Tuesday, February 20, 2024

A Border Agent Speaks

I spoke with Chris Harris, retired Border Patrol agent. to talk about the border.

Chris is very much in the loop and has a lot to tell us. 

Your American Heritage 2 17 2024


  1. Thank you for giving the Border Patrol a voice. The evil one's in our government are vilifying them and all of us who love the US Constitution and our liberties.

  2. Blogger is torpedoing us long time bloggers. Each time i try to sign in it goes to my own blog. Each time I try to enter my Google Id instead of anonymous it refreshes this page. You and I and many of us are personna non grata.

    BTW, great show.

    1. Pascal,
      Although I now blog on WordPress (and wonder how long that will be tolerable), I started my blog on Blogger. When I transferred from Blogger to WordPress, I did not delete my old posts (prior to 2016) from Blogger — however, I regularly get notes emailed to me from Google telling me that one post or another is being limited due to content (never mind that it has been up for at least seven years).

      And I agree with your assessment of Ed's show. It is a great show.

  3. TEN (10) MILLION ILLEGAL,, I Repeat TEN MILLION ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, have come into OUR Country ILLEGALLY since Biden was in office. . This was NOT due to any “Amnesty!.... Amnesty is as the granting of legal status to a foreign nationals
    And NOT to the people who illegally entered the United States or illegally overstayed their work or travel visa, or that crossed our border without their required papers etc.
    Each year since Joe Biden’s presidency, , 10's of Millions of ILLEGAL Aliens deliberately violated our NATION’S LAWS BY UNLAWFULLY CROSSING U.S. BORDERS
    The Biden Administration’s Open-borders policies have set records that no one should be proud of, the most notable of which is a historic amount of illegal encounters: 8.5 million illegal aliens at our borders over just three years, plus 1.8 million “gotaways.” Amidst the record encounter numbers, aliens from hostile countries such as China have begun flooding our borders in increasing numbers.

    Of the nationwide encounters reported by citizenship group through Customs and Border Protection Chinese nationals have quickly become the fastest growing demographic crossing our southern border illegally. Now I ask your, What the Hell is that all about? Under the Biden Administration, encounters of Chinese nationals at the border have risen from 450 in the year 2021, to over 24,000 in 2023, with the vast majority of those encounters being single adults. That represents a staggering 5,200 percent increase. So far in 2024, nearly 20,000 have been encountered. And Crime has gone up 100 percent.
    At a recent shooting in New York’s Times Square. Police officers jumped in midtown Manhattan. Thieves on mopeds snatching purses in Brooklyn. An immigrant crime wave has exploded in recent weeks across deportation-free New York, a “sanctuary city” that has attracted almost 200,000 border crossers in less than two years

    On Thursday, Feb. 8, 2024, there was a brawl between New York City Police Department officers and migrants in Times Square, when several young ILLEGAL’S attacked, and beat, and kicks the Police Officers and were released days later without bail , due to the Progressive District Attorney Alvin Bragg.
    And it is only going to get worse as the lawlessness from the DA’s Mayor’s, and Governors in these Sanctuary Cities.
    Another illegal immigrant was arrested for killing a Georgia Nursing Student crossed the border in Texas Sept. 8 last year and was sent to a processing facility there, but was quickly released before being put on a bus to New York City, where he was later busted and set free again,.Jose Antonio Ibarra and wife Franco from Venezuela entered El Paso together with her 5-year-old son, and the family was then sent to New York Sept. 15, where the PUNK posted smiling, carefree pictures of himself on social media. He is now in Jail for Murder.

    Also, according to a release from the Sheriff’s Office, officials were called to investigate the killing of an American Bald Eagle. The investigation is still ongoing and more serious charges are possible in the future.
    This is what Joe Biden has brought within our borders.

    And in California Do Not Vote for that Little Punk, mLiar, Leaker, Perjurer, Evidence Faker Adam Schiff
    Face it, the Jews are among the smartest, well-informed, moral people on the planet. However, many refuse to accept what is before their eyes, are opinionated, and like to argue. They are optimistic people, often excusing bad behavior in others by claiming something adverse to their interests is a temporary aberration and things will get better
    And vote for the Candidate that will Support Israel
    Adam’ Schiff’s campaign has secured the Democratic Majority for Israel PAC’s endorsement, as well as the support of several members of the California Legislative Jewish Caucus.
    .He told JNS that he was raised in a house with Jewish values that informed his approach throughout his political career, as well as his service as a prosecutor in the U.S. attorney’s office. “I was really raised with an ethic of tikkun olam,” he said, “of giving back, of service.
    Proof that Adam Schiff is a lying quisling scumbag…

    The Democrat Party is filled with Jew-hating anti-Semites who believe Israel is the cause of many of the world’s problems—not the 12th-century Islamicists who foment trouble around the globe.

    When faced with a roll-call vote to censure House Representative Rashida Tlaib, one of the most virulent anti-Semites in Congress calling for the destruction of Israel, Adam Schiff joined with known anti-Semites in Congress and voted against censure.

  5. Really interesting. The scripts. It's like the excuses teachers get from students. How many dogs eat homework? "Tell me about Jesus." He's good! The power station story. Not a surprise.

    Bill Whittle elaborates: https://billwhittle.com/honest-people-need-not-apply/


    1. Baysider,
      These days, there are so many who would not know that Jesus and Buddha were not contemporaries. Mr. Harris' question about Jesus was a good one.

    2. Thanks Bay. That's the podcast that I was referring to.

  6. Words DO matter, So when Joe Biden repeatedly promised to extend amnesty, to shut down Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and most famously “immediately surge to the border all those people seeking asylum,” millions of soon-to-be illegal aliens heard him loud and clear.. You can easily blame Joe Biden for what has happened at the Southern border 100 percent!
    They know well enough that all it takes is to show up and say the magic words of “asylum” and they will be let in and no to be removed. Under Biden, you can use the famous Field of Dreams quote has morphed from “if you build it, they will come” to “if you Destroy Our Border Security, they will come, and for SURE!
    The Democratic Biden supporters have NO defense for the Open Borders because it is indefensible..


  7. Joe Biden Isn't an Idiot. Joe Biden is a Sicko, who has dementia. The people that voted for Him and Who Still Support Him Are the Idiots.

    And talking about “Idiots” Lloyd Austin, another pathetic appointee of BiDumb is a Big Gigantic, Typical Hypocrite, and is finally exposed.
    Like the rest of Joey’s appointees , he’s another pile of Compromised Hypocritical Scum on the left, because he's not operating the wars. He's another puppet who does not give 2 shit’s about anyone else. Just another face in this administration doing Absolutely NOTHING.
    He needs to just step down for obvious reasons, he's another one of Joe “Brandon” Biden;s mess.
    In fact, every democrat that is involved in Bidumb's administration need to be charged for high treason. Cause they are all guilty of plotting and destroying the country..
    The Democrat-run Government is our number one problem, in our Town’s Cities, States, and in the White House

  8. Doesn't this make your blood boil that Biden refuses to comment on this innocent White girl's death while Donald Trump speaks out on the HORRIFIC Murder of Laken Riley by one of those STINKING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS,while Biden is still silent.
    Trump, a compassionate man spoke out and made sure Laken Riley who won't be forgotten.
    Biden's alliance with these illegals is not only destroys his presidency,but it’s destroying our Country and that’s why the American people are turning against him