. We're about a million barrels a month ahead of the Saudis.

      Yet we see no benefit price wise. How does a president of a capitalist country force those prices down without being a dictator or nationalizing those industries?

      Just askin...

    6. Dave, I in no way meant to imply Trump had such ability or that he even has any intentions of lowering gas prices. Of course not. I meant that this is what he was “saying” with his on-day-one-only-dictatorship promise of “drill drill drill”. It was just my interpretation of the message from a compulsive liar and master con man.

    7. RJW... i think that's the point, right? No president has the ability to raise, or lower the price of gas. Because we're a free market place.

      And his dictator like appeal to drill, drill, drill for more oil is just candy to his supporters. We are already number 1 in oil production. But Big Oil keeps prices high. Because they can and it's good for their stock holders.

      This whole system is a messed up pile... no matter the president, even if some are worse than others.

  6. It’s Incredible , that Joe Biden STILL insists he never discussed business with Crack-Head Hunter!
    I guess that he knows that so many of his Stupid supporters are as Dumb as Dogshit, and will believe this outrageous
    Cock N’ Bull Story!
    And he never communicated with any of Hunter's business associates. Those 1,000+ emails to Hunter's associates must have been by His Evil Twin
    Many of them are right here on these Blogs.
    It’s just Unbelievable how ignorant this bumbling stuttering moron is. That he actually thinks anybody would believe his BS. I've actually met some dogshit that was smarter than a Biden supporter. But Joe has given his statement on live TV; he is on record calling it all a bunch of lies despite the fact that there is mountains of proof, witnesses and testimony proving him a liar.
    But yesterday we saw Joe taking press questions as usual with the Back of His Head as He Walks Away. Trying desperately to find his way off the potioum.. If you look closely, you can even see the 3.5mm mini jack port on the back of his head where his handlers connect to feed him his taped answers to questions.
    Maybe if you promise Corrupt Joe an extra Ice-cream Cone he'll say whatever you want him to!
    The failure of the media to press him on these LIES is even more remarkable than the spinelessness of the Washington press. Maybe if Letitia James was on the case he’d be more likely to answer her questions!

  7. Hi Ed (Hi Scherie). I'm going to admit that I don't always have the time, and more recently, the focus / concentration to listen to every broadcast fully. But I will say that I got 10 minutes into this one, and wow.

    First, the Cry Me a River. Great version. I first heard that as a country song (and whatsa-matta with country, eh? ;) by (I believe it was) Crystal Gayle. It was out when I was a tween.

    Then I went and watched a video of The Depot Town Big Band - It's Not Easy Being Green ("Kermeeee!") , on youtube.

    It was fantastic. I was briefly transported away from reality (which, as you know, can get pretty icky lately). The perfect, pleasant Friday night diversion.

    I'm gonna try and finish listening to this one soon, but I can't make any promises.

    Thank you. As always, your time/efforts are appreciated.


    1. Thank you Freddie. Those words bring encouragement.

  8. Is Liz Cheney so clueless in regard to her actions on the January 6 Committee that she cannot see the dictatorial tendencies that she courted? Is she so blind that she cannot see that she danced with both Dictator Pelosi and Dictator Biden?

    Or is she trying to absolve herself on a claim of absolute ignorance (which never works)?