Friday, March 1, 2024

Beating the Chinese, the Left and Some RINOs on Home Turf

I spoke with Dr. Orman Hook about the events in Green Township, how they threw out the Township Board in opposition to the Gotion (Chinese) Battery Plant. Patriots.

We also spoke about the state of education in the state of Michigan.

This is a huge victory! And little about it in the news.

Your American Heritage 2 24 2024 with Ormand Hook

After the show this week on Monday, Ormand notified me:

The old Green board Never ratified/adopted the final Development Agreement, thus it does not exist!!!

Gotion is Toast. 

Neither the September nor October board meetings last fall took up the Agreement for adoption. What a colossal failure by Chapman and Thelen BUT a WIN for us. 

Story developing. Green lawyers are finally waking up but it took citizens to point this out. 


  1. That was quite interesting. I never fail to be amazed at people who claim they are "helping" children but comfortable having them functionally illiterate. Gee ... they won't know how to research issues and ask politicians hard questions.

  2. Biden's State of the Union speech last night was just full of more Hate more Lies, and More Division!
    Instead of trying to UNITE the Country he came off as a bitter Asshole who wants a War with Russia, Your Daughters to Get Their Breasts Chopped Off, and for You to Go Broke for Climate Change. And where in Hell did he ever get the Idea that Crime was Down? I always knew that he was Delusional, but I didn’t think he was that Nuts!
    He’s a Old Senile Mouthpiece for an anti-American cabal out to Destroy the US.
    He does and says what he’s told and what he’s told is awful for the American people. With his Economic Disaster, Racial Segregation, Family Structure Depletion and Resulting Social Demise.
    Democrat, and Progressive voters are among the Stupidest humans in the entire existence of the species. If they believe ANY of those Lies that he hade the Nerve, and the Stupidity to Spout!
    GEICO should think about using democrat voters in lieu of their Cavemen for an ad campaign.
    His Rambling and Nasty Name-Calling Speech Was Much Too Long and Exhausting. It proves that Biden is, in fact, Capable of Endlessly Praising Himself and Smearing His Opponent, no matter how late the hour. That's what animates him. Now, he will go back to the White House, and have a vanilla ice cream cone. And he will be told by his Ass-Kissers , "Great jJb, Mr. President." It is a speech that will soon be forgotten and long be ignored! Because almost everyone knows that it was ALL Bull-Shit!

    And why was he constantly SCREAMING? It seemed like his main goal was to show that he is still a vigorous man, and not the WEAK SENILE OLD FART, that we constantly see.
    I personally would want a President with a healthy mental capacity in the Oval Office. I really don’t want a President in the early stages of Dementia running the show, and calling our biggest enemy who has a nuclear arsenal nasty names, . Biden has few good days and lots of really bad days which lead me to suspect he is on some powerful experimental “Meds”
    And now he CONFESSED that he has built temporary piers to Gaza to feed and aid, and supply the Killers of Israel. Why not let the ARABS who attacked the innocent Israeli’s feed those in Gaza and send more aid bombs to Israel?

    We know for a Fact that he has problems mentally. I believe that’s why Biden refuses to take mental tests. . And he took some medicine to keep him alive long enough to lie as he did last night... It was VERY hard to watch such a man standing there like he was a “Hero” pissing off Fifty Percent of decent Americans, especially after what he had already done to our county with is Welcoming in those Multi-Millions of ILLEGAL’S and then blaming the Republicans for not voting for that ASININE BILL Of his that was loaded with other UN-related CRAP. WHY NOT JUST PASS A BILL TO JUST CLOSE THE DAMN BORDER?????
    And from the reviews I've seen this morning, it was far more of a “Campaign Speech” with his message of policy proposals not to be believed . If that's true, it really should have been saved for a time, because nobody believed them anyway..

  3. The BEST part of last night’s State of the Union speech by Joe Biden was the look on Speaker Mike Johnson’s face during all those Lies by Joe Biden.

    1. Marathon,
      I really have to agree with you regarding the times that Johnson's reaction was to shake his head, look the other way, and make other moves to show is disagreement.

      If I had been him, I might have pulled a Pelosi and torn up my copy of the speech.

  4. A Gold Star Dad who shouted at President Biden during his State of the Union address Thursday night was identified as the father of a fallen Marine — and was l arrested over the disruption.

    Biden, was in the middle of saying “America’s safer today than when I took office,”
    before he was interrupted from the chamber’s balcony.
    The Gold Star Dad “Dared” to yelled down from the balcony . “Second Battalion, First Marines!”

  5. Gold Star dad Steve Nikoui was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor Last night for heckling Joe Biden during his angry and divisive State of the Union speech.
    The Gold Star dad Steve Nikoui was arrested and just charged for shouting 'Remember Abbey Gate?!'
    Abbey Gate is where his Son was Killed in Afghanistan, after Biden’s Horrific withdrawal.

  6. The Obsessive Progressives, and Socialist-Democrats are churning out the same story about that senile, and highly delusional old man who should be in a nursing home repeating his childhood memories rather than TRYING to run a country, but rather is RUINING the Country is getting to be pretty damb disgusting.
    These BIDUMB Supporters who get so excited from ONE Angry, disgusting Speech from a man who should be UNITING his Country but is DIVIDING it instead!
    Maybe I should be asking your Idiotic Biden Supporters why don't you teach your “Man” Joe to read and Speak his speech that was Full Of Lies, instead of talking smack like some Punk on the Street
    And while you are at it, how about telling Sleepy Joe to CLOSE those damn borders that encourage Child Sex Trafficking, and are bringing in Murderers, Drug traffickers, Hoodlums, and to stop loading HIS BILLS with tons of PORK that don’t belong in those Bills!. And by the way! What was that story in todays paper all about?
    T said and I quote “Nearly 100 special forces from five Western countries — including more than a dozen Americans — have been operating on the ground in Ukraine, according to a leaked document.

    The classified document, was dated March 23 and marked “Secret,” revealed that the US HAD 14 SPECIAL FORCES IN UKRAINE AS OF LAST MONTH,
    Does this mean that we already have Troops on the Ground!

  7. President Trump met with Laken Riley's family and gave her mother a hug!
    It's a DAMN shame that Joe Biden refuses to reach out to her grieving parents. What a heartless imbecile he is. Trump on the other hand is a compassionate human being with empathy, God bless him.. But then again it was totally expected. I guess Biden doesn’t mind Americans dying at the hands of the illegal’s that he’s responsible for bringing in. .
    Joe Biden will never have the ability to understand and share the feelings of another human being , e has a total lack of empathy for anybody. We saw that at East Palestine, Ohio’s train derailment. What a heartless imbecile he is. Or is it that he’s just too Chickhearted to face the people that he’s responsible for hurting.

  8. What a complete, ASININE, MISOGYNIST WEASEL George Stephanopoulos is. First of all he didn’t get his facts right. And Mace was right, he was trying to shame her, as a Rape Victim for supporting Trump. Then he tries to shame her as a rape victim for supporting President Trump
    I feel sorry for the little asshole, but runts should have to live in a runt colony with the rest of the Idiots . They really shouldn't be allowed on our streets where normal people are.
    There are only two kinds of citizens still left in the country: Those who want to Make America Great, like Donald Trump, and those who want to destroy it like Joe Biden..Typical Progressive Retard Behavior.
    These Democratic-Socialists are truly "disgusting"

  9. Off topic.... why in the world is Trump supporting Mike Rogers for the Senate seat in the GOP primary? Have you no other candidates??

  10. Interesting that the public finally won one with the battery plant. Thanks!

  11. On Tuesday, Special Counsel Robert Hur testified.

    In the hearing, the Mega Liar from California the Democrat. Adam Schiff took aim at Hur for creating a “political firestorm” with his report, which raised serious questions about Biden’s memory.

    Predictably, and as always, , Schiff threw a Hissy Fit about Hur’s details about Biden’s failing memory, which could jeopardize the president winning reelection. In his opening questions, Schiff claimed that Hur intentionally tried to “disparage” Biden and that he made a “generalized statement” about Biden’s memory.

    “Congressman, I could have written my report, theoretically, in a way that omitted references to the president’s memory but that would have been an incomplete and improper report,” Hur responded.

    “You could have written your report with comments about his specific recollection as to documents, a set of documents, but you chose a general, pejorative reference to the president. You understood when you made that decision…that you would ignite a political firestorm with that language, didn’t you?” Schiff claimed.

    Hur responded that politics did not play a role in his report.

    Schiff “What you did write was deeply prejudicial for the interest of the president and you say it wasn’t political and yet you must have understood the impact of your words…
    Hur was just telling the truth about Biden. Proving that
    Biden DOES have dementia.
    Biden lies ALL of the time.
    Biden broke the espionage act law.
    Schiff is a typical Radical Left Lying Democrat Politician.
    Schiff Is Attempting to Sell the Lie That Biden Is Competent and Innocent.
    But the Voters Know the Truth about Biden.
    Schiff is a lousy Filthy Piece of Scum!

  12. Joe Biden's average approval rating is currently at its lowest of his entire time in office despite a positive reaction to his recent State of the Union address.

    Biden's approval rating currently stands at 37.4 percent, the lowest since he recorded an average of 37.6 percent in December 2023, according to poll aggregator FiveThirtyEight's national average calculations.

    Hmmm, he got a positive reaction to his SOTU address, yet his approval rating is at an all-time low...can't put lipstick on that pig.

  13. It's EXTREMELY hard to believe that most of the American public and even the media are just discovering Joe Biden's problem now? Now that America is more than half - way down the Toilet! With Crime, Corruption, and it’s desgusting way that the opposing party is trashing our Former President because that are afraid of his winning., and beating their RETARDED way of running the Country.. And the Cheering for Joe Biden a Senile Elderly, Crook, with a Criminal Family! Not just mental health. He walks like a 99 year old man now, when he doesn’t fall walking UP the stairs. Walking like he has a stick up his butt!.
    And according to an NBC News poll a whopping 89 percent of Americans have concerns, to varying degrees, that President Joe Biden lacks the physical and mental health for a second term, Most of us have been aware of this problem back when the DNC stole the election! In fact Biden's own DOJ, including a review by AG Garland said he is UNFIT to be president
    Joe Biden is just a puppet. For whoever is pulling his strings.
    There's an evil group of American haters running the show. Ther's a strong feeling Barry Soetoro aka Barrack Obama is behind it.
    Seems that Biden was advanced to be the front, fall guy for everything put into play for Obama's "Fundamental Transformation of America" program.
    Riots, illegal aliens, rapid withdrawal from Afghanistan leaving the war machine behind creating massive refugee movement to Central Europe and America, cartoon characters as administration department heads, e.g., Blinken.....all of it. Now that America is more than half trashed, the democrats can blame dementia Joe and of course MAGA..
    All I will say is that It's funny, and HYSTERICAL trying to watch the left defend Biden when even Democrats know the truth! Funny but not at all a good thing for the Country. Especially when the rest of the world is Laughing at him, and therefor at us.
    Biden is the only one where his own lap dog in the DOJ found that the only way to NOT prosecute him was to say out loud what everyone in the country has known for three years now, that Biden is MENTALLY UNFIT to be POTUS....The tactic of turning every damning thing about Biden around and pinning it on Trump is a childish deflection, and a dishonest approach to defense of the destruction you enemies are doing to our Constitution....
    Biden has 500 indictments spanning several decades of Criminal holding and disclosing of classified documents. And Very Likely in bribery/extortion/money laundering schemes. They can't, and won’t charge him because half is brain is gone.

  14. In reply to your uplifting radio show, the good citizens in Texas have also had some good results. Governor Abbott more or less got even with all the RINO's who stood with Democrats to defeat his school choice bills.

    That is to say that all of the "Republicans" who opposed school choice are now out of a job or in a run-off (two of them, including Speaker of the House Phelan).

    1. Some of us up here were previously given the notion that Abbot was a RINO.
      Glad we were told wrong.
      Thanks for the compliment on the show.

  15. I wonder how those Progressive, and Ultra Liberal Moralistic Dolts who called for Donald Trump to be Impeached feel now?..and those who had to either resign or make a public apology for their idiotic behavior as a Holier than Thou American!

    And once again the idiots come to mock those who advocated for a high standard of behavior and failed to live up to that standard...
    Which only proves, ONCE AGAIN, why leftists should be culturally ostracized and never allowed within 10 miles of a voting booth when that walking Potatohead is on the ballet!
    OH! I almost forgot that he was a "Fire-Cracker" at the State of the Union as if that exonerates him from being a Retard!

  16. President Biden’s team on Thursday quickly removed the press when he said he would take questions at an event in Saginaw, Michigan, and social media users blasted the "incredible scene."

    Biden visited Saginaw on Thursday to push his re-election campaign and speak to volunteers supporting his bid to retain the White House. The trip included a visit to a 131-year-old Victorian mansion owned by members of the Saginaw City Council and Saginaw Public Schools Board of Education.

    At the mansion, Biden stood on the porch with his back to members of the press when he could be heard saying, "Can I take a couple questions?"
    Biden's team quickly removed the press when he said he would take questions at an event in Saginaw, Michigan, and social media users blasted the "ncredible scene.
    Second’s after Old Joe said “ WE'RE GOING TO TAKE A FEW QUESTIONS," whereupon his staff immediately started putting their arms up and walking toward the press gaggle, loudly repeating, "Thank you, press, back to the cars. AND HIS HANDLERS IMMEDIATELY REMOVE THE PRESS.
    There’s a video of the moment was posted on Social Media X, where there was a swarm of comments blasting Biden’s team that followed.
    Yes, it was remarkable, The moment Biden suggests taking a few questions, his handlers come flying in like Secret Service agents taking a bullet, yelling at the press to get back in the cars," Bonchie, a writer for the Conservative blog Red State, said. "What an incredible scene."